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Animal Talk by Penelope Smith


After reading Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, I was super discouraged. I distanced myself from reading any kind of witchy books that focused on animals because of it. That book was so disgusting and culturally appropriative. I picked this book up because I had heard about the author on the internet. She is an ‘animal therapist’ and instead of magic or witchcraft, her book falls more in line with psychic and telepathic studies. The book covers the history of inter-species telepathic communication and how you yourself can use it to communicate with animals, wild or domestic.

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. I found no traces of cultural appropriation in this book and it is written in a very non-biased and secular way. The book not only teaches you how to communicate with animals, but also gives you exercises to try and several pages of personal examples from the author involving how to communicate with specific kinds of animals. I really enjoyed it. Smith doesn’t involve religion (I think she mentions her personal beliefs once in one of her personal stories), she doesn’t involve closed cultures, and she explains everything very clearly. I truly believe that after reading this book, with enough practice I will be able to fluently communicate with animals. I’ve always kind of been able to do so to an extent, but it kind of comes and goes. I’m really excited to put the new stuff I learned in this book to the test.

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Reptile Magic//

•Alligator- initiation
•Boa Constrictor- foundations
•Turtle- patience
•Chameleon- opportunity
•Cobra- swift response
•Copperhead- healing
•Corn Snake- ascension
•Cottonmouth- spirit work
•Frog- fertility
•Milk Snake- immunity
•Garter Snake- take action
•Python- faith
•Rat Snake- movement
•Rattlesnake- healing
•Salamander- assistance
•Crocodile- trust in the self
•Gecko- reactions
•Sea Turtle- persevere
•Toad-inner strength

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Mammal Magic//

•Antelope-quick wit
•Badger-self reliance
•Bat- initiation
•Bear- inner voice
•Beaver- industrialism
•Bison- abundance
•Caribou-migration, movement
•Coyote-wisdom and folly
•Kangaroo-no turning back
•Koala- relief
•Lion- willpower, strength
•Mouse-pay attention to details
•Musk Ox-protection
•Muskrat- maneuver
•Panda Bear-sensitivity
•Ram-new beginnings
•Siberian Tiger-passion
•Snow Leopard-face your fears
•Squirrel-work and play

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Bone and Fossil Magic//


Common Bones and Uses//

•Snake: healing, rebirth, spirit work
•Fish: love, persistence, balance
•Sea Shells: feminine power
•Shark: curses, glamour, relentless
•Deer: adventure, innocence
•Bear: conscious, love
•Bobcat: secrets, independence
•Cougar: growth
•Porcupine: wonder
•Coyote: loyalty, wisdom, resourceful
•Fox: change
•Bison: abundance
•Wolf: guidance, courage
•Bird: visions, transcendence


Common Fossils and Uses//

•Ammonite: love, feminine power

•Blastoid: protection

•Brachiopod: beauty

•Cetacean Tooth: longevity, family

•Crinoids: growth, connecting with the wisdom of the ancient earth

•Mammoth Tusk: strength, endurance

•Mosasaur/Megaladon Teeth: courage, self confidence, fearlessness

•Orthoceras: camouflage, adaptability

•Petrified Wood: patience, acceptance

•Shark Teeth: fierceness, Glamours, cursing, instinct

•Spinosaur/Velociraptor Teeth: determination, vigilance, refusal to give up, cunning, quick wit

•Stingray Mouthplates: protection, purification

•Triceratops/Apatosaurus Teeth: loyalty, survival

Note: this is not a complete list as there are thousands and thousands of types of fossils. These are just, in my personal opinion, the easiest to obtain.

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Bird Magic//

•Blackbird- omens
•Bluebird- happiness
•Canary- healing
•Catbird- learning
•Chickadee- truth
•Crow- intelligence
•Dove-inner peace
•Duck- maternal
•Eagle- bridge between worlds
•Finch- new experiences
•Goose- storytelling
•Hawk- life force
•Kingfisher- peace
•Loon- Imagination
•Meadowlark- cheerfulness
•Nuthatch- grounded
•Ostrich- grounded
•Oriole- positive energy
•Owl- wisdom
•Peacock- visions
•Pelican- self sacrifice
•Penguin- survival
•Pigeon- love
•Raven- shapeshifting
•Robin- growth
•Scissortailed Flycatcher- creativity
•Starling- social situations
•Stork- emotions
•Swan- dreams
•Swift- psychic abilities
•Turkey- blessings
•Vulture- purification
•Woodpecker- weather