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She Who Turns to Love: All About Aphrodite

She Who Turns to Love

I’ve been fairly neglectful towards this website in the last few months due to personal misevents. I got a divorce, ran through two different jobs, but now I find myself again with a purpose. I got accepted and re-enrolled in school (which I start in a few days), and I have a new lover who appreciates me for who I am—mental illnesses and all. About four months ago I formally devoted myself to the Goddess, Aphrodite. I had felt a pull towards her in the last year and finally decided to do something about it. And boy, am I glad I did. I can’t begin to describe what a wonderful experience it is to know and be known by such a divine being.

Anyway, to the real point of this post. I wanted to share all the information I’ve gleaned thus far in my adventure with the Mistress of Honey. I hope this can be of use to fellow devotees and love priestesses alike.


The Names of ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗ / Aphrodite:

  • Αντηεια (ANTHEIA): the blooming, or the friend of flowers
  • Αποτροπηια (APOTRO′PHIA): “the expeller,” the goddess who expelled from the hearts of men the desire after sinful pleasure and lust.
  • Γενετψλλισ (GENETYLLIS): the protectress of births
  • Πειτηο (PEITHO): The personification of Persuasion
  • Ουρανια (Urania): Heavenly, Divine
  • Πανδημος (Pandemos): Common to All People
  • Μαχανιτις (Machanitis): Skilled at Inventing, Deviser, Contriver
  • Επιστροφια (Epistrophia) She who Turns to Love
  • Αποστροφια (Apostrophia): Averter of Unlawful Desires
  • Νικηφορος (Nicephorus): Bringer of Victory
  • Αρεια (Areia): Warelike, Of Ares
  • Μορφω (Morpho) Of Shapely Form, the fair shaped
  • Πυρηναια (Acraea): Of the Heights
  • Ακραια (Cepois): Of the Gardens
  • Ποντια (Pontia): Of the Sea
  • Λιμενια (Limenia) Of the Harbour
  • Κηποις (Anadyomene): Risen from the Sea, Goddess Rising from the Sea
  • Φιλομμειδης (Philommides): Laughter-Loving
  • Αφρογενεια (Aphrogeneia): Foam Born
  • Χρυσεη (Chrysea): Golden
  • Ποθων Μητηρ (Pothon Mater): Mother of Desire

My Personal Titles for Aphrodite:

  • Η κυρία των περιστεριών (I kyria ton peristerion): The Lady of Doves
  • Χρυσή Θεά (Chrysi Thea): Golden Goddess
  • Φύλακας των γυναικών (Fylakas ton gynaikon): Guardian of Women
  • Βασίλισσα της ευχαρίστησης (Vasilissa tis efcharistisis): Queen of Pleasure
  • Φύλακας των μελισσών (Fylakas ton melisson): Keeper of Bees
  • Αυτή που είναι επενδυμένη με τριαντάφυλλα (Afti pou einai ependymeni me triantafylla): She that is clad in roses
  • Αυτή που ηρεμεί τις παλίρροιες (afti pou iremei tis palirroies): She who calms the tides


The Symbols of Aphrodite:

  • Eros/Cupids
  • Doves
  • Mirrors
  • Girdle/Belt
  • Apples
  • Scallop Shells
  • Myrtle Wreath
  • Flowers

Aphrodite, Patron of:

  • Attraction
  • Sexual Desire
  • Sex
  • Procreation
  • Romantic Love
  • Seduction
  • Sweet Talk
  • Flirtation
  • Love Poetry
  • Grace
  • Beauty
  • Lovers
  • Relationships
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Laughter
  • Pleasure
  • Women
  • Sailors
  • Sexuality
  • Lesbians
  • LGBT People

That Which is Holy to Aphrodite:

  • Holiest Shrine: Paphos, Island of Kypros (Cyprus)
  • Holy Number: 5
  • Holy Days: Friday, 4th Day of the Month
  • Holy Celestial Body: The Planet Venus
  • Holy Festivals: Valentine’s Day (2/14), Aphrodisia (7/20), Adonia (8/4)
  • Sacred Animals: Doves, Bees, Hares, Sparrows, Geese
  • Sacred Plants: Red Rose, Apple, Pomegranate, Narcissus, Myrtle, Myrrh, Lettuce, Cherries, Strawberries, Lime, Anemone, Seaweed, Kelp
  • Sacred Stones: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Kunzite, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Ruby, Lepidolite, Pink Opal, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Sunstone, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Opalite
  • Sacred Metals: Gold, Bronze
  • Sacred Shells: Abalone, Conch, Scallop, Clam
  • Sacred Magics: Sea, Storm, Love, Curses, Sex, Feminine, Glamours, Green


The 12 Virtues of Aphrodite:

