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Violet’s Witchy Tips Masterpost

This is a collection of my most popular witchy tips content posts! I will be adding on to this regularly. It is designed to help witchlings and seasoned practitioners alike! If there is a topic you would like for me to writer about that I have not already covered, please contact me and I will make it!

The Basics//

Getting Started/

Elemental Based Craft//

Location Based Craft//

Internal Based Craft//

Hobby Based Craft//

The Craft, Identity and Health//

The Craft and Activism//

Open Pantheons//

Cultural Appropriation//

Other Useful Information//

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Hedgecraft: A Guide to Astral Work

What is a Hedge Witch?

A Hedge Witch is a witch who focuses on astral work and energy-based magic. Hedge Witchery is a sect of witchcraft that  comes from the phrase ‘jumping over the hedge’, meaning to cross over into another world. Hedge witches exist between both worlds, Earth and Elsewhere. Elsewhere is my personal name for the Astral Realm, also called The Void, The Spirit World, and so on. They are adept at astral projection, and many usually have any variety of psychic abilities.


Tools of the Trade//

  • A quiet place to focus, or a place they feel most comfortable and at peace
  • Herbal teas
  • Books on Auras, Energy Healing, Color Therapy, Astral Projection, etc
  • Crystals that help with Psychic Abilities


What are some prerequisites to Astral Work?

  • First, it is a good idea to learn meditation. Meditation is the easiest way, for me at least, to astral travel. Different people meditate in different ways, the link will take you to my favorite meditation process.
  • Then, one must learn how to cleanse and maintain their aura. 
  • After you’ve got that down, it’s a good idea to identify your aura color. Your personal Energy Field manifests itself in a halo of color around your skin and is called your Aura.
  • And then, start increasing your psychic sensitivity and learning the basics of energy magic. Energy Work, or Energy Manipulation, is the ability to control energy. It is the driving force behind any kind of witchcraft. 
  • Become familiar with your psychic strong points. Some people have natural psychic talents, while others learn theirs. It is possible to develop a psychic skill without being naturally talented at it, you just have to be diligent and practice a lot!
  • Precognitive dreaming and lucid dreaming are a good start to astral travel. Here are some ways to induce psychic dreams.


How do I Astral Travel?


How can I encourage Astral Travel?

  • You can create a Dream Pillow, or Dream Pouch, to place in your pillowcase to help encourage astral travel in your sleep.
  • You can make an Astral Herbal Tea to help encourage astral projection.
  • You can place certain crystals near or around you while you meditate to help promote astral projection. See below list.

Crystals for Hedge Witches//

  • Amethyst: Peace, Purification, Protection, Helps with Depression, Bi Empowerment.
  • Ametrine: Balance, Soothing, Purification, Intuition, Non Binary Empowerment.
  • Angelite: Peace, Reduces Stress, Astral Travel, Psychic Abilities.
  • Apophyllite: Visions, Intuition, Mental Clarity, Self Acceptance. 
  • Calcite, Clear: Cleanses and Aligns Energy Points, Detoxes Body, New Beginnings, Major Changes.
  • Celestite: Protects Aura, Aids Depression, Reduces Stress, Clarity, Psychic Abilities, Purification.
  • Citrine: Self Cleansing, Purification, Protection, Abundance, Emotional Balance, Ace Empowerment.
  • Hematite: Grounding, Balance, Detoxification, Genderfluid Empowerment.
  • Howlite: Calming, Self Awareness, Harmony, Protection when Coming Out, Dispels Nightmares.
  • Iolite: Intuition, Self Awareness, Connections, Helps with Dissociation, Attracts Platonic Relationships.
  • Jasper, Red: Grounding, Justice, Insight, Calms Emotions, Dream Recollection, Cleans and Stabilizes Aura.
  • Jet: Purification, Support, Removes Negativity.
  • Kunzite, Pink: Unconditional Love, Cleansing, Self Love, Pan Empowerment.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Communication, Storm Calling, Ocean Magic, Intuition, Inner Power, Lesbian Empowerment.
  • Lepidolite: Balance, Peace, Awareness, Transition, Transformation, Trans Empowerment.


