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Animal Talk by Penelope Smith


After reading Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, I was super discouraged. I distanced myself from reading any kind of witchy books that focused on animals because of it. That book was so disgusting and culturally appropriative. I picked this book up because I had heard about the author on the internet. She is an ‘animal therapist’ and instead of magic or witchcraft, her book falls more in line with psychic and telepathic studies. The book covers the history of inter-species telepathic communication and how you yourself can use it to communicate with animals, wild or domestic.

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. I found no traces of cultural appropriation in this book and it is written in a very non-biased and secular way. The book not only teaches you how to communicate with animals, but also gives you exercises to try and several pages of personal examples from the author involving how to communicate with specific kinds of animals. I really enjoyed it. Smith doesn’t involve religion (I think she mentions her personal beliefs once in one of her personal stories), she doesn’t involve closed cultures, and she explains everything very clearly. I truly believe that after reading this book, with enough practice I will be able to fluently communicate with animals. I’ve always kind of been able to do so to an extent, but it kind of comes and goes. I’m really excited to put the new stuff I learned in this book to the test.

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The Weiser Field Guide to Vampires by J.M. Dixon

The Weiser Field Guide to Vampires: Legends, Practices, and Encounters ...

 For those of you who know me well and read most of my posts, you’ll know that my spouse is what most people would consider to be a ‘modern vampire’. That is to say that he was born with a damaged or broken energy field, and therefore must take energy from outside sources to feel healthy. I knew this about him before we even started dating, and find it fascinating since energy healing and energy fields in general are an interest of mine. He bought this book after finding it at our local metaphysical shop. I remember him saying that it was one of the rare books that actually wrote about vampires as a read phenomenon and not just a myth.

The book contains a chapter on the history of vampires in various cultures, the reality of modern ‘vampires’, the different kinds of feeding, the myths, and of course how to know that you are a vampire through symptoms and signs. I read the book twice now because I found it to be so informative and so…unbiased? It came at the subject from an educational standpoint, one backed by historical facts and scientific perspectives. I found it very refreshing.

The Field Guide itself is very well written and unlike many other kinds of paranormal books, isn’t dry or dull at all. The chapters are relatively short and everything is really easy to follow. I would say that it would probably qualify for middle school or late elementary school levels of reading. The book promotes the idea of consent and healthy relationships as far as ‘feeding’ on energy and such goes, as well as self care and self awareness. Overall, its a great book, especially for those interesting in the ‘paranormal’ and supernatural. I give it a 4/5.

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Astral Projection Tips

Astral travel can be fun but I wouldn’t recommend it for people who haven’t had a lot of out of body practice first. I’ve been having OOB experiences since i was a kid and began astral projecting around eight years old.

Here are some basic guidelines~

  • PROTECT YOURSELF! Certain stones and herbs are good for protection during astral travel. Most of my adventures happen while I’m sleeping so I keep pouches in my pillow to protect me on my journey. You can also use Warding on your aura to help protect you as you wander around Elsewhere.
  • Go places you’ve been before. New places can result in getting lost. While its good to wander out of your ‘safety zone’ every once and a while, its safer to visit places you know how to get to.
  • Be polite to anyone or thing you meet. The astral plane is pretty, and you’ll meet all sorts of creatures. Be polite. Do not be afraid, and remember that all creatures in the Astral Realm deserve respect.

Hope this helps!

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Tips to Induce Precognitive Dreams//

Prophetic dreams are an amazing thing. But not everyone has them without a little help (Myself included). So here are some ways you can give it a nudge ^^

•Drink Jasmine tea before bed.

•Plant marigold flowers outside your window, or keep them in a pot on your windowsill.

•Herbs to induce psychic dreams (I put a bunch of these in a pouch and put the pouch in my pillowcase): Bayleaf, Celery Seed, Jasmine, Wormwood, and Mugwort.

•Stones to induce psychic dreams (can be added to the aforementioned dream pouch): Amethyst, Azurite, Citrine, Labradorite, Selenite, Prehnite, Howlite, Iolite, Sardonyx, Moqui Marbles, Gaspeite, Atacamite, Shattuckite. (There are more but I’ll stop there haha)

•Eat onion powder on your dinner.

•Eat apples.

•Keep an ivy plant in your bedroom

•Plant Beech trees in your yard.

