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OneTreePlanted, What it is, and Why Witches Should Care.

So it has occurred to me that I don’t think enough people know about OneTreePlanted. Why aren’t other witches gushing about this charity? Probably just because they don’t know how awesome it is.

So, here we go, my pitch for OTP.

This would be an especially useful resource for any witches who work with earth, or who involve land spirits in their practice at all. Want to make an offering to an earth deity? Donating to OTP is a safe and affordable way to do it.

You have witchy friends with birthdays or want to get a meaningful gift for them for a holiday? You can buy a tree as a gift and, again, *its one single dollar* How cool is that?

With all the horrible things happening involving gag orders on the EPA and the silencing of climate change advocates, if you want to take action to help save the planet, but don’t have a lot of means or energy to do so, this is the charity for you.

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Sindarin Songs and Sindarin Tengwar Script for Spells!

This post will be ongoing and I will be adding more stuff as I make them!

Sindarin Songs:

  • Anduril: Consecrating/Cleansing/Charging a knife, sword or ‘athame’
  • The Eagles: Bird Magic, Angel Magic, Air Magic, Familiar Work
  • The Hymn of Elbereth: Goddess Worship, Snow Magic, Star Magic, Moon Magic
  • The Evenstar: Hope, Love, Devotion, Loyalty
  • Aniron: Wish Magic, Desires, Love, Hope
  • Breath of Life: Astral Travel, Spirit Work, Letting Go, Acceptance.
  • The Lay of Luthien: Love, Devotion, Fidelity, Romance.
  • The Grace of Undomiel: Star Magic, Emotional Magic, Divination

Sindarin Phrases/Sindarin Tengwar Calligraphy:


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The Mythical Creatures Bible by Brenda Rosen

The Mythical Creatures Bible by Brenda Rosen

While I usually try to avoid these kinds of books in my practice, as a knowledge-hungry gemini I’ve always craved reading books about mythology and magical creatures. I will say this right off the bat, that this book should be read for educational purposes only, as many of the creatures mentioned are part of closed cultures or religions and are not open for the use in the practices of outside witches or persons. However, there are certain sections, like certain sections on Mermaids and Dragons, that are open for witches to use in their work. It is just important to be mindful and only work with the critters that are open for you to work with. Don’t go trying to contact a Thunderbird or anything. Come on. Be respectful of closed cultures.

Aside from that, this is a great book. It provides awesome historical accounts and descriptions of hundreds of magical and mythological creatures, which are accompanied by beautiful illustrations. The book is arranged into parts, Fabulous Animals, Creatures from the Shadow World, Nature Spirits and Sacred Creatures. That last chapter is actually more about animalistic deities in religions and cultures than about creatures. While I do recommend this as a good resource for witches, it is absolutely vital that they read it with a grain of salt and not with the intention of trying to work with the creatures that are associated with closed cultures. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from anything involving cultures that have suffered oppression, discrimination or genocide (usually native, indigenous, aboriginal, or minority cultures) at the hands of oppressors (usually european, white and the majority culture). As long as you keep that in mind, this book will do wonders for you. It really enriched my understanding of certain creatures, such as Dragons and Nymphs.

The book is well written from an unbiased perspective, easy to understand, and fun to read. I highly recommend giving it a read, if nothing else but for the wonderful stories in it.

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Leaves in Myth, Magic and Medicine by Alice Thoms Vitale

Leaves in Myth, Magic and Medicine by Alice Thoms Vitale — Reviews ...

While The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants by Susan Gregg is probably my number one resource for plant and herbal information in magic, I would have to say that this is my number one resource for trees in magic. Alice Thoms Vitale is a wonderful author, and this book she has created is a work of art.

The book is a collection of trees and other leafy plants and all their wonderful information. It provides beautiful pressed scans (or maybe they’re very detailed drawings?) of each plant’s leaves, a detailed description of the plant and it’s role in the history of man, the scientific and botanical properties of the plant, the medicinal properties of the plant, and the magical and metaphysical properties of the plant.

While Susan Gregg’s book is an incredible source on herbs, this is an incredible source on trees. I think they are both incredibly useful and vital to my personal practice, not only as a witch, but also as an herbalist. I highly recommend picking up a copy if you are interested in incorporating trees into your practice, or are just interested in botany or green magic in general.

