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The Un-Spell Book by Mya Om

The Un-Spell Book (Pocket)

I bought this book to brush up on my energy work, and boy howdy, was I right to do so. Mya Om wrote another book called Energy Essentials, I think, that is for witchlings and beginners, but this was her second book, geared more towards intermediate work. Mya Om is a Wiccan witch from , and at first I was a little weary to be reading, yet another, Wiccan-wrote witchcraft book, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. While it does carry quite a few Wicca-esque parts (her ritual examples are very Wiccan), she carries a tone that aims to cater to any kind of witchy reader. Meaning, I guess, that she writes with an open mind, as a witch first and a wiccan second. She also was fairly respectful about the few parts where she did mention chakras. I dislike the use of ‘chakras’ and prefer ‘energy points’, but I’ve learned to kind of pick my battles with witchcraft books.

Overall, the book covers mostly energy work. The first 2 chapters are more introductory stuff, but I still found the exercises useful and the information was definitely something I needed to be reminded of. It covers trigger words, centering, grounding, raising, focus, will, intent, energy, etc. All the basics. The last few chapters cover things like elements, rituals and tools. These were really cool. She gave examples of several kinds of ways to connect with the elements and use different tools in rituals. I found this book to be really helpful. I’ve been having a lot of problems with energy work lately, just because I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, so I have no motivation or energy to do magic, but this book really inspired me to try a few new methods.

If you can ignore the subtle undertones (unless you ARE Wiccan, in which case this is perfect for you), then this book is an extremely useful and definitely something you should read. Even if you are a seasoned witch, the exercises and information are still really good to read over and practice to keep you sharp. I have no real complaints about the book, and I really enjoyed it (again, to my surprise). This is probably the first witchy book about energy work that I’ve ever read that wasn’t completely full of crap or full of overbearing Wiccan views. I will be adding this happily to my witchy bookshelf and will definitely be referring back to it often.

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Violet’s Witchy Tips Masterpost

This is a collection of my most popular witchy tips content posts! I will be adding on to this regularly. It is designed to help witchlings and seasoned practitioners alike! If there is a topic you would like for me to writer about that I have not already covered, please contact me and I will make it!

The Basics//

Getting Started/

Elemental Based Craft//

Location Based Craft//

Internal Based Craft//

Hobby Based Craft//

The Craft, Identity and Health//

The Craft and Activism//

Open Pantheons//

Cultural Appropriation//

Other Useful Information//

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Intrinsic Magic: The Basics of Energy Work

I realized recently that this article really needed to be rewritten in a more coherent way, hah. I didn’t really include some of the main points to get started with energy work, so hopefully this revised version will be better at explaining the full process of mastering energy manipulation.

Getting Started

For someone completely new to the idea of energy manipulation, you must first keep an open mind. Visualization and imagination are both extremely important  when it comes to controlling energy, so try to forget everything you’ve been taught about your imagination just being a day dream, because it can be a real tool with real power.

Raising energy is the base of any form of Magic. You can do this by breathing deeply and drawing the energy from the earth (or whatever element you are most fond of) up through your body and into your hands. Again, visualization helps. Think Avatar the Last Airbender.

Sometimes a situation calls for us to send energy out, whether it be for a blessing, healing, glamour, curse. Sending energy is basically going to happen in any kind of spell. The easiest way to do this is to raise energy, hold it in between your hands in the form of a ball and then send it speeding away to its target. This works especially well I you have a photo or chant their name.

Grounding is the act of ridding yourself of any excess energy after performing spells or raising energy. If you don’t ground, you’re skin will feel tingly and you’ll probably be pretty jittery. Grounding is easy. Literally just put your hand on the ground and release the extra energy into the earth. Or you can literally just shake it off. Visualization helps a lot with this.

Just like cleaning your room, it’s important to keep your energy field or aura from becoming all cluttered. It’s always a good idea to cleanse an object before using it. Especially crystals, objects you intend to charm, etc. I would also advise cleansing frequently used objects such as cell phones, crystals, and charms. One should also cleanse their living space and their personal energy at least once a week, in my opinion. To cleanse using your own energy, hold the object in the palm of your hand, or place your hand on it, and envision a glowing white light purifying it.