  • Beauty
  • Flirtation
  • Brazenness
  • Timing
  • Grace
  • Charm
  • Gaiety
  • Sensuality
  • Seduction
  • Rapture
  • Discernment
  • Brilliance

The Favours of Aphrodite:

  • Sexual Attraction
  • Love Reciprocated
  • Beauty
  • Pleasure
  • Happiness
  • Luck in both Love and War

The Curses of Aphrodite:

  • Sexual Repulsion
  • Unnatural Desires (Incest, Bestiality)
  • Unrequited Love
  • Ugliness
  • Loneliness
  • Misery

Offerings to Aphrodite:

(My personal ideas)

  • Learn a musical instrument to play in her honor
  • Paint or draw portraits of her
  • Write Love Poetry
  • Self Love and Self Care
  • Makeup/ Beauty Routine
  • Buy New Clothing
  • Bathing / Spa Treatments
  • Erect an Altar for Her
  • Love Others
  • Sexual Pleasure
  • Masturbation
  • Traveling
  • Photography
  • Make a Monthly Donation to Planned Parenthood or RAINN
  • Practice Love Magic
  • Make a Pilgrimage to Paphos, Cyprus (a pretty far out suggestion, I know. But its something I personally would love to do someday)
  • Support Cruelty free beauty products like LUSH
  • Support Ocean Charities, like the Adopt an Orca program through the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, WA
  • Plan dates for people
  • Give gifts to loved ones


Sappho’s Hymn to Aphrodite

(In the original Greek and translated into Modern English)

Ποικιλόθρον᾽ ὰθάνατ᾽ ᾽Αφροδιτα,
παῖ Δίοσ, δολόπλοκε, λίσσομαί σε
μή μ᾽ ἄσαισι μήτ᾽ ὀνίαισι δάμνα,
πότνια, θῦμον.

ἀλλά τυίδ᾽ ἔλθ᾽, αἴποτα κἀτέρωτα
τᾶσ ἔμασ αύδωσ αἴοισα πήλγι
ἔκλυεσ πάτροσ δὲ δόμον λίποισα
χρύσιον ἦλθεσ

ἄρμ᾽ ὐποζεύξαια, κάλοι δέ σ᾽ ἆγον
ὤκεεσ στροῦθοι περὶ γᾶσ μελαίνασ
πύκνα δινεῦντεσ πτέῤ ἀπ᾽ ὠράνω
αἴθεροσ διὰ μέσσω.

αῖψα δ᾽ ἐχίκοντο, σὺ δ᾽, ὦ μάσαιρα
μειδιάσαισ᾽ ἀθάνατῳ προσώπῳ,
ἤρἐ ὄττι δηὖτε πέπονθα κὤττι
δἦγτε κάλημι

κὤττι μοι μάλιστα θέλω γένεσθαι
μαινόλᾳ θύμῳ, τίνα δηὖτε πείθω
μαῖσ ἄγην ἐσ σὰν φιλότατα τίσ τ, ὦ
Πσάπφ᾽, ἀδίκηει;

καὶ γάρ αἰ φεύγει, ταχέωσ διώξει,
αἰ δὲ δῶρα μὴ δέκετ ἀλλά δώσει,
αἰ δὲ μὴ φίλει ταχέωσ φιλήσει,
κωὐκ ἐθέλοισα.

ἔλθε μοι καὶ νῦν, χαλεπᾶν δὲ λῦσον
ἐκ μερίμναν ὄσσα δέ μοι τέλεσσαι
θῦμοσ ἰμμέρρει τέλεσον, σὐ δ᾽ αὔτα
σύμμαχοσ ἔσσο.


Shimmering-throned immortal Aphrodite,
Daughter of Zeus, Enchantress, I implore thee,
Spare me, O queen, this agony and anguish,
Crush not my spirit


Whenever before thou has hearkened to me–
To my voice calling to thee in the distance,
And heeding, thou hast come, leaving thy father’s
Golden dominions,


With chariot yoked to thy fleet-winged coursers,
Fluttering swift pinions over earth’s darkness,
And bringing thee through the infinite, gliding
Downwards from heaven,


Then, soon they arrived and thou, blessed goddess,
With divine contenance smiling, didst ask me
What new woe had befallen me now and why,
Thus I had called the.


What in my mad heart was my greatest desire,
Who was it now that must feel my allurements,
Who was the fair one that must be persuaded,
Who wronged thee Sappho?


For if now she flees, quickly she shall follow
And if she spurns gifts, soon shall she offer them
Yea, if she knows not love, soon shall she feel it
Even reluctant.


Come then, I pray, grant me surcease from sorrow,
Drive away care, I beseech thee, O goddess
Fulfil for me what I yearn to accomplish,
Be thou my ally.