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The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants by Susan Gregg

... edition of The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants

The complete illustrated encyclopedia of magical plants (revised) by Susan Gregg is a wonderful source for anyone thinking about working with herbs and plants in medicinal, metaphysical and magical fields. I started compiling several books on the subject while I was studying for my herbalism certification, and this was one of the few that survived the cut after the fact. Its subtitle is ‘A practical guide to creating healing, protection and prosperity using plants, herbs and flowers’, but in my opinion it accomplishes so much more than that.

The book provides beautiful glossy colored photographs of each plant, which helps with identification, and each plant’s magical, historical, scientific, botanical, medicinal and metaphysical properties are listed. The book is organized in two parts, Enchanting Herbs and Other Magical Plants. The sections aren’t alphabetical, so you kind of have to search for a bit (or use the index in the back of the book) to find the plant you are looking for. But really, that is the only complaint I have. I found no examples of cultural appropriation or inappropriate references or biasedness towards wicca. It approaches the subject from an unbiased and honestly very refreshing point of view.

I think that this is a vital resource for any young witch, herbalist or botanist. Its one of the only ‘complete’ sources that I have managed to find in regards to the magical properties of plants. Susan Gregg does a phenomenal job.

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Dovahzul: Using Skyrim’s Dragon Shouts as Spells

I am a huge Skyrim fan, and I specifically am very interested in the Dovahzul, or the dragon-voice, which is the language spoken by the dragons and dragonborn, and also the language used to create shouts. Shouts are a power specific to those who know Dovahzul. It is a kind of word-power, where each word when shouted can have a magical effect. It’s really cool! I especially like to use Thu’um when I’m having low energy days because its not as demanding or daunting as a full on ritual, but has almost the same effects.

Not only does it have specific words that are used as shouts, but it also has a written language and alphabet, which can be used to create sigils and write spells.

Using Shouts, or Thu’um, as spells is something that I really love the idea of. Because words have so much power, and it’s just so cool! If you want to write your own spells, you can even use the translator Here but personally I prefer to just use the shouts that already exist.

Dragon Shout “Animal Allegiance" (50, 60, 70):A Shout for help from ...



Animal Allegiance: Raan Mir Tah







Shouts in this game are special powers that do various things.


Aura Whisper: Laas Yah Nir









Like A Bird In The Skyrim, Dragon Shout “Become Ethereal” (20, 30 ...


Become Ethereal: Feim Zii Gron








Call Dragon


Call Dragon: Od Ah Viing










Like A Bird In The Skyrim, Dragon Shout “Call of Valor" (180, 180 ...


Call of Valor: Hun Kaal Zoor









... started talking about ‘Clear Skies’ up on High Hrothgar



Clear Skies: Lok Vah Koor








Like A Bird In The Skyrim, Dragon Shout “Elemental Fury” (30, 40 ...


Elemental Fury: Su Grah Dun









Like A Bird In The Skyrim, Dragon Shout “Fire Breath” (30, 50, 100 ...


Fire Breath: Yol Toor Shul








Like A Bird In The Skyrim, Dragon Shout “Frost Breath” (30, 50 ...


Frost Breath: Fo Krah Diin










Dragon Shout “Ice Form" (60, 90, 120):Your Thu’um freezes an ...


Ice Form: Iiz Slen Nus










Like A Bird In The Skyrim, Dragon Shout “Marked For Death” (20, 30 ...


Marked for Death: Krii Lun Aus









Dragon Shout “Slow Time" (30, 45, 60):"Shout at time, and command it ...


Slow Time: Tiid Klo Ul










Like A Bird In The Skyrim, Dragon Shout “Storm Call” (300, 480 ...


Storm Call: Strun Bah Qo











Like A Bird In The Skyrim, Dragon Shout “Throw Voice” (30, 15, 5 ...


Throw Voice: Zul Mey Gut









... Bird In The Skyrim, Finishing up the last of the Dragon Shouts, we


Unrelenting Force: Fus Ro Dah











Dragon Shout “Whirlwind Sprint" (20, 25, 35):"The Thu’um rushes ...


