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I used to have a complicated relationship with the color Pink. As a child, I resented it. I hated it. I thought that wearing it or owning anything that looked like it made me seem ‘girly’, which translated at the time to being ‘weak, sensitive, vain and selfish’. The misogyny that was embedded via society’s gender roles and ideas about gender at the time in the color Pink caused me 22  years of bitter disdain towards the color.

Last year, probably around March, I began to rethink my whole outlook on gender-based colors. Why was pink associated with girls? And why was being girly such a bad thing in the first place? Why are we seen as weak? Why is wearing makeup or liking flowers or skirts such a negative thing? Why is it that every girl I ever knew in high school and college had to proclaim to all her male peers, ‘I’m not like other girls! I like sports and hiking!, etc’

Because our society hates women. Because they know that women are powerful and strong, and women shape the future.

And as soon as I realized that, I began to find pink a comforting color. I try to surround myself with it. Valentines Day is now a beloved holiday for me, because of all the pink.

So, this post will be an ongoing appreciation of all the pink things I own. The photos belong to me.

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Sensory Stuff!

I’ve been making a lot of stimmy stuff and sensory toys that my spouse and I can use when our neurodivergencies get really bad. I thought I would share a few on this post~


These are just what I’ve made so far. I’m currently making two more squishies, a cookie and a salmon sashimi! I plan to eventually add slime, kenetic sand and squishies to my etsy shop after I’m all settled into the new place in February. (I’m in the process of moving across states haha) Until then, I’ll just be trying to build up a stock and taking cool videos and pics of them!

I’m going to organize these by colors haha.


(Slime, Stress Ball, Kenetic Sand)





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LGBTQA Resources

In light of recent events, I thought that this post was needed. This is a post I will be adding on to, but my main goal is for it to be a one stop go to for LGBTQA peeps for helplines, information, education, aid, etc.


Lesbian Resources//

Gay Resources//

Bi Resources//

Trans Resources//

Ace Resources//

Non-Binary and Genderfluid Resources//

Pan Resources//

Helplines and Aid//

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How to Survive the Coming Apocalypse

Well, now that we can be somewhat sure that nuclear winter is probably inevitable, its time to brush up on survival skills. I wish I could be happy and chipper about this but as an LGBT POC, the recent developments not only fill me with dread but also for a moment, fear for my own survival. But I realized I don’t have a lot of time for fear. I just have time to prepare. So, here’s a guide (with links!) on how to survive whatever gets thrown at us. I’ll be adding on to this as I think of things.

Survival Skills You Should Probably Learn//


Bug Out Bag//

A bug out bag is basically a bag you have labeled ‘in case of the end of the world as we know it’ and should be filled with survival supplies. The following is just a pretty basic list.

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My Personal Crystal Collection and Their Uses

I just thought I would make this post to catalogue my personal collection. I’ve been collecting crystals for a while now, but most of these I got within the last year. Current count is 148 crystals in the primary collection, and 13 in the secondary collection. My Primary collection is for smaller specimens that I work with, while the secondary collection is for larger specimens of different shapes that are usually larger in size for display purposes. Crystals are the only thing I really collect and many of them were given to me as gifts, so I really treasure them. At some point in the future I will be adding photographs of each individual crystal, as well as my secondary collection.

//Primary Collection//

148 Specimens

  • Agates//
    • Blue Lace Agate: Stability, Communication, Calming, Ocean Magic, Good for Polyamorous Relationships.
    • Botswana Agate: Emotional Healing, Creativity, Universal Love, Pan Empowerment.
    • Dendritic Agate (Tree Agate): Balance, Abundance, Calming, Gardening, Growth.
    • Fire Agate: Vitality, Protection, Courage to Come Out, Trans Empowerment.
    • Lake Superior Agate: Brings Forth One’s True Talent, Grounding, Courage, Calming, Protection.
    • Moss Agate: New Beginnings, Growth, Nurturing, Gardening, Self Acceptance.
    • Turritella Agate: Protection, Record Keeping, Alleviates Fears and Worries, Self Confidence
    • Yellow Ash Agate: Success, Creativity, Mood Lifting.

