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Sensory Stuff!

I’ve been making a lot of stimmy stuff and sensory toys that my spouse and I can use when our neurodivergencies get really bad. I thought I would share a few on this post~


These are just what I’ve made so far. I’m currently making two more squishies, a cookie and a salmon sashimi! I plan to eventually add slime, kenetic sand and squishies to my etsy shop after I’m all settled into the new place in February. (I’m in the process of moving across states haha) Until then, I’ll just be trying to build up a stock and taking cool videos and pics of them!

I’m going to organize these by colors haha.


(Slime, Stress Ball, Kenetic Sand)





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Psychic Poetry Readings//

Violet’s Poetry Readings//

//What is a Poetry Reading?
•It is a personal form of divination I invented to help me practice my clairvoyance and my poetry at the same time. I often write poetry about the prophetic dreams and psychic visions I have, so a poetry reading is an attempt to promote a vision about a particular topic and then writing a poem about that vision.

//How can I get one?
•You must message me a ‘prompt word’, like ‘water’ or ‘school’ or something relating to what you want me to read. No names please. After I get the prompt word, I will go into a light trance and try to focus on the word when I get my vision. After I come out of my trance I write a poem about the vision I had.

//What happens to the poems?
•Some of them go into the rough draft for my poetry book, while the ones I don’t feel a strong connection to will be deleted to prevent clutter on my blog. If you want to save your poem, screenshot it or reblog it. ^^

//So what does my poem mean???
•That is for you to discover. I will describe in detail the vision I had, and then write it on pretty stationary. I will then mail the letter to you, along with a gift. If you wish to have an interpretation and advice about the poem and vision, please purchase the Detailed reading.

You can get a basic poetry reading here. 

And you can get a detailed poetry reading here. 

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Affordable Readings and Consultations//

Budget Readings! All readings under $10!

Please help support a jobless mentally ill bisexual ndn who is seriously struggling just to pay bills ;-; anything helps. Thank you!

I’ve lowered all the prices on my readings as I really need rent money! :,)

All readings are delivered digitally so there is no shipping charge either!

Herbalist Consultation: $7

Dream Interpretations: $6

General Palm Reading: $6

Bone Reading: One Bone Cast: $1

Bone Reading: Five Bone Cast: $3

Rune Reading: One Stone Cast: $1

Rune Reading: Five Stone Cast $3

Pendulum Reading: Two Questions: $1

Pendulum Reading: Five Questions $3

Tarot Reading: One Card Draw: $1

Tarot Reading: Five Card Draw (Love) $5

Tarot Reading: Five Card Draw (Self) $5

Tarot Reading: Five Card Drawn (Situation) $5

Psychic Poetry Reading: $2

Detailed Psychic Poetry Reading: $5

Or to see what other goodies and witchy supplies I have, visit my shop here!

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All of My Books are On Sale!

All of my books are currently on sale!

Ebooks are only $5.00 and signed paperbacks have been marked down as well!


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Ritual Bath Bombs//

Ritual Bath Bombs!

All of them are on sale for only $3.00!

Click the names to take you to the store! 😀

Bath Bombs, respectively by photo order:

‘Breaking the Hex’ : For Purification, Uncrossing, Protection

‘Space Magick’ : For Astral Travel, Interstellar Witchcraft, Crystal Work

‘Ocean Soak’ : For Sea Witchery, Weather Work, Summoning Storms

‘Sunlight Glamour’ : For Suncraft, Making a Sparkling Impression, Glamours

‘Earth Witch’ :  For Green Magick, Herbal Work, Grounding

‘The Curse’ : For Purification, Cleansing, After-Curse Care or Pre-Curse Prep

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Budget Witching Supplies//

All these items and more at Violet’s Shop of Curiosities! 

Everything under $10! (Most under $5!) 

Black Salt

Cascarilla Powder

Red Brick Dust

Graveyard Dirt

Vesta Powder

Sulfur Powder

Hot Foot Powder

Goofer Dust

Dead Sea Salt

War Water

Florida Water

Full Moon Water

Holy Water

Coffin Nail

Shed Snakeskin 

Crystals, Bones and Fossils


Smokeless Cleansing Spray

Ritual Bath Bombs

Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

Curse Supplies

Protection Spells Supplies

Spirit Work Supplies

Storm/Sea Supply Tin

Earth/Green Supply Tin

Spirit/Chaos Supply Tin

Fire/Sun Supply Tin

Hedge Supply Tin

Newbie Supply Tin

Herbalist Beauty Supplies

Tarot Cloths

Gris Gris

Spell in a Jar

Environment in a Jar

Goddess Glamours

Nebula Space Slime