Whirlwind Sprint: Wuld Nah Kest

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Meteorological Weather Symbols for Storm Witches

As I’ve mentioned before, I love symbols. They can be used as sigils, as summoning, to invoke the power of something, to honor something, and as an acronym when recording or documenting in a grimoire.

There are so, so many meteorological symbols out there, so I will try to have them all. Here we go!

Minor Modification to Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale For the 2012 ...

Common weathersymbols

3C: Local Weather Stories

The best way that I find to use these symbols is with a geographical map of your area, or an area in general, and then to paint or draw them on where you want to summon or banish a storm.

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A Brief Introduction to Traditional Norse Magical Practices//

I’ve been meaning to write this as a companion to my Traditional Celtic Magic post for a while now. If you click the topic titles, it will take you to sources and references for more in depth information on the subject.  Please note that this is in no way an all inclusive list, but just the main points. All of this information focuses on Pre-Wicca practices and traditions.

Norse History//

According to Wikipedia,

Vikings (Danish and Bokmål: vikinger; Swedish and Nynorsk: vikingar; Icelandic: víkingar), from Old Norse víkingr, were Norse seafarers, speaking the Old Norse language, who raided and traded from their Scandinavian homelands across wide areas of northern, central and eastern Europe, during the late 8th to late 11th centuries.The term is also commonly extended in modern English and other vernaculars to the inhabitants of Viking home communities during what has become known as the Viking Age. This period of Norse military, mercantile and demographic expansion constitutes an important element in the early medieval history of Scandinavia, the British Isles, France, Kievan Rus’ and Sicily. By the end of the 11th century Christian and Catholic governments had colonized and assimilated most, if not all, of the Nordic cultures.

Nordic Religion//

The Nordic people had a very rich and wonderful religious tradition. Unlike Christian religions, anyone could perform sacrifices and rites of worship, not just the priest class. Their religion revolved around their Pantheon of Deities, Ancestor Worship, Magic and Dealings with Supernatural Beings.

Supernatural Beings//

There are several different kinds of supernatural creatures that the Norse people believed and revered. The Landvaettir, who were land spirits, specifically believed to be the actual soul or spirit of an area of land. They are known for being offended by violence, providing protection to children and animals, and being responsible for bringing prosperity to the land in regards to fishing, hunting, farming, gardening, etc. It is a very good idea to get on their good side.

The Fylgjur are another supernatural being that the Nordic peoples highly respected. They are similar to the western idea of a witch’s familiar. They are personal guardian spirits that usually take the form of an animal and follow their human, preventing harm or danger from coming to them. Fylgja very rarely show themselves, but when they do it will commonly be in the form of an animal that best represents their human’s personality. They are known for banging on walls when an accident is about to occur, or if someone has arrived at their human’s home. Apparently seeing your own Fylgja is a sign that death is near.

The Dvergar, or Dwarves, are skilled and wise creatures that are known for crafting weapons for the Gods. Sunlight causes them to turn to stone, so they live underground or inside rocks as to avoid it. While not necessarily worshiped by the Norse, the Dvergar were still respected and wary not to offend them.

The Draugar are the ghosts of humans that were unsatisfied after their own deaths, usually those who committed some evil deed in life. They are known for remaining among the living to torment and harass them. They are even said to cause illness, insanity and death in some cases.

The Disir are female spirits associated with Frejya that are attached to a specific family line. They are known for visiting the homes of newborn children to bring them luck and to bring nature’s bounty to their family. Usually spoken of favorably, the Disir can also be merciless and cruel if not given the proper respect. Sacrifices to the Disir, known as disablot, were thought to be carried out at the beginning of every winter.

The Valkyrja, or Valkyrie, is a female warrior spirit associated with Frejya, but also with Odin, that are present on the battlefield to choose the warriors that will fall in battle and carry their souls to Valhalla.

Festivals, Feasts and Sacrifices//

While feasts and sacrifices marked important events and special occasions, the Norse also held regular feasts where everyone in the community was invited to attend. One occurred at the beginning of winter (where sacrifices were made to the Landvaettir for abundance and good luck for the coming winter), one in the middle of winter (for prosperity and growth of the crops to come), and then one in the spring (for victory and wealth in the raids that would take place in the summer). During these times, sacrificed animals would be killed and eaten and ale was drank in honor of the gods and any fallen comrades.