  • Amazonite: Balance, Inspiration, Expression, Lesbian Empowerment.
  • Amber: Purification, Protection, Healing, Trans Empowerment.
  • Amblygonite: Creativity, Peace, Relieves Stress, Self Awareness.
  • Amethyst: Peace, Purification, Protection, Helps with Depression, Bi Empowerment.
  • Ametrine: Balance, Soothing, Purification, Intuition, Non Binary Empowerment.
  • Andalusite (Chiastolite): Protection, Harmony, Health, Helps with Bipolar.
  • Angelite (Anhydrite): Peace, Reduces Stress, Astral Travel, Psychic Abilities.
  • Apatite: Guidance, Intuition, Clarity, Self Acceptance, Helps with Dysphoria.
  • Apophyllite: Visions, Intuition, Mental Clarity, Self Acceptance. 
  • Aquamarine: Ocean Magic, Protection, Communication, Calming, Helps with Dysphoria.
  • Aragonite, Blue: Hope, Compassion, Psychic Abilities, Optimism, Joy.
  • Aragonite, Orange: Grounding, Centering, Stability, Helps with Dissociation.
  • Aventurine, Green: Good Luck, Abundance, Growth, Attracts New Friendships.
  • Azurite: Communication, Intuition, Guidance, Accepting your Identity.
  • Baryte (Barite/Rose Rock): Dreams, Purification, Self Awareness, Meditation, Memories.
  • Bismuth: Positive Change, Self Awareness, LGBT Empowerment, Eases a Transition.
  • Bloodstone: Detoxifying, Grounding, Healing, Helps with Dissociation.
  • Bornite (Chalcopyrite/Peacock Ore): Happiness, Protection, Removes Blockages, Overcoming Obstacles.
  • Calcites//
    • Blue Calcite: Emotional Release, Communication, Soothing, Helps with Anxiety.
    • Clear Calcite: Cleanses and Aligns Energy Points, Detoxes Body, New Beginnings, Major Changes.
    • Fairy Stone Calcite: Little Helper, Helps Connect to Earth, Helps us Trust Again after an Emotional Wound.
    • Green Calcite: Emotional Balance, Letting Go, Healing, Moving On, Eases Male to Female Transition.
    • Orange Calcite: Creativity, Joy, Energy, Vitality, Gay Empowerment.
    • Red Calcite: Uplifts Emotions, Willpower, Energy, Dissolves Blockages, Cleanses stagnant energy.
  • Carborundum: Balances Energy Points, Calming, Grounding, Protection.
  • Carnelian: Creativity, Vitality, Grounding, Self Cleansing, Eases Female to Male Transition.
  • Celestite (Celestine): Protects Aura, Aids Depression, Reduces Stress, Clarity, Psychic Abilities, Purification.
  • Chalcedony: Emotional Balance, Vitality, Endurance, Charity, Generosity, Nurturing.
  • Chariote: Transformation, Insight, Self Awareness, Genderfluid Empowerment.
  • Chrysocolla: Cleanses and Supports the Aura, Soothing, Calming, Helps with Anxiety.
  • Chrysoprase: Hope, Compassion, Love, Attracts Queerplatonic Relationships.
  • Cinnabar (Dragon’s Blood): Transformation, Wealth, Aligns and Clears Energy Points, Letting Go.
  • Citrine: Self Cleansing, Purification, Protection, Abundance, Emotional Balance, Ace Empowerment.
  • Citrine, Smoky: Removes Blockages, Self Cleansing, Prosperity, Banishes Negative Thoughts.
  • Copper: Energy Amplifier, Balance, Grounding, Queer Empowerment.
  • Coral, Dragon Tooth: Intuition, Heals Emotions, Peace, Relieves Stress.
  • Coral, Red: Fertility, Intuition, Heals Emotions.