(That’s all for now. I may update sometime in the future! Want to keep this website free? Donate below!)

My Personal Crystal Collection and Their Uses

I just thought I would make this post to catalogue my personal collection. I’ve been collecting crystals for a while now, but most of these I got within the last year. Current count is 148 crystals in the primary collection, and 13 in the secondary collection. My Primary collection is for smaller specimens that I work with, while the secondary collection is for larger specimens of different shapes that are usually larger in size for display purposes. Crystals are the only thing I really collect and many of them were given to me as gifts, so I really treasure them. At some point in the future I will be adding photographs of each individual crystal, as well as my secondary collection.

//Primary Collection//

148 Specimens

  • Agates//
    • Blue Lace Agate: Stability, Communication, Calming, Ocean Magic, Good for Polyamorous Relationships.
    • Botswana Agate: Emotional Healing, Creativity, Universal Love, Pan Empowerment.
    • Dendritic Agate (Tree Agate): Balance, Abundance, Calming, Gardening, Growth.
    • Fire Agate: Vitality, Protection, Courage to Come Out, Trans Empowerment.
    • Lake Superior Agate: Brings Forth One’s True Talent, Grounding, Courage, Calming, Protection.
    • Moss Agate: New Beginnings, Growth, Nurturing, Gardening, Self Acceptance.
    • Turritella Agate: Protection, Record Keeping, Alleviates Fears and Worries, Self Confidence
    • Yellow Ash Agate: Success, Creativity, Mood Lifting.