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Psychic Abilities//

Psychic abilities go hand in hand with Witchcraft. Here are just a few of the basic ones and what they are.

•Astral Projection: the ability to have out of body experiences and separate the astral body from the physical body at will.

•Aura Reading: the ability to perceive the energy surrounding a living being.

•Auto-Writing: Writing without conscious thought. An act performed often by mediums.

•Bilocation: Being in many places at once.

•Channeling: Communicating with a spirit.

•Clairalience: Having a smell perception outside the human senses.

•Clairaudience: Having an auditory perception outside the human senses.

•Claircognizence: Having a thought perception outside the human senses.

•Clairgustance: Having a taste perception outside the human senses.

•Clairsentience: Having a physical perception outside the human senses. Related to psychometry.

•Clairvoyance: Having a visual perception outside the human senses.

•Divination: Gaining insight into a situation by use of tools or ritual.

•Dowsing: Ability to locate an object.

•Energy Healing: The ability to mend physical, emotional, energetic and mental wounds with energy.

•Levitation: Flying or floating.

•Precognition: Perception of future events.

•Psychokinesis: The ability to manipulate objects through thought and willpower.

•Psychometry: The ability to learn information about an object, person, memory or event by physically touching a related object.

•Retrocognition: Perception of past events.

•Scrying: Use of a tool to peer into the distance or the future.

•Telepathy: The transfer of thoughts, words or emotions from one mind to another.

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Increasing Psychic Sensitivity//

Good morning! So stars asked if I could talk a bit about how one can raise their awareness to Magick/spells/energy etc so here we go!

1) Meditation! I cannot stress this enough. Try to cut out at least 5-10 minutes a day to just sit on the floor of your room or outside on the ground. Breathe deeply and slowly.

2) Imagination! Daydreaming will help a lot. For some reason adults taught us as children that our imagination is unrealistic but that is so not true. Your imagination is an incredibly powerful tool that can help to shape and manifest Magick.

3) Baths! Baths are the perfect place to meditate and relax. My favorite relaxation bath is lavender, chamomile and sea salt.

4) Candle meditations! These are good beginner meditations for people with short attention spans to help strengthen those psychic muscles. White or purple candles are best for psychic work.

5) Aromatherapy! Dragons blood, jasmine, sandalwood, cinnamon, lemongrass, and Rosemary are all fantastic at helping you develop your psychic radar and raising your vibration level.

6) Plants! Growing, caring for and talking to these potted cuties will help raise your sensitivity. Begonia, Cactus, Daffodil, Daisy, Iris, Rosemary, Snapdragon and Violets are all plants associated with psychic clarity.

7) Trees! Spending time just sitting and talking to a tree has always been therapeutic and a good simple exercise for me. Trees who are good at raising your awareness are: Ash, Cherry, Hazel, and Willow.

8) Metals! Certain metals have a higher psychic vibration level and are good for keeping on your person while trying to raise awareness. Copper and Silver are best.

9) Crystals! Anyone who has read my blog knows I really love rocks haha. Crystals good for raising psychic awareness are: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Azurite, Citrine, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Opal, Rhyolite, Sapphire, Selenite, Sodalite, Sugilite, Apatite, Prehnite, Unakite, Kyanite, Calcite, Sardonyx, and Tigers eye.

10) Herbal teas! Basil, Bayleaf, Borage, Peppermint, Celery Seed, Mugwort, Kava Kava, Licorice Root, Betony, Apple, Heliotrope, Cherry, and Carrot are all good kinds of tea that will help you raise your psychic awareness.

11) Astral travel. Beginners astral travel starts by simply closing your eyes and imaging yourself leaving your body and going somewhere close by that you’ve been before. Whether it be outside, to a different room, taking the route to work, doesnt matter. Imagine the way things feel, smell, how the air tastes, what noises you hear, all in vivid detail. These tiny trips will work your astral muscles and help stretch your legs.

I hope these tips help! Good luck and have fun! 🙂

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Meditation Basics//

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this so here we go. The very very basics.

1) Find a quiet place. Somewhere you will be alone and undisturbed.

2) Learn to sit still. This will take time.

3) Clear your mind. Or try for as long as you can.

4) This won’t always be possible. Your mind will wander. That’s okay. Let it do its thing.

5) Try to make at least 10 minutes a day for doing this. Eventually you will be able to clear your mind without even trying.