  • Covelitte: Expression through Writing, Psychic Abilities, Intuition, Transition, Visions.
  • Diopside: Healing, Balance, Opens the Mind, Learning New Things, Love.
  • Dolomite: Emotional Balance, Calming, Self Realization, Dispels Negative Emotions, Stabilize Health.
  • Dumortierite: Patience, Diagnosing Problems, Strength in a Crisis, Communication, Stand your Ground.
  • Emerald: Hope, Prosperity, Healing, Attracts Platonic Relationships.
  • Epidote: Healing, Growth, Energy Enhancer, Self Acceptance, Helps with Dysphoria.
  • Flint: Grounding, Clarity, Cut Unwanted Emotional Ties, Honor Ancestors.
  • Fluorite: Protection, Purification, Balance, Healing, Peace, Amplifier, Ace Empowerment.
  • Fuchsite: Renewal, Healing, Love, Rejuvenation, Attracts Romantic Relationships.
  • Galena: Harmony, Balance, Grounding, Mental Health, Good for Polyamorous Relationships.
  • Garnet: Loyalty, Love, Commitment, Fidelity in Monogamous Relationships.
  • Garnet, Pyrope: Support, Relieves Anxiety, Courage, Endurance, Gentleness, Creativity.
  • Gaspeite: Assurance, Relieves Distress, Reduces Emotional Ignorance, Good Fortune, Visions, Success.
  • Goldstone: Strengthens inner self, ambition, helps to stay calm in a crisis.
  • Goldstone, Blue: Self acceptance, honesty, new beginnings, balance.
  • Goldstone, Green: Deflects unwanted energies, protection, abundance.
  • Grossularite: Health, Grounding, Calming, Withdraw Negative Energy and Redistribute it as Positive Energy.
  • Healer’s Gold (Magnetite+Hematite): Energy, Balance, Grounding, Healing.
  • Hematite: Grounding, Balance, Detoxification, Genderfluid Empowerment.
  • Hematite, Specular
  • Hemimorphite (Calamine): Communication, Creativity, Peace, Psychic Abilities, Non Binary Empowerment.
  • Howlite: Calming, Self Awareness, Harmony, Protection when Coming Out, Dispels Nightmares.
  • Iolite: Intuition, Self Awareness, Connections, Helps with Dissociation, Attracts Platonic Relationships.
  • Iron Pyrite: Power, Protection, Good Luck, Blocks Out Negativity, Energizes Surrounding Area.
  • Jade: Stability, Longevity, Good Luck, Love.
  • Jaspers//
    • Brecciated Jasper: Grounding, Emotional Stability, Mental Clarity.
    • Elephantskin Jasper: Protection, Endurance, Connecting with Animals.
    • Leopardskin Jasper: Protection, Harmony, Connecting with Wild Animals and Pets.
    • Mookaite Jasper: Intuition, Healing, Self Awareness, Balance, Pursue New Adventures.
    • Ocean Jasper: Renewal, Wisdom, Healing, Peace, Relieves Stress.
    • Picasso Jasper: Helps us Enjoy Life, Make New Friends, Grounding, Calming, Self Discipline.
    • Rainforest Jasper (Rhyolite): Stability, Peace, Clarity, Imagination, Creativity, Connects us to Nature.
    • Red Jasper: Grounding, Justice, Insight, Calms Emotions, Dream Recollection, Cleans and Stabilizes Aura.
    • Shiva Lingham Jasper: Helps us Connect to Our Past, Honoring Ancestors, Astral Travel.
    • Skagway Jasper: Peace, Calming, Wisdom, Healing, Cold, Ice, Cooling, Soothing.
    • Yellow Jasper: Protection, Channeling Positive Energy, Overall Health.