  • Amazonite: Balance, Inspiration, Expression, Lesbian Empowerment.
  • Amber: Purification, Protection, Healing, Trans Empowerment.
  • Amblygonite: Creativity, Peace, Relieves Stress, Self Awareness.
  • Amethyst: Peace, Purification, Protection, Helps with Depression, Bi Empowerment.
  • Ametrine: Balance, Soothing, Purification, Intuition, Non Binary Empowerment.
  • Andalusite (Chiastolite): Protection, Harmony, Health, Helps with Bipolar.
  • Angelite (Anhydrite): Peace, Reduces Stress, Astral Travel, Psychic Abilities.
  • Apatite: Guidance, Intuition, Clarity, Self Acceptance, Helps with Dysphoria.
  • Apophyllite: Visions, Intuition, Mental Clarity, Self Acceptance. 
  • Aquamarine: Ocean Magic, Protection, Communication, Calming, Helps with Dysphoria.
  • Aragonite, Blue: Hope, Compassion, Psychic Abilities, Optimism, Joy.
  • Aragonite, Orange: Grounding, Centering, Stability, Helps with Dissociation.
  • Aventurine, Green: Good Luck, Abundance, Growth, Attracts New Friendships.
  • Azurite: Communication, Intuition, Guidance, Accepting your Identity.
  • Baryte (Barite/Rose Rock): Dreams, Purification, Self Awareness, Meditation, Memories.
  • Bismuth: Positive Change, Self Awareness, LGBT Empowerment, Eases a Transition.
  • Bloodstone: Detoxifying, Grounding, Healing, Helps with Dissociation.
  • Bornite (Chalcopyrite/Peacock Ore): Happiness, Protection, Removes Blockages, Overcoming Obstacles.
  • Calcites//
    • Blue Calcite: Emotional Release, Communication, Soothing, Helps with Anxiety.
    • Clear Calcite: Cleanses and Aligns Energy Points, Detoxes Body, New Beginnings, Major Changes.
    • Fairy Stone Calcite: Little Helper, Helps Connect to Earth, Helps us Trust Again after an Emotional Wound.
    • Green Calcite: Emotional Balance, Letting Go, Healing, Moving On, Eases Male to Female Transition.
    • Orange Calcite: Creativity, Joy, Energy, Vitality, Gay Empowerment.
    • Red Calcite: Uplifts Emotions, Willpower, Energy, Dissolves Blockages, Cleanses stagnant energy.
  • Carborundum: Balances Energy Points, Calming, Grounding, Protection.
  • Carnelian: Creativity, Vitality, Grounding, Self Cleansing, Eases Female to Male Transition.
  • Celestite (Celestine): Protects Aura, Aids Depression, Reduces Stress, Clarity, Psychic Abilities, Purification.
  • Chalcedony: Emotional Balance, Vitality, Endurance, Charity, Generosity, Nurturing.
  • Chariote: Transformation, Insight, Self Awareness, Genderfluid Empowerment.
  • Chrysocolla: Cleanses and Supports the Aura, Soothing, Calming, Helps with Anxiety.
  • Chrysoprase: Hope, Compassion, Love, Attracts Queerplatonic Relationships.
  • Cinnabar (Dragon’s Blood): Transformation, Wealth, Aligns and Clears Energy Points, Letting Go.
  • Citrine: Self Cleansing, Purification, Protection, Abundance, Emotional Balance, Ace Empowerment.
  • Citrine, Smoky: Removes Blockages, Self Cleansing, Prosperity, Banishes Negative Thoughts.
  • Copper: Energy Amplifier, Balance, Grounding, Queer Empowerment.
  • Coral, Dragon Tooth: Intuition, Heals Emotions, Peace, Relieves Stress.
  • Coral, Red: Fertility, Intuition, Heals Emotions.
  • Covelitte: Expression through Writing, Psychic Abilities, Intuition, Transition, Visions.
  • Diopside: Healing, Balance, Opens the Mind, Learning New Things, Love.
  • Dolomite: Emotional Balance, Calming, Self Realization, Dispels Negative Emotions, Stabilize Health.
  • Dumortierite: Patience, Diagnosing Problems, Strength in a Crisis, Communication, Stand your Ground.
  • Emerald: Hope, Prosperity, Healing, Attracts Platonic Relationships.
  • Epidote: Healing, Growth, Energy Enhancer, Self Acceptance, Helps with Dysphoria.
  • Flint: Grounding, Clarity, Cut Unwanted Emotional Ties, Honor Ancestors.
  • Fluorite: Protection, Purification, Balance, Healing, Peace, Amplifier, Ace Empowerment.
  • Fuchsite: Renewal, Healing, Love, Rejuvenation, Attracts Romantic Relationships.
  • Galena: Harmony, Balance, Grounding, Mental Health, Good for Polyamorous Relationships.
  • Garnet: Loyalty, Love, Commitment, Fidelity in Monogamous Relationships.
  • Garnet, Pyrope: Support, Relieves Anxiety, Courage, Endurance, Gentleness, Creativity.
  • Gaspeite: Assurance, Relieves Distress, Reduces Emotional Ignorance, Good Fortune, Visions, Success.
  • Goldstone: Strengthens inner self, ambition, helps to stay calm in a crisis.
  • Goldstone, Blue: Self acceptance, honesty, new beginnings, balance.
  • Goldstone, Green: Deflects unwanted energies, protection, abundance.
  • Grossularite: Health, Grounding, Calming, Withdraw Negative Energy and Redistribute it as Positive Energy.
  • Healer’s Gold (Magnetite+Hematite): Energy, Balance, Grounding, Healing.
  • Hematite: Grounding, Balance, Detoxification, Genderfluid Empowerment.
  • Hematite, Specular
  • Hemimorphite (Calamine): Communication, Creativity, Peace, Psychic Abilities, Non Binary Empowerment.
  • Howlite: Calming, Self Awareness, Harmony, Protection when Coming Out, Dispels Nightmares.
  • Iolite: Intuition, Self Awareness, Connections, Helps with Dissociation, Attracts Platonic Relationships.
  • Iron Pyrite: Power, Protection, Good Luck, Blocks Out Negativity, Energizes Surrounding Area.
  • Jade: Stability, Longevity, Good Luck, Love.
  • Jaspers//
    • Brecciated Jasper: Grounding, Emotional Stability, Mental Clarity.
    • Elephantskin Jasper: Protection, Endurance, Connecting with Animals.
    • Leopardskin Jasper: Protection, Harmony, Connecting with Wild Animals and Pets.
    • Mookaite Jasper: Intuition, Healing, Self Awareness, Balance, Pursue New Adventures.
    • Ocean Jasper: Renewal, Wisdom, Healing, Peace, Relieves Stress.
    • Picasso Jasper: Helps us Enjoy Life, Make New Friends, Grounding, Calming, Self Discipline.
    • Rainforest Jasper (Rhyolite): Stability, Peace, Clarity, Imagination, Creativity, Connects us to Nature.
    • Red Jasper: Grounding, Justice, Insight, Calms Emotions, Dream Recollection, Cleans and Stabilizes Aura.
    • Shiva Lingham Jasper: Helps us Connect to Our Past, Honoring Ancestors, Astral Travel.
    • Skagway Jasper: Peace, Calming, Wisdom, Healing, Cold, Ice, Cooling, Soothing.
    • Yellow Jasper: Protection, Channeling Positive Energy, Overall Health.
