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The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

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The Hidden Messages in Water is a delightful and beautiful book by Dr. Masaru Emoto. It takes a scientific approach to a spiritual subject–how water reacts to human emotions. The book is filled with beautiful high quality color photos of Dr. Emoto’s experiments, where he has documented the reaction that water crystals have upon freezing while being exposed to a specific emotional sentence or phrase. I really enjoyed this book. It is beautifully written and you can easily tell how passionate the Doctor is about the subject material.

The book is easy to read, not terribly long, and I believe very useful, specifically for those who work with water as an element. It is so fascinating to know that water is indeed sentient (something many of us already knew, haha, but now there is scientific proof!) and that it responds and changes it’s molecular structure to mirror emotions. How beautiful and amazing!

I would highly recommend this book and I can think of no critiques for it. And, the icing on the cake: the author is  a person of color! You can purchase it here!

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Violet’s Witchy Tips Masterpost

This is a collection of my most popular witchy tips content posts! I will be adding on to this regularly. It is designed to help witchlings and seasoned practitioners alike! If there is a topic you would like for me to writer about that I have not already covered, please contact me and I will make it!

The Basics//

Getting Started/

Elemental Based Craft//

Location Based Craft//

Internal Based Craft//

Hobby Based Craft//

The Craft, Identity and Health//

The Craft and Activism//

Open Pantheons//

Cultural Appropriation//

Other Useful Information//

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Sea Witchery: A Guide to Water Magic

Sea Witchery is the magical practice that revolves around working with the element of water and typically a specific body of water such as a lake, river or ocean.

//Tools of the Trade//
• Shark Teeth: Location, curses, glamours
• Anchovies: beauty
• Coral: emotions, healing, vivid dreams
• Crab: protection
• Fish: protection, fertility
• Oyster:  fertility, love
• Salt; cleansing, dispels evil
• Sand: dreams, grounding, cleansing
• Sardines: beauty
• Seaweed: prosperity, good luck
• Sea Horse: luck, love, understanding
• Sponge: cleanses negative emotions
• Water: dreams, cleansing, healing
• Aquariums: ward away bad luck
• Hag Stone: see the unseen, protection
• Seaglass: change, purification

//Water Types and Uses//
• Sea Water: cleansing, banishing
• Lake Water: secrets, divination
• River Water: transformation, change
• Storm Water: strength, chaos
• Rain Water: creativity, inspiration
• Swamp Water: patience, stagnation
• Flower Vase Water: nourishing, growth

//Seashell Types and Uses//
• Abalone: general use
• Clam: purification, love
• Conch: love
• Cone: protection
• Cowrie: prosperity
• Whelks: positive change
• Limpet: courage
• Scallop: travel
• Sand dollar: good luck

//Sea Creatures and Their Associations//
• Barracuda: go your own way
• Bass: balance
• Carp: love
• Catfish: power of words
• Clam: love
• Coral: protection
• Crab: sensitivity
• Crayfish: face your fears
• Eel: new journeys
• Electric Eel: perception
• Goldfish: peace
• Jellyfish: cooperation
• Moray Eel: observe
• Mussel: perseverance
• Octopus: intellect
• Salmon: persistence
• Sea Anemone: new tides
• Sea Shell: feminine power
• Sea Horse: chivalry
• Shark: relentless
• Squid: shapeshifting
• Starfish: follow your own path
• Stingray: stay on target
• Beluga Whale: creative spirit
• Dolphin: new promise
• Humpback Whale: birth
• Manatee: trust
• Orca: creative depths
• Sea Lion: imagination
• Seal: dream activity
• Walrus: psychic touch
• Whale: inspiration

//To Make Your Own Sea Water (for Landlocked Sea Witches)//
• Sea salt
• Sea Shells
• Moon Water
• Beach Sand

//To Make Ocean Powder (for Protection and Purification)//
• Sea Shells
• Egg Shells
• Sea Salt
• White Sand
• Grind em up in a mortar and pestle

//To Make a Sea Witch’s Bath//

• Sea Salt
• Rosemary
• Sea Shells (to set on the edge of tub)
• Blue candle (to set on edge of tub)

//Spell-Writing for Sea Witches//

//Crystals Associated with Water//
• Aquamarine
• Blue Lace Agate
• Blue Chalcedony
• Larimar
• Blue Aragonite
• Lapis Lazuli
• Azurite
• Skagway Jasper
• Hemimorphite
• Canvasite

//Plants and Herbs Associated with Water//
• Grapes
• Lettuce
• Jasmine
• Lotus
• Kelp
• Cucumber
• Seaweed
• Chamomile
• Nightshade
• Hemp
• Orange
• Willow
• Lemon
• Watercress
• Melons
• Hops
• Pansy
• Skullcap
• Orris Root


Creature Magic//


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Inner Darkness: The Basics of Shadow Work

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work is a type of intrinsic magic where one confronts and conquers ‘shadows’ from their past, and then uses them later to invoke specific strong, passionate emotions. Please note that this is only how I, personally, do Shadow Work. Lots of people practice it and it varies from person to person since it is such an intensely intimate practice.

What is a Shadow?

A Shadow is the spiritual/emotional/physical embodiment of an important memory. They can be traumatic memories, vivid memories, or even memories that make you smile. But typically Shadow Workers tend to engage and control painful memories, since they can be the ones that effect how we behave in the present more than others.

How do I practice Shadow Work?

It can be a painful process. You must recall moments you regret, mistakes you made, bad memories, fierce emotions. Once you have a memory in mind, you must relive it as vividly as possible. Then, confront it as if it is an actual separate being, and not just a memory. Overpower it, scream at it, put it in chains, forgive yourself for it, embrace it, do whatever you have to do to gain control over the Shadow. Once you have conquered it and accepted it as a part of you, you can move on from the emotional degradation it has caused you over the years, and begin to heal. That Shadow then becomes an entity that you can summon whenever you need it’s specific emotion. Please note that some Shadows may take years to confront and accept, so be patient with yourself.

How do I summon a Shadow?

Summoning a shadow is when you invoke that particular ‘shadow’, the specific aspect, personality, or emotion within you that you have confronted and accepted about yourself, and use its emotion and power in a situation. For example, if I am performing a curse, and I want to summon the Shadow of a memory from my childhood when I was experiencing an extremely passionate emotion, I would call forth that Shadow and use it’s energy to help fuel the spell. It helps if you give your Shadows names, too. I have a really cool Cardcaptor Sakura Shadow Summon spell here. 

Tools for the Shadow Worker

  • Shadow Water: Magical water that has not seen any light for at least three days. Can be used for purification, meditation and healing.
  • Shadow Earth: Mud, clay or dirt with magical properties that is removed from 2-6 feet below the surface. Best if collected at night. Can be used for contemplation, silence, rest, healing and meditation.
  • Shadow Cards: Tarot-styled cards inscribed with either a sigil or an artistic depiction of a worker’s different Shadows. Can be used to easily or meditate on specific Shadows.
  • Shadow Sigils: A symbolic depiction of a specific memory’s Shadow. Can be used to invoke or summon a specific Shadow.
  • Book of Shadows: A written record of your magical practice, including every shadow you have confronted and befriended, and which emotion or ability it possesses.