  • Jet: Purification, Support, Removes Negativity.
  • Kunzite, Pink: Unconditional Love, Cleansing, Self Love, Pan Empowerment.
  • Kunzite, Green (Hiddenite): Hope, Mends Relationships, Soothes the Heart, Gets Rid of Negative Energy.
  • Kyanite, Black: Meditation, Manifestation, Aligns and Repairs Aura, Ace Empowerment.
  • Kyanite, Blue: Communication, Dreams, Awareness, Accepting your Identity and True Self.
  • Kyanite, Green: Dreams, Communication, Personal Growth, Eases Transition.
  • Labradorite (Spectrolite): Intuition, Strength, Positive Transformation, Psychic Abilities, Dreams, Bi Empowerment.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Communication, Storm Calling, Ocean Magic, Intuition, Inner Power, Lesbian Empowerment.
  • Larimar (Dolphin Stone): Peace, Nurturing, Communication, Ocean Magic, Helps with Anxiety, Ace Empowerment.
  • Lepidolite: Balance, Peace, Awareness, Transition, Transformation, Trans Empowerment.
  • Linarite: Calming, Meditation, Communication of Deep Emotions, Astral Travel.
  • Llanite: Opens, Cleanses, Aligns and Stabilizes all Energy Points, Soothing, Awareness.
  • Lodestone (Magnetite): Power, Healing, Love, Balance, Attraction, Intuition.
  • Magnesite: Peace, Meditation, Visualization, Mental Health.
  • Malachite: Amplifies, Protection, Healing, Repairing Emotional Wounds, Attracts Platonic Relationship.
  • Merlinite: Intuition, Power, Magic, Personal Energy, Eases Communication with the Dead, Storm Magic.
  • Mica (Muscovite): Visions, Clarity, Eliminates Negative Personality Traits, Releases Blockages, Aligns Energy Points.
  • Moldavite: Visions, Power, Love, Clears Blockages, Makes Dreams More Vivid and Meaningful, Space Magic.
  • Moonstone, Peach: Intuition, Inspiration, Guidance, Dispels Nightmares.
  • Moonstone, Rainbow: Feminine Energy, Balance, Psychic Abilities, Self Acceptance.
  • Morganite: Unconditional Love, Joy, Connection, Psychic Abilities, Calming, Attracting Relationships.
  • Nebula Stone: Removes Fears, Letting Go, Vitality, Grounding, Meditation, Astral Travel, Memories.
  • Onyx: Grounding, Energy Manipulation, Protection from Energy Drainage.
  • Opal, Boulder: Clarity, Purity of Thought, Calming, Centering, Meditation, Reveals Inner Truth.
  • Opal, Fire: Healing, Protection, Abundance, Spontaneity, New Ideas, Enthusiasm, Relieves Energy Deficiencies.
  • Opalite: Communication, Removes Energy Blockages, Eases Transitions, Persistence, Strength.
  •  Obsidian, Apache Tear: Grounding, Protection, Clears Negative Emotions, Heals Grief, NDN Empowerment.
  • Obsidian, Mahogany: Eliminates Blockages, Overcoming Obstacles, Protection, Grounding.
  • Obsidian, Snowflake: Balance, Centering, Support, LGBT Empowerment.
  • Pearl, Freshwater: Calming, Centering, Love, Feminine Energy.
  • Peridot: Healing, Protection, Comforting, Lesbian Empowerment.
  • Petalite: Love, Communication, Balance, Ace Empowerment.
  • Pietersite (Tempest Stone): Storm Magic, Intuition, Removes Emotional Blockages, Growth.
  • Prehnite: Dreams, Knowledge, Forgiveness, Moving On, Letting Go.
  • Quartz//