  • Jet: Purification, Support, Removes Negativity.
  • Kunzite, Pink: Unconditional Love, Cleansing, Self Love, Pan Empowerment.
  • Kunzite, Green (Hiddenite): Hope, Mends Relationships, Soothes the Heart, Gets Rid of Negative Energy.
  • Kyanite, Black: Meditation, Manifestation, Aligns and Repairs Aura, Ace Empowerment.
  • Kyanite, Blue: Communication, Dreams, Awareness, Accepting your Identity and True Self.
  • Kyanite, Green: Dreams, Communication, Personal Growth, Eases Transition.
  • Labradorite (Spectrolite): Intuition, Strength, Positive Transformation, Psychic Abilities, Dreams, Bi Empowerment.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Communication, Storm Calling, Ocean Magic, Intuition, Inner Power, Lesbian Empowerment.
  • Larimar (Dolphin Stone): Peace, Nurturing, Communication, Ocean Magic, Helps with Anxiety, Ace Empowerment.
  • Lepidolite: Balance, Peace, Awareness, Transition, Transformation, Trans Empowerment.
  • Linarite: Calming, Meditation, Communication of Deep Emotions, Astral Travel.
  • Llanite: Opens, Cleanses, Aligns and Stabilizes all Energy Points, Soothing, Awareness.
  • Lodestone (Magnetite): Power, Healing, Love, Balance, Attraction, Intuition.
  • Magnesite: Peace, Meditation, Visualization, Mental Health.
  • Malachite: Amplifies, Protection, Healing, Repairing Emotional Wounds, Attracts Platonic Relationship.
  • Merlinite: Intuition, Power, Magic, Personal Energy, Eases Communication with the Dead, Storm Magic.
  • Mica (Muscovite): Visions, Clarity, Eliminates Negative Personality Traits, Releases Blockages, Aligns Energy Points.
  • Moldavite: Visions, Power, Love, Clears Blockages, Makes Dreams More Vivid and Meaningful, Space Magic.
  • Moonstone, Peach: Intuition, Inspiration, Guidance, Dispels Nightmares.
  • Moonstone, Rainbow: Feminine Energy, Balance, Psychic Abilities, Self Acceptance.
  • Morganite: Unconditional Love, Joy, Connection, Psychic Abilities, Calming, Attracting Relationships.
  • Nebula Stone: Removes Fears, Letting Go, Vitality, Grounding, Meditation, Astral Travel, Memories.
  • Onyx: Grounding, Energy Manipulation, Protection from Energy Drainage.
  • Opal, Boulder: Clarity, Purity of Thought, Calming, Centering, Meditation, Reveals Inner Truth.
  • Opal, Fire: Healing, Protection, Abundance, Spontaneity, New Ideas, Enthusiasm, Relieves Energy Deficiencies.
  • Opalite: Communication, Removes Energy Blockages, Eases Transitions, Persistence, Strength.
  •  Obsidian, Apache Tear: Grounding, Protection, Clears Negative Emotions, Heals Grief, NDN Empowerment.
  • Obsidian, Mahogany: Eliminates Blockages, Overcoming Obstacles, Protection, Grounding.
  • Obsidian, Snowflake: Balance, Centering, Support, LGBT Empowerment.
  • Pearl, Freshwater: Calming, Centering, Love, Feminine Energy.
  • Peridot: Healing, Protection, Comforting, Lesbian Empowerment.
  • Petalite: Love, Communication, Balance, Ace Empowerment.
  • Pietersite (Tempest Stone): Storm Magic, Intuition, Removes Emotional Blockages, Growth.
  • Prehnite: Dreams, Knowledge, Forgiveness, Moving On, Letting Go.
  • Quartz//
    • Angel Aura Quartz: Protects, Balances and Energizes Aura, Meditation.
    • Clear Quartz: Healing, Amplification, Enhancing, Aura Caretaker.
    • Rose Quartz: Self Love, Universal Love, Peace, Soothing, Compassion, Pan Empowerment.
    • Smokey Quartz: Centering, Grounding, Removes Negativity, Protection.
  • Rhodochrosite: Deep Love, Compassion, Comfort, Ace Empowerment.
  • Rhodonite: Self Love, Vitality, Support, Abundance.
  • Ruby: Abundance, Love, Passion, Attracts Sexual Relationships, Lesbian Empowerment.
  • Sapphire: Peace, Serenity, Intuition, Attracts Queerplatonic Relationships, Ace Empowerment.
  • Sardonyx: Protection, Happiness, Optimism, Confidence, Self Control, Motivation, Will Power.
  • Scolecite: Communication, Inner Peace, Spiritual Transformation, Calming, Relaxing.
  • Selenite: Peace, Dispels Nightmares, Removes Energy Blockages, Connection.
  • Septarian (Dragon Stone/Dragon Egg): Confidence, Dragon Magic, Patience, Strength, Gay Empowerment.
  • Seraphinite: Astral Travel, Self Awareness, Peace, Joy, Meditation.
  • Serpentine: Emotional Cleansing, Psychic Abilities, Love, Wealth, Protection Against Venom.
  • Shattuckite: Renewal, Reconciliation, Calms Mind, Harmony, Communication, Channeling Information.
  • Sodalite: Intuition, Focus, Guidance, Self Awareness.
  • Spinel: Attracts Wealth and Prosperity, Vitality, Raising Energy, Energizes, Improves Memory.
  • Staurolite (Fairy Cross): Grounding, Soothing, Relieves Stress, Fae Magic, Encourage you to help Heal the Environment.
  • Stilbite: Acceptance, Letting Go, Psychic Abilities, Intuition, Guidance, Manifestation.
  • Sugilite: Releases Negative Emotions, Understanding, Forgiving Yourself, Attracts Same Gender/Sex Relationships.
  • Sunstone: Joy, Vitality, LGBTQA Empowerment.
  • Tektite: Wisdom, Knowledge, Overcome Challenges, Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, Strengthens Aura.
  • Tiger Eye, Blue (Hawk’s Eye): Communication, Willpower, Ideas, Insight.
  • Tiger Eye, Golden: Good Luck, Vitality, Creativity, Balance, Motivation.
  • Tiger Eye, Red (Dragon’s Eye): Grounding, Integrity, Vitality, Survival.
  • Tiger Iron (Mugglestone/Hematite+Jasper+Tiger Eye): Clarity, Protection, Wishing, Good Luck.
  • Topaz, Clear: Calming, Balances Emotions, Love, Peace, Hope.
  • Tourmaline, Black: Protection, Encourages Positive Attitudes, Good Luck, Happiness.
  • Tourmaline, Brown (Dravite): Tolerance, Understanding, Protection, Calm, Hope, Relieves Anxiety and Stress.
  • Turquoise; Wisdom, Power, Protection, Psychic Sensitivity, NDN Empowerment.
  • Ulexite (TV Stone): Inner Vision, Intuition, Balance, Clarity
  • Unakite: Lifts Spirits, Confidence, Power, Enhances Magic, Draws Off Negative Energy.
  • Verdite (Bud Stone): Vitality, Love, Growth, Gardening, Energy.
  • Vesuvianite (Idocrase): Release Negative Attachments, Helps us find Purpose, Releases Fears, Courage, Power, Truth.
  • Voegesite: Harmony, Dreams, Creativity, Guidance, Wisdom, Happiness, Innocence.
  • Wavellite: Decision Making, Balances Energy Flow, Overall Health.
  • Zircon: Balance, Grounding, Healing, Self Love, Compassion.