There are two main types of rituals that are most often discussed in writings about the Norse. The first is known as the Blot (pronounced with a long O) which could mean ‘blessing’ or ‘sacrifice’ depending on the context. The Blot was a sacrifice or feast held in the honor of either a deity, an ancestor or a supernatural being such as the Landvaettir. The other ritual is the Seidr, which is a special rite or ritual used to obtain hidden knowledge. This is thought to be their magical practice.

Seidr: Nordic Magic and Sorcery//

Nordic magic, or Seidr as it is commonly known, is a practice that is centered around respect for the supernatural beings, worship of the gods, honoring the ancestors, and seeking answers to the mysteries of the universe. Women who practiced Seidr were known as Volva, which roughly translates to ‘wand-bearer’ or ‘carrier of the staff’. These witches were known as seers, prophets, and healers. They are said to be directly descended and trained by Frejya herself, the goddess of magic and witchcraft. Volva are known for practicing knot and weaving magic to control destiny and bring peace, for partaking in sexual rites and magical ceremonies, reading Runes to foretell future events, and performing Seidr alone, known as Utiseta, in a kind of meditation. What little record there is of any male practitioners tells of them being killed and tortured to death for practicing magic, as that was revered, respected and held as the women’s domain.




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Coming Out and Dealing with Anti-LGBTQA as a Witch

People who are LGBTQAphobic can be hateful, even violent, in their intense disapproval and dislike for those of us in the LGBTQA community. It’s awful how they are so upset at people just trying to live their lives. As witches, coming out and the prospect of dealing with anti-LGBT people can be pretty terrifying. For some of us, the damage is already done and we are trying to heal and recover from the emotional, and sometimes physical, harm that it has caused us. The following is a basic list of resources you can use to help you, as an LGBTQA witch, when dealing with LGBTQAphobics.

Protection and Courage when Coming Out Charm Bag


  • White square of cloth
  • Black thread
  • Fire Agate
  • Howlite
  • Dalmation Jasper
  • Chicory
  • Violet
  • Pine Needles
  • Cascarilla Powder
  • Sea Salt
  • Animal Claw (coyote works really well)Wealth and Abundance Gris Gris


  • Place the square of cloth on a flat surface.
  • Combine all the ingredients and place them on the center of the cloth.
  • Fold the corners of the cloth it on itself.
  • Tie it off and place it under your pillow case, or carry it with you.
  • Finished charm bag should look like this (only white)—>


A Protection Talisman to Ward Away LGBTQAphobics


  • Your favorite piece of jewelry, a ring or necklace would work best.
  • A ceramic bowl
  • Full Moon Water
  • Sea Salt
  • Carnation Petals


  • Fill the bowl with full moon water.
  • Add the sea salt and the petals.
  • Stir three times counterclockwise and say out loud three things you want to banish, remove or stop happening in the present tense. Example: People no longer harass me. Anti-LGBT people leave me alone. I am not in danger.
  • Now, stir the water three times clockwise and say out loud three things you want to add, attract or start happening in the present tense affirmative. Example: I am protected. I feel good about myself. I am safe.
  • Soak the piece of jewelry in the mixture (provided it is safe to do so) for three minutes.
  • Cleanse and charge it regularly under the Full Moon and wear it anytime you want protection from anti-LGBT jerkheads.


Useful Crystals:

  • Fire Agate: Vitality, Protection, Courage to Come Out, Trans Empowerment.
  • Howlite: Calming, Self Awareness, Harmony, Protection when Coming Out, Dispels Nightmares.
  • Dalmatian Jasper: Protection, Grounding, Banishing Negative Energy, Warding off LGBTQAphobics.
  • Malachite: Amplification, Protection, Healing, Repairs Emotional Wounds, Attracts Platonic Relationships. 
  • Mahogany Obsidian: Eliminates Blockages, Overcoming Obstacles, Protection, Grounding.
  • Prehnite: Dreams, Knowledge, Forgiveness, Moving On, Letting Go
  • Snowflake Obsidian: Balance, Centering, Support, LGBTQA Empowerment.
  • Sugilite: Releases Negative Emotions, Understanding, Forgiving Yourself, Attracts Same Gender/Sex Relationships.
  • Sunstone: Joy, Vitality, LGBTQA Empowerment.