    • Angel Aura Quartz: Protects, Balances and Energizes Aura, Meditation.
    • Clear Quartz: Healing, Amplification, Enhancing, Aura Caretaker.
    • Rose Quartz: Self Love, Universal Love, Peace, Soothing, Compassion, Pan Empowerment.
    • Smokey Quartz: Centering, Grounding, Removes Negativity, Protection.
  • Rhodochrosite: Deep Love, Compassion, Comfort, Ace Empowerment.
  • Rhodonite: Self Love, Vitality, Support, Abundance.
  • Ruby: Abundance, Love, Passion, Attracts Sexual Relationships, Lesbian Empowerment.
  • Sapphire: Peace, Serenity, Intuition, Attracts Queerplatonic Relationships, Ace Empowerment.
  • Sardonyx: Protection, Happiness, Optimism, Confidence, Self Control, Motivation, Will Power.
  • Scolecite: Communication, Inner Peace, Spiritual Transformation, Calming, Relaxing.
  • Selenite: Peace, Dispels Nightmares, Removes Energy Blockages, Connection.
  • Septarian (Dragon Stone/Dragon Egg): Confidence, Dragon Magic, Patience, Strength, Gay Empowerment.
  • Seraphinite: Astral Travel, Self Awareness, Peace, Joy, Meditation.
  • Serpentine: Emotional Cleansing, Psychic Abilities, Love, Wealth, Protection Against Venom.
  • Shattuckite: Renewal, Reconciliation, Calms Mind, Harmony, Communication, Channeling Information.
  • Sodalite: Intuition, Focus, Guidance, Self Awareness.
  • Spinel: Attracts Wealth and Prosperity, Vitality, Raising Energy, Energizes, Improves Memory.
  • Staurolite (Fairy Cross): Grounding, Soothing, Relieves Stress, Fae Magic, Encourage you to help Heal the Environment.
  • Stilbite: Acceptance, Letting Go, Psychic Abilities, Intuition, Guidance, Manifestation.
  • Sugilite: Releases Negative Emotions, Understanding, Forgiving Yourself, Attracts Same Gender/Sex Relationships.
  • Sunstone: Joy, Vitality, LGBTQA Empowerment.
  • Tektite: Wisdom, Knowledge, Overcome Challenges, Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, Strengthens Aura.
  • Tiger Eye, Blue (Hawk’s Eye): Communication, Willpower, Ideas, Insight.
  • Tiger Eye, Golden: Good Luck, Vitality, Creativity, Balance, Motivation.
  • Tiger Eye, Red (Dragon’s Eye): Grounding, Integrity, Vitality, Survival.
  • Tiger Iron (Mugglestone/Hematite+Jasper+Tiger Eye): Clarity, Protection, Wishing, Good Luck.
  • Topaz, Clear: Calming, Balances Emotions, Love, Peace, Hope.
  • Tourmaline, Black: Protection, Encourages Positive Attitudes, Good Luck, Happiness.
  • Tourmaline, Brown (Dravite): Tolerance, Understanding, Protection, Calm, Hope, Relieves Anxiety and Stress.
  • Turquoise; Wisdom, Power, Protection, Psychic Sensitivity, NDN Empowerment.
  • Ulexite (TV Stone): Inner Vision, Intuition, Balance, Clarity
  • Unakite: Lifts Spirits, Confidence, Power, Enhances Magic, Draws Off Negative Energy.
  • Verdite (Bud Stone): Vitality, Love, Growth, Gardening, Energy.
  • Vesuvianite (Idocrase): Release Negative Attachments, Helps us find Purpose, Releases Fears, Courage, Power, Truth.
  • Voegesite: Harmony, Dreams, Creativity, Guidance, Wisdom, Happiness, Innocence.
  • Wavellite: Decision Making, Balances Energy Flow, Overall Health.
  • Zircon: Balance, Grounding, Healing, Self Love, Compassion.