//Secondary Collection//

13 Display Crystals

  • Amethyst Tower
  • Amethyst Point
  • Amethyst Seeing Stone
  • Fluorite Sphere
  • Fluorite Point
  • Fluorite Octohedron
  • Citrine Cluster
  • Quartz Point
  • Tiger Eye Block
  • Selenite Tower
  • Gypsum Selenite Rose
  • Baryte Sphere
  • Himalayan Salt Crystal Candle Holder


Son of Rosemary by Ira Levin


I am such a huge fan of the first book, Rosemary’s Baby, that when I stumbled upon a copy of the sequel, my curiosity forced me to buy it and read it straight away. Judging from the first chapter, I thought that I would be really disappointed, as it starts out with Rosemary waking up from a coma in 1999, about 28 years after the events of the first book. But, that’s only really the first chapter, and you should never judge a book just by the first chapter, and the writing was fantastic, so I continued on.

Son of Rosemary focuses on Rosemary Reilly (yes, she divorced Guy back in 1966) as she wakes up from the coma and reunites with her son, Andy, who is now running for president. Throughout the book, we really get into Rosemary’s head, and she still thinks like a 31 year old. There’s a wonderful sense of  ‘something isn’t right’ over the course of the middle of the book and in the end, we find out why. The last two pages have a gigantic twist that I honestly did not see coming at all, and it was oddly satisfying. I really liked that it ended the way it did.

Ira Levin, as always, is an amazing writer and his depiction of Rosemary’s charming inner dialogue in the first book carries over flawlessly into the sequel. She is such a good, well written, relatable character that I had no problems whatsoever becoming emotionally invested in her and her story. The book, overall, is amazing. I don’t think it’s quite as good as the first one because Minnie and Roman and Guy were such wonderful characters and they are dead in the second book, but I would still give it an overall rating of 4/5.

Bloodstone: Circulatory Harmony


Bloodstone, or Heliotrope, is a green quartz speckled with red or yellow jasper found in Australia, Brazil, China, Russia and India. It is pretty easy to come by, and considered a common stone.

Bloodstone is known for its strong healing properties, especially in regards to the heart and the circulatory system. It is a natural blood purifier, blood vessel strengthener, regulates blood flow and aids in overall circulation. It stimulates the immune system and the flow of metabolic processes, as well as also detoxifying the liver, kidneys, intestines, spleen and bladder. In ancient Egypt, it was used to reduce tumors and pus production. Bloodstone is also a wonderful crystal for aligning and removing blocks from the energy points, and energizing the mind and body.