Useful Herbs:

  • Cactus/Cacti: Protection, Banishing Unwanted Attentions, Ace Courage and Power.
  • Carnation: Strength, Healing, Protection, Wards away LGBTQAphobic people.
  • Chamomile: Sleep, Love, Purification, Sweet Dreams, Self Love, Self Acceptance, Non Binary Courage and Power.
  • Chicory: Removing Obstacles, Courage when Coming Out, Warding Off Unwanted Attention, Attract Platonic Relationships.
  • Heather: Protection, Rain Making, Luck, Accepting your True Self and Identity.
  • Ivy: Protection, Healing, Mood Lifting, Self Esteem.
  • Valerian: Love, Protection, Sleep, Purification
  • Venus Flytrap: Love, Attracting Queerplatonic Relationships, Protection against Creepers, Wards off Unwanted Affections.
  • Vervain: Love, Protection, Peace, Purification, Healing, Sleep, Empowering, Self Love, Self Awareness, Amplifies Energy.
  • Violet: Protection, Love, Wishes, Peace, Emotional Healing, Luck, Glamours, Protection when Coming Out.


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Spells for LGBTQA Relationships

I see a LOT of love spells and charms geered towards hetero couples. In fact, almost all of them are. So, I thought that I would whip up a quick love charm that will attract people of the same sex/gender for LGBT witches to use.

Charm Bag to Attract Someone of the Same Gender/Sexual Orientation

Ingredients or Supplies:

  • A square of cloth, preferably that is a color used in your pride flag (Ex. If you’re bi: use blue or purple or pink, etc.)
  • A thread (same basic color principle as above. So like, for Bi you could use a blue cloth and a purple thread or something.)
  • Catnip: Love, Beauty, Attracts Same Gender/Sex
  • Peppermint: Purification, Sleep, Love, Healing, Attracts Queerplatonic relationships.
  • Rose Petals: Love, Divination, Healing, Protection, Attracts Romantic relationships.
  • Rosemary: Protection, Love, Mental Health, Purification, Healing, Attracts Sexual relationships.
  • Fuchsite: Renewal, Healing, Love, Rejuvenation, Attracts Romantic relationships.
  • Snowflake Obsidian: Balance, Centering, Support, LGBTQA Empowerment.
  • Rose Quartz: Self Love, Universal Love, Peace, Soothing, Compassion, Pan Empowerment.
  • Amethyst: Peace, Purification, Protection, Helps with Depression, Bi Empowerment.

Instructions:Self Love Gris Gris

  • Place all your herbs and crystals into the center of the square of fabric.
  • Fold the corners of the fabric in on itself and gather it to where it looks like a bundle.
  • Tie the thread around the base of the bundle, so that the contents are all bunched in the bottom.
  • Place it in your pillow case or under your pillow.
  • Finished charm bag should look similar to the photo over there —>


Candle Spell for an Ace Relationship


  • A Glass candle jar
  • White taper candle
  • Gray or Silver wax melts
  • Purple wax melts
  • Candle warmer


  1. Place the white candle inside the candle jar and put it on the candle warmer to melt.
  2. Once its melted, make sure the wick is centered and wait for it to dry.
  3. Once dried, melt down the gray wax and then add it as the next layer.
  4. Once dried, melt down the purple wax and then add it as the final layer.
  5. Ta da! Ace candle! Burn it anytime you want it to attract a new potential ace lover, or to help strengthen an ace bond.

Ritual Bath for Bi or Pan Love


  • Lavender
  • Rose Petals
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Catnip
  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Epsom Salt
  • Sea Salt
  • New Moon Water
  • Loose leaf tea infuser or cotton drawstring bag
  • 1 Quart pitcher


  1. Heat a quarts worth of water and pour it into the pitcher.
  2. Combine the herbs and put them in your infuser.
  3. Steep in the pitcher for five to ten minutes.
  4. Draw a hot bath and add your salts and new moon water.
  5. Stir three times clockwise and say aloud three things you wish to attract to you. It can be people, concepts, situations, etc.
  6. Place your crystals on dry surfaces near the tub.
  7. Add the herbal infusion (after removing the bag of herbs and setting it aside) to the bath.
  8. Soak for twenty to thirty minutes.