//Secondary Collection//

13 Display Crystals

  • Amethyst Tower
  • Amethyst Point
  • Amethyst Seeing Stone
  • Fluorite Sphere
  • Fluorite Point
  • Fluorite Octohedron
  • Citrine Cluster
  • Quartz Point
  • Tiger Eye Block
  • Selenite Tower
  • Gypsum Selenite Rose
  • Baryte Sphere
  • Himalayan Salt Crystal Candle Holder


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The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer by Ridley Pearson

Imagine, if you will, a young twelve year old chubby native american girl wandering through the twisting, maze-like aisles of the largest used book store in Oklahoma. The smell of old paper hangs heavy in the air. She is allowed to roam freely, unsupervised, in this eden-like paradise for bibliophiles. The girl finds herself lost within the deepest bowels of the warehouse like shop, bookshelves looming over her like watch towers, and she begins to wonder if wandering off alone was a good idea.

‘Nonsense!’ She tells herself with a huff, poofing her chest out defiantly as she continues on, encouraged as she seems to have reached the back wall, the end of the maze. ‘You’re practically an adult!’ The girl muses, looking around for some clue as to her location in the store in order to get her bearings. Finally, after a few tense, silent moments of fervent searching, she sees a sign.


The girl gulps audibly. She’s read mystery books, thrillers, crime novels, sure. But this section of the store had been very clearly labeled as ‘forbidden and off limits’ by her parents. This was uncharted territory.

But, girls will be girls, and those children’s scary stories weren’t going to sustain her forever. In fact, she had already begun to get weird looks from parents of toddlers as she scoured the kid’s section of the story for books about ghosts.

So, mustering her courage, she explored.

Something caught her eye, and she stood on her tip toes to tug it out of it’s place on the dusty shelf. The gargoyle on the cover made her shiver and without even reading the back of it, she ran back through the maze to the front of the store to buy it.

It must have been Fall 2006 or 2007 when I first read this book, on that fateful day when I wandered away from my parents at Gardner’s book store in Tulsa. I still remember those first moments of icy terror that gripped my tiny little heart, and the strange fascination I had with the sexuality of the book. (I had just begun to question my own sexual orientation at the time). This book has been incredibly important to me, and I keep it amongst some of my oldest book-friends. The book is written like it could be true, in fact the actual author’s name is no where to be found in the book itself, so unless you had access to the internet (which, as a 12 year old who lived out in the country and didn’t even own a gameboy yet, I most certainly did not), you had no real way of knowing that this book was actually part of the wonderful marketing plan for Stephen King’s TV miniseries Rose Red, which came out in 2002. The book’s author is Ridley Pearson and it was published in 2001, as the account of real events from the perspective of Ellen Rimbauer, an oil tycoon’s young wife.

Ellen is a strong character. She is, for the most part, frightened and repulsed by her husband. In the early sections of the book she does genuinely love him and is aroused by him, but there are also definite moments where she lusts after other women, and upon meeting Sukeena, her black maid, she very clearly admits to herself that she is bisexual (not using that term, of course), having both a romantic and sexual interest in both men and women. The story is centered around the creation of her grand palace in Seattle, Washington, which she names Rose Red, and the paranormal happenings that occur within the walls of the house. Between the haunting of her home and her romantic and sexual encounters with both her husband and her lover, Sukeena, the book is just full of bewildering situations, especially to the eyes of a twelve year old sheltered christian girl.

I think its safe to say that the book kind of changed my life. I kept it hidden under my bed away from my parents, for sure that if they found it and read its contents that they would throw it away. The scary parts terrified me, and the sexual parts aroused a curiosity in me that later in my life would slowly manifest itself into a full blown identity revelation (I still remember the exact moment I was laying in bed with one of my childhood friends about two years later, and I found myself wanting to kiss her and I realized, well, hell, I must be gay).

The book is very well written and at the very least, entertaining. My rose colored glasses can’t keep me from scrutinizing it’s grammar and writing style as an adult, so I can say without hesitation that it is, as a whole, a phenomenal piece of literature and is highly underrated and little known. It deserves a lot more attention than it got, not only as a fantastic book but also as an incredible marketing tactic. Well done, Stephen King. Well done.

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A Brief Guide to NaNoWriMo Prep

So, this year will be my sixth year to participate in National Novel Writing Month, and I’m pretty excited. I hope to, at the very least, get a 25k word novella out of it, but if I could develop a plot outline good enough for the whole 50k, that would be awesome too. I’ve only won twice-in 2011, my first year, and last year, 2015.  My story this year will be a supernatural LGBT romance/horror, so that’s exciting. But I was just thinking about how I wasn’t really sure what to do my first year, and I’ve certainly learned a few tricks over the years that have helped me to properly prepare so that I can make that deadline easier without having to sacrifice my health. Therefore, the goal of this post is to share some basic pointers on how to prepare for Nano. Let’s go!

