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What Sect of the Craft is Best for You?

I decided that I wanted to do a little personality-based assessment to help witchlings determine what sect of the craft they should start out in, or to help seasoned practitioners confirm or expand their own practices. This will in no way be all inclusive of all the sects of craft, but just the basic starter points. This is just a five question quiz that should help better determine where you should start!

  •   Where do you feel most at home? Which of these places makes you feel the most comfortable, at peace and powerful?
    1. In a forest, surrounded by plants and trees and animals.
    2. On the beach or at the lake, surrounded by water and fish.
    3. In the desert, surrounded by sand and the dry heat.
    4. In my mind, where I can create my own landscapes and am in complete control.
    5. In my kitchen or my house, where I can relax & not worry about outside forces.
    6. On a frozen lake or a mountaintop, somewhere with a lot of snow and cold.
    7. In a cemetery, where I can be alone and also be surrounded by souls.
    8. In a swamp, surrounded by the sounds of frogs singing.
    9. Anywhere warm, where I can soak up the sun.
    10. At a planetarium, where I can see the universe and marvel at its beauty.
    11. In a bustling metropolis, surrounded by people and new technologies.
    12. Somewhere that storms are common, bring on the thunda!
  • Which color do you most prefer?
    1. Green
    2. Blue
    3. Gold
    4. Purple
    5. Orange
    6. White
    7. Black
    8. Brown
    9. Red
    10. Gosh, I can’t decide. I like a lot of different colors!
    11. Silver
    12. Yellow
  • In school, what was your favorite subject?
    1. Horticulture/Botany
    2. Marine Biology
    3. Geography
    4. Psychology
    5. Home Ec
    6. Chemistry
    7. History
    8. Literature/Writing
    9. Anything Outside/Recess
    10. Astronomy
    11. Lunch or anything where I get to talk to my friends and use my phone!
    12. Meteorology/Weather Studies
  • Which of these is important to you?
    1. Saving the environment!
    2. Protecting the ocean.
    3. Survival of the fittest
    4. Meditation and Spirituality
    5. Taking care of my family and friends
    6. Stopping global warming and saving the polar ice caps.
    7. Paying respects to the dead and learning from history’s mistakes
    8. Following in my ancestor’s footsteps and keeping traditions alive
    9. Sunbathing!
    10. Eliminating light pollution. It’s destroying our night sky!
    11. Being social and having lots of friends
    12. What the weather is going to be like tomorrow. Come onnnn rain!
  • How would you describe your personality?
    1. Nurturing
    2. Adaptable
    3. Resilient
    4. Self Aware
    5. Maternal
    6. Mysterious
    7. Serious
    8. Eccentric
    9. Warm
    10. Ambitious
    11. Friendly
    12. Fierce




Now, its important to remember that you can practice as many sects as you want! Nothing should limit you!


For more information: 

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Violet’s Witchy Tips Masterpost

This is a collection of my most popular witchy tips content posts! I will be adding on to this regularly. It is designed to help witchlings and seasoned practitioners alike! If there is a topic you would like for me to writer about that I have not already covered, please contact me and I will make it!

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Numerology Basics//

Like. So. So Basic. haha

1: beginnings, life
2: opposites, duality, partnership
3: growth, creativity
4: stability, practicality, patience
5: travel, change, the senses
6: love, family, relationships
7: spirituality, Magick, mystery
8: power, ambition
9: energy, healing
11: strength, psychic gifts
13: months of the moon
21: sabbats and estabats in a year
22: perfection
40: magickal number used in charms
101: fertility

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Meditation Basics//

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this so here we go. The very very basics.

1) Find a quiet place. Somewhere you will be alone and undisturbed.

2) Learn to sit still. This will take time.

3) Clear your mind. Or try for as long as you can.

4) This won’t always be possible. Your mind will wander. That’s okay. Let it do its thing.

5) Try to make at least 10 minutes a day for doing this. Eventually you will be able to clear your mind without even trying.