Metaphysically speaking, Bloodstone is a great crystal for weather work, as it eases the process of summoning storms. It banishes negative energies and evil entities, and has been known throughout the generations to provide guidance and enhance intuition, creativity, grounding and protection for the user. It stimulates dreams and spiritual awareness.

This crystal is encouraging, calming, and energizing. It reduces irritability, impatience and anger. It is said to improve and regulate good health for its wearer, as well as help out with mental clarity and decision making.

Bloodstone honors the goddesses Gaia, Persephone, Brighid, Abellio, Freyja, Idun, Sekhmet and Hathor. It is connected to Apples and the Sun.

On Totems/Spirit Animals//

What are Totems and Spirit Animals?

The terms ‘Totem’ and ‘Spirit Animal’ refer specifically to those beliefs and traditional practices held by various Indigenous, Native and First Nation cultures. Some people are born into their totem, some are chosen, some go through a rigorous time of cleansing, facing obstacles, fasting, and vision seeking to earn their ‘spirit animal’. The animal chooses the native in this instance. These totems are seen as not the spirit of an individual animal, but instead the collective or ‘head’ spirit of that species. It is not an ‘animal’ representation of the person’s own personality, like some new age white girl hippie zodiac shit might say it is. A native’s totem or spirit animal is a collective soul of a species of animal that has chosen that native person specifically in order to teach them lessons and offer their guidance for the rest of the person’s life.

Do you have one?

I do. I am Mvskoke Creek and Western Cherokee. I earned my spirit animal after a period of 5 years, starting when I was about 17. The obstacles and trials I faced nearly killed me, on multiple occasions. It was not until I was about 19 that I realized what was going on and when I was 20, my animal appeared to me and chose me. I have been learning diligently from them and their people ever since. I am constantly grateful and appreciative that they chose me.

Okay, so, how can I get a Spirit Animal?

You can’t. Unless you are a member of an Indigenous tribe that practices a tradition of Totems or Spirit Animals, you cannot have one. The process of receiving or being chosen by one varies from tribe to tribe, and native to native, and it is a very personal and private matter.

But, other cultures have Spirit Animals???

Actually, no. No other cultures have totems/spirit animals in the exact same sense as Indigenous peoples do. However, many other cultures do have traditions that refer to ‘clan animals’ and ‘animal guides’ (such as the Nordic Fylgja, which is a guardian spirit that takes the form of an animal that best represents their human’s personality.) but these are more closely related to the idea of a witch’s familiar.  A person can relate to an animal, connect with a specific spirit of an individual animal and learn from that animal. An animal can represent a family’s lineage and their characteristics throughout the bloodline’s history. That does not make it your totem or spirit animal. These phrases, ‘spirit animal’ and ‘totem’, are tied directly to the colonizer’s ideas of  those practices in Indigenous religions. Because of centuries of having our cultures ripped from us and beaten out of us, we have lost our original terms for many rituals and important spiritual aspects of our cultures. So we are reclaiming the English words used for them, much like the terms ‘two spirit’ and ‘smudging’.

So, why exactly is it so bad if someone says they have a Spirit Animal?

It’s usage in modern new age culture is a mockery and insult of its original form. It’s just another piece of our culture that was violently taken from us. We weren’t allowed to speak our own languages, or practice our own religions, under penalty of torture, for hundreds of years (Yes. Hundreds. Colonization began nearly 500 years ago and we are STILL being persecuted. See the NODAPL and Standing Rock situation going on right now for example). While white children jokingly say, ‘omg Johnny depp is totally my spirit animal!’, we are still struggling to reclaim the pieces of our culture that were stolen and held from us at gunpoint. Totems and spirit animals are an important part of many tribe’s religious beliefs, and are seen as a right of passage for many. I, for one, never considered myself an adult until after my animal chose me. I had to EARN their guidance. It’s not something you can just take an online quiz for, or joke about. Bottom line is, if you aren’t native, you cannot have a spirit or totem animal. You can have individual spirits of animals that you befriend and learn from, sure. But not spirit animals or totems. They are part of native cultures and native religions. Not native? Then it’s not something you can have.

Please do not send me any hate over this post. I am neurodivergent and very prone to panic attacks. I will not hesitate to block and delete anything that may threaten my mental health. Thank you so much for reading. Mvto!

On Dreamcatchers//

What is a Dream Catcher?
The dreamcatcher comes from the Ojibwe and Chippewa people. Traditionally, it is made from bent wood, sinew and one or two feathers. The sinew is weaved to mimic a spider’s web. In many native religions, including my own, Grandmother Spider played a huge role in the placement of the sun in the sky. Dreamcatchers were traditionally hung over children’s beds to trap their nightmares.