  1. Perfect your Summary. Having a good synopsis is like having a strong foundation for a house. If your summary is muddled or confused or kind of dull to you, I imagine that turning that summary into a 50k word novel won’t be much help, and will probably just aggravate you.
  2. Write about something you care about. If you genuinely care about your characters and your plot,
  3. Prepare a detailed plot outline. Plan out your chapters and every event that happens in that chapter.
  4. From the very beginning, carve out 30 minutes a day for just writing. It can be as soon as you get home from school or out of classes, after dinner, before bed. Just make that time and stick to a schedule. It really will help. The goal to hit is 1667-2000 words per day to finish on time.
  5. Find your optimal time and place to write where your creativity can work at its peak. Some people work better in quiet places by themselves, some people work better in a crowded place surrounded by background noise. Some people are early birds and some people are night owls. Find what works best for you and harness that.
  6. Fill out character profile sheets to flush out the personalities and past’s of your characters. Especially for your mains. You have do a little more planning than just their basic description and age.

Those are just my top six pieces of advice. I also decided to share my favorite character profile sheet. I posted it on tumblr so that others could use it if they wanted. You can get it here! Happy Writing!

  • Name:
  • Nickname:
  • Birthday/Age:
  • Hair (color, style):
  • Eyes:
  • Skin:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Build:
  • Pronouns:
  • Preferred Gender:
  • Sexual Orientation:
  • Romantic Orientation:
  • Mental Disorders (if any):
  • Habits:
  • Attitude:
  • Fashion Style:
  • Speed/Voice:
  • Scent:
  • Languages:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Nationality:
  • Religion:
  • Birthplace:
  • Current Residence:
  • Education:
  • Occupation:
  • Interests:
  • Hobbies/Skills:
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
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Questions? Suggestions? I Take Content Requests!

Are you curious? Do you have a MIGHTY NEED to know about a certain topic, but can’t find it on my site?

Please, let me know! I welcome content requests and almost always need new ideas, so drop me a comment to let me know what kind of posts you want to see from me! Sometimes I just completely forget to write about certain topics and having people nudge me back in the right direction is a huge help.

Main topics for content that I cover include: Native American Cultures (specifically Mvskoke Culture and Medicine practices), Witchcraft, Paganism, Cultural Appropriation, Herbalism, General Herb and Crystal Information, Book Reviews, and Conservation/Environmentalism.

Reader input has always been really important to me, and I wanted to carry that over from my tumblr to this site. Please never hesitate to leave me a comment or shoot me an email with content requests

Thank you so much for reading! You are helping me slowly realize my dream of making a living with my writing!

Have an awesome day!

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All About the Witch ~

Got this from tumblr 😛 it looked fun.

1. Are you a religious witch? Which relgion? Nope! I’m considered secular. My religion follows the beliefs of my Mvskoke ancestors and their medicine practice, which I try to keep separate from my craft since I do practice both.

2. What is your preffered herb? Bergamot or Cedar!

3. What is your preffered gem? Labradorite, Bloodstone and Tigers Eye!

4. Do you do divination? Which kind? Ohyeah! All kinds! Tarot, rune stones, bone casting, scrying, palmistry, dream interpretations, and I want to start studying horoscopes more.

5. Favorite Tarrot card? Probably a tie between The Lovers and Death.

6. To Curse or not to Curse? I think cursing is okay. I like to design and make up curses but I’ve only ever used them on abusers.

7. Do you have a familiar? Yep! I have a dragon called Anuk and a coyote named Banshee.

8. Favorite candle color? It’s never made too much of a difference to me, but I guess I like candles that are multicolored.

9. Favorite rune? Honestly probably the Wyrd stone.

10. Do you celebrate the solstices, full moons, etc? When I remember to. More full moons than solstices, though.

11. Do you wear a pentacle?  Nope. Nothing wrong with it, I do own one somewhere that I bought when I was like 13 but it’s not part of my craft.

12. Do you have a broom? I have one for like cleaning? But not one for witchy purposes or a besom or whatever.

13. Do you have a pendulum? Yep! Two actually haha.

14. Do you have an athame? Mhmm. I don’t ever really use it though.

15. How often do you meditate? Not as often as I should. I used to do it pretty regularly. I need to pick that up again.

16. Do you do yoga? I used to really consistently but I haven’t lately.

17. Whats your favorite herbal tea? Oh geez. Probably bergamot, chamomile and lavender.

18. Do you support manipulation magic? I assume this means to manipulate people with your magic? No, I don’t think it’s right to take away someone’s free will. Even in the curses I design, it’s more of drawing outside energy to complete certain tasks or whatever.

