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Frail by Joan Frances Turner

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Frail is the second book in an amazing Zombie trilogy by Joan Frances Turner. The first book, Dust, was an incredible new take on zombie-unlife, making zombies emotive, conscious beings. Frail follows up by telling the story of Amy, one of the last surviving humans after the plague that turned both zombies and humans alike into a new undead species called the Exes, invincible creatures that are neither alive nor dead. 

Amy is a very well written character, with a confusing and complex past that haunts her, and her slow descent into madness is told in such a way that we feel what she feels. Turner has always been really good at getting me to relate to her characters. The plot of the book, while at times confusing, is really cool and fascinating. The way everything sort of unfolds near the end but is also never fully explained leaves it very open for another sequel. 

The only complaint I have about this book would be that there were times when it seemed a little repetitive in Amy’s thought process. But I suppose that might just be realistic, since no two nuerodivergent people are the same, and god knows that with what Amy goes through that she is not at all sane. 

I look forward to reading the final book in the trilogy, Grave, which I’ll be buying once it comes out in paperback. If you like zombies, then you should definitely check out Dust and Frail. They’re definitely worth the read and as someone who doesn’t normally go for zombie books, I really enjoyed them. I finished Frail in just a few hours. Overall, I give it a 4/5.