Charging is when you give a particular object energy to do a certain task. You can enchant an object by sending your energy with the certain emotion/intention that you wish for it to radiate into said object. Remember to cleanse and recharge occasionally if you use it often. You can also program a crystal by holding your hand over it or holding it in your hand and sending the desired energy and intention into it. You can also charge them via solar or lunar power.


Sharing energy with people, plants and animals can help achieve a bond and is a good, easy way to help something or let them know you care. Sharing positive energy with your plants can help them repel diseases, grow strong and healthy, and in general it will strengthen the bond and make them happy. I share energy with trees in my area as well. Sharing positive energy with pets or animals will help them become used to Magic, and will make them more friendly towards you. Be gentle about it at first though, don’t force it on them or it will have an adverse effect.


You can do this by sending your energy into your hands or between your hands and then focusing it into the afflicted area. Energy healing is most effective in healing energy (obviously) but experts have been known to mend physical injuries as well. (Personally I use blue energy to make my migraines bearable). It should be noted that if you have a serious injury you should go to a doctor.

 Warding: A Witch’s Shield

Warding is super useful and everyone should do it. You project your energy into an unshakable bubble around you, or attach it to the walls of your home, to protect your energy from negative junk. But sometimes we can’t just stay in the one place we have warded, so here are ways to make ‘walking wards’, protective bubbles that will go where you go.

You make a ward out of an object by sending protective energy into the object. I also ask the object to repel negative energies. It’s important to recharge and cleanse your wards every now and then.

 Cursing: A Witch’s Sword

Cursing is often seen as taboo, but I am here to tell you that a curse can be used for good purposes, just like a love spell could be used for a bad purpose. Magic, and therefore cursing, in itself is not inherently good or bad. Cursing is simply a tool, and if used properly and responsibly, can be a valuable asset to your repertoire.

You can hurtle your negative emotion and energy at a person as a hex or curse. You can also charge objects they own, or an object you’re going to give them, or create cursed objects by charging them with malicious intent.

Auras: Reading, Healing and Maintaining Personal Energy Fields

Learning to see and read auras takes practice and time, but it is very much worth it. To see your aura, stand in front of a mirror with a white wall behind you. Focus on a point of reference about two inches away from your skin, on the white wall. After about 10-30 seconds you should see a color slowly come to form. Aura colors can help us determine our recent state in life.

  • Bright Yellow: spiritually inspired. Playful. Going through a time of enlightenment.
  • Dark Yellow: student with a loss of love for learning. Burnt out.
  • Lemon Yellow: fear of loss and abandonment
  • Pale Yellow: renewed sense of hope
  • Bright Orange: health, vibrancy, life
  • Orange-Red: great personal power, confidence
  • Orange-Yellow: perfectionist, scientific mind
  • Dark Red: centered, grounded, self sufficient
  • Bright Red: passionate, energetic, sexual
  • Cloudy Red: deep seated anger
  • Pink: artist, loving, sensual, gifted
  • Dark Pink: deceit, dishonesty
  • Royal Blue: clairvoyant, generous, open minded
  • Dark Blue: untrusting, can’t face the truth, denial
  • Light Blue: truthful, serene
  • Bright Green: natural healer
  • Yellow-Green: communication
  • Cloudy Green: jealousy, resentment
  • Turquoise: healer, helper, truth giver
  • Violet: visionary, daydreamer, spiritual love
  • Indigo: glimpses into other worlds, wise
  • Silver: abundance, wealth
  • Gold: protected, guided
  • Black: unwilling, unforgiving
  • Gray: blocked energy, untrusting
  • Brown: afraid to let go
  • White: newness, purity

Some people are born with broken or damaged auras with depleted energy fields, and therefore must feed off of other’s energy in order to feel healthy. It is possible, however, to heal a person’s damaged aura using energy and color therapy. Before you start work on other people, though, its important to  master cleansing and healing your own aura. You can clean your aura by visualizing it and any negative pollution within it, and using a fan, feather or your hand to flick the pollution off of your aura.

Meditation and Astral Travel

Meditation is a useful tool to help you learn to control your energy, and I often recommend it to people who are just starting out. Deep breathing and a clear head are essential parts of meditation, and are also the beginnings of learning to Astral Travel. Astral Projection is the ability to vacate your consciousness from your body and travel to other places with the Astral Realm, or as I call it, Elsewhere. I have various posts on the subject, which are highlighted in my post on Hedgecraft: A Guide to Astral Work.