19. How many alters do you have? Twoish. I kind of have a third but not really.

20. Do you do magic outside often? Whenever it’s not hot as hell outside and the bugs don’t eat me alive haha. So in the winter, yes, I try to make time to occasionally.

21. Can you read palms, or tea leaves? I do palm reading, but not tea leaves.

22. Would you ever open your own metaphysics shop? I actually have an online one but I’m trying to wind it down a little in preparation of the coming move across states.

23. Is your third eye open? I don’t believe in the third eye.

24. Do you like Astrology? Whats your sign? It’s okay. I think it’s fun and fun to learn about. I’m a Taurus/Gemini cusp. May 24th. I definitely have traits of both, but I’m more Gemini than Taurus.

25. Favorite flower? Or Tree? I really like roses and tulips. My favorite trees are cedars, redbuds, red maples, and willows.

26. Do you have an animal guide? Yes. I’m ndn and went through the trials to earn my spirit animal.

27. Whats your favorite kind of magic? Oh geez haha, I don’t really have just one, I tend to kind of hop around to a bunch of different ones. I guess the one I’m the most attuned to is Green/earth based magic. I also really enjoy hedge, sea, storm and space magic.

28. What time do you feel most like a witch? Late at night when I can see the stars, or when I’m near the ocean, or alone in a forest.

29. Are you out of the broom closet? I don’t really appreciate this analogy as it kind of belittles the struggles of LGBT kids who can’t come out to the people around them. But no, only a few people and those who follow my Tumblr and this blog know.

30. Are you a hereditary witch? Or self discovered? Self discovered.

31. Are you in a coven? Or solitary? Solitary.

32. Do you want to be in a coven? How big? I dunno. Maybe a small one after I move?

33. When did you become a witch? I first started practicing when I was in middle school, so like when I was 11 or 12. It was an on and off thing for years until last year when I decided to commit to practicing all the time.

34. Do you make your own spells? Oh yeah, all the time.

35. Do you make your own sigils? Yep! I actually really enjoy doing this.

36. Why did you choose this path? A few different reasons. It helps my mental illness and makes me feel like I have control of my life.

37. Whats your favorite element? I am attuned to all of them equally and work with all of them.

38. Do you do any misc. magic? 
(Dragon, Sex, etc.) I work with dragons a lot, and I like to use my paintings and writing as a conduit or energy generator sometimes.

39. Magic or things you will never do? Probably summon Christian demons? I’ve had bad experiences with Christian demons in the past and I’m a heritary exorcist for them.

40. Strangest way a spell backfired? I actually can’t say I’ve had a spell backfire. I don’t cast spells to often, only when I really need them.

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The Importance of Communication 

So, my husband is a trans dude. And for a period of time he detransitioned just because being male didn’t feel right anymore. Now he’s decided he wants to transition again and this time go through with surgeries and everything. I’m super happy for him and he kind of danced around the subject whenever I asked him about it for the last few months. I know he worries about upsetting me, even though I tell like at least once a day that I will always support him in whatever he decides to do. 

But we had a really good heart to heart talk yesterday and sorted a LOT of things out. He even made an OKcupid account and linked it to mine. We’ve established some ground rules for our polyamorous/open marriage. First, no sex. This subject very clearly upset him and I’m not really interested in sex anyway, being demisexual, so this wasn’t a big deal. Second, no unicorn. I would rather us each have separate partners and the four of us could do stuff together if the relationships weren’t long distance. 

So, yeah. It feels good that we finally got to talk about a lot of things, like how completely terrified I am to move. I’ve never moved out of state before, I’ve been in the same city pretty much my whole life (excluding the two years for college). But he talked me down and told me it would be okay. He’s moved states tons of times so I trust him to handle the stuff that I don’t understand or at least show me how to do it. 

I’m excited that we’ve both started to explore being polyamorous and I’m excited to move to a new place. I hope that these changes will help me out of this horrible slump I’ve been in for the last few months. I’ve just found it really difficult to be genuinely happy. And I know my mental illnesses are mostly to blame but still…