Commonly Found Creatures in the Elsewhere//



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Astral Dream Pillow//

This recipe is for a basic dream pillow that helps encourage astral travel.
  • A square of purple or indigo fabric OR a colorful drawstring bag
  • A piece of blue or purple embroidery floss OR a piece of jute
  • Silver Glitter OR Gold Glitter
(Any three of this herbs)
  • Pinch of Lavender
  • Pinch of Chamomile
  • Pinch of St. Johns Wort
  • Pinch of Vervain
  • Pinch of Passionflower
  • Pinch of Valerian Root
  • Pinch of Mugwort

(Any three of these crystals)

  • Moldavite
  • Nebula Stone
  • Labradorite
  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Howlite
  • Moonstone

(Any two of these objects)

  • Small solar charged mirror
  • Charm or Pendant that has been warded
  • Befriended fossil or bone
  • Found featherSelf Love Gris Gris
  • A small item of personal significance


  • If using the square of cloth, place all items in the center of the square. Fold the corners of the cloth up and tie the thread or jute around the top of the bundle. So that it looks like this when you are finished –>
  • If using the drawstring bag, place all items inside the bag. Tie it off with your thread.
  • Place the bag or bundle in your pillowcase.
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Tea to Help with Astral Travel//


  • 1/2 Tsp Lavender
  • 1/2 Tsp Chamomile
  • 1/2 Tsp Skullcap
  • 1/2 Tsp Spearmint
  • 1/2 Tsp Catnip
  • Pinch of Valerian Root
  • Pinch of Peppermint
  • Pinch of Mugwort
  • 1 Tsp Honey for taste
  • Drop of Full Moon or New Moon Water
  • Favorite Coffee or Tea Mug
  • Loose Leaf Tea Infuser or a Coffee Filter


  • Boil a cup’s worth of water and pour it into your favorite mug.
  • Add the moon water to the hot water and stir it three times clockwise, saying out loud, ‘I can astral travel easily. I can control my out of body experiences. I am safe.’
  • Now, combine the herbs in either a coffee filter or tea infuser and steep in the hot water for five minutes. (you ball the coffee filter up and hold it by the tip, so that no loose herbs escape)
  • Stir and repeat your wishes again.
  • Add the honey, however much you like to help it to taste sweet and good.
  • Drink up! This is best taken before bed.

Some herbs are not safe for certain individuals to consume. Mugwort is harmful in large doses. Do not drink this tea more often than twice a month. Research the herbs to make sure they are safe for you, and do not interfere with any current medications you may be taking. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women to inject Mugwort or Catnip.

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The Benefits of Astral Travel//

•opens your mind
•heightens psychic abilities
•you get to meet dinosaurs
•you get to meet dragons
•you get to meet Fae
•you learn a lot
•good practice for energy magic
•helps with self acceptance
•heals your aura
•is just amazing okay

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Methods of Astral Travel//

Here are just some really basic and some of my favorite methods of Astral Travel.These all help you to enter into a relaxed, trance-like state of meditation that makes it easier to trigger a controlled out of body experience, or OOBE.

  • Controlled Breathing. Taking long, deep breaths. Being fully aware of your lungs expanding and contracting.
  • Candle Meditation. Staring at a flickering flame.
  • Water Meditation. Staring at flowing water.
  • Rain Meditation. Watching rain fall.
  • Car Ride Meditation. Watching things whiz past you and slowly ‘zoning out’.
  • Lucid Dreaming. Controlling your dreams and allowing your dream self to leave your physical body.
  • Day Dreaming. Letting your mind wander.
  • Visualization. Seeing yourself from a third person perspective leaving your body and entering the Astral Realm.
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How I Astral Project//

This is just how I do it. Every witch is different.

1) Go somewhere quiet
2) Close your eyes
3) See yourself for 3rd person POV, usually from above
4) See your astral self, whatever form it may take, rise slowly out of your body
5) Take a deep breath
6) Exhale
7) Now fly.

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Astral Projection Tips

Astral travel can be fun but I wouldn’t recommend it for people who haven’t had a lot of out of body practice first. I’ve been having OOB experiences since i was a kid and began astral projecting around eight years old.

Here are some basic guidelines~

  • PROTECT YOURSELF! Certain stones and herbs are good for protection during astral travel. Most of my adventures happen while I’m sleeping so I keep pouches in my pillow to protect me on my journey. You can also use Warding on your aura to help protect you as you wander around Elsewhere.
  • Go places you’ve been before. New places can result in getting lost. While its good to wander out of your ‘safety zone’ every once and a while, its safer to visit places you know how to get to.
  • Be polite to anyone or thing you meet. The astral plane is pretty, and you’ll meet all sorts of creatures. Be polite. Do not be afraid, and remember that all creatures in the Astral Realm deserve respect.

Hope this helps!