During the 60s and 70s, the making of dreamcatchers became popular with other Native tribes, such as the Pueblo, Navajo, Lakota and Cherokee peoples. But as far as I’ve seen, the Ojibwe are the only traditional creators before the ‘pan-indian’ movement. This movement during the 70’s involved the sharing of many cultural aspects across many tribes such as dreamcatchers, fancy dancing, powwows, certain cleansing rituals, beadwork styles, Etc. This was not appropriation, but appreciation. Our tribes adopted certain things and shared certain things from one another to unite us in all of our relative struggles. We had all suffered at the hands of the invaders. The pan-Indian movement was a way of uniting us and making peace.

Dreamcatchers are a very popular gift among native peoples. They symbolize peace, the unity of all Natives and are often considered sweet gifts given out of love. It is a very important cultural icon for us.

Nowadays you’ll often find them with beads, colored leather, and multiple feathers hanging from the frame. Every Native Reservation produces and sells dreamcatchers, it seems. You can buy them at almost every powwow. There are even some online stores run by enrolled Natives that make and sell dream catchers. While traditionally hung above a bed frame, now they can be found as home decor and even on rear view mirror of cars. Some Natives view the dreamcatcher as the Christian equivalent of cheap plastic crosses sold at malls.  Sadly, outside of certified Native-made stores and powwows, dreamcatchers are often made and mass produced by underpaid workers who are not Native in Asian sweatshops. These are cheap imitations and are insulting to our history and beliefs, as well as harmful to our economies as many Native artists rely on the income received from selling dream catchers to feed their families.

I do not recommend non-Natives owning a dreamcatcher, due to the religious and ceremonial ties to Native history that they carry. Much like frybread and spirit animals/totems, they have become a universal Native entity and symbol, carrying the spirit of Union and Peace amongst our people. If you are not Native, regularly cleansing a dreamcatcher can be difficult, as the process for doing this is a sacred closed tradition that varies from tribe to tribe. If you absolutely MUST have this piece of our culture, you can buy Native, or receive it from a Native as a gift. It will have no Medicine and will not work if you buy that cheap mass produced reproduction you see in gift shops. And you will be committing cultural appropriation and a deep disrespect towards Native cultures in the process.  If you are interested in selling and making dream catchers yourself, that is illegal under the American Indian Arts and Crafts Law of 1990 and is also deeply disrespectful and hurtful to us. Instead, I would recommend making a Witch’s Ladder, which serves a similar purpose and is not tied to any one single culture and religion.

I am an enrolled member of the Mvskoke Creek Nation. Thank you for reading! Mvto!

Please note that I do not speak for all Indigenous people. Do not send me hate over this post, as I am neurodivergent and extremely prone to panic attacks. I will not hesitate to delete and block anything that may threaten my mental health.

On Smudging//

//What is Smudging?//

Smudging is a traditional religious ceremony practiced by a majority of First Nations, Native American and Indigenous peoples. Smudging is done to prepare a space or a person for a spiritual ritual or ceremony, or the arrival of spiritual leaders and elders into a sacred space. The burning of herbs is often accompanied by chanting, singing, fervent prayer and sometimes musical instruments. The particular herbs and techniques will vary from tribe to tribe and clan to clan, which is why the method is often past down from family members and tribal elders.
//How can I Smudge?//

Unless you are Native and have been taught by family/clan/tribe members, you cannot smudge. Native religions and cultures are closed to outsiders/non-natives.
//But other cultures smudging!!!??//

Actually, they use smoke cleansing. Smoke cleansing is the burning of purifying herbs to cleanse an area. It is a very basic procedure. The term for it is ‘Cense’. If you are Celtic, it is ‘Saining’. This process is completely different and unlike Smudging. Many cultures all over the world smoke cleanse, and have their own techniques and specific herbs they prefer. However, Smudging is a term that refers specifically to a religious ritual practiced in nearly all Indigenous tribal cultures. Because of centuries of having our cultures ripped from us and beaten out of us, we have lost our original terms for many of our religious rituals and important spiritual aspects of our cultures. So we are reclaiming the English words used for them, much like the terms ‘two spirit’ and ‘spirit animals’.
(I had originally posted a section here about the specific beliefs of my tribe, but I decided to take it down as this post usually gets a lot of discourse and I do not want my tribe’s beliefs exposed to negativity.)

I do not speak for all Indigenous peoples. I am Mvskoke Creek and Western Cherokee. I am what my people consider a Kerrv, a medicine person who has learned their practice through various sources and with experience. Please do not send me hate about this post. I am neurodivergent and prone to panic attacks. I will not hesitate to delete and block anything that could threaten my mental health. Thank you for reading. Mvto!