A Bedtime Story for Lauren

Title: A Bedtime Story for Lauren
Published by: Blurb
Release Date: September 13, 2015
Genre: , ,
Pages: 162
ISBN13: 9781320380614

Myra Harrow always was a dreamer. Not much could put a damper on her wild flights of fancy, not even her tied-to-the-ground realist of a brother, David. One day, while garage saling with him and her best friend, Lana, she finds a key. A creepy looking skeleton key carved from silver. It had to have been hundreds of years old. Not long after this, Myra falls ill. She can't eat or sleep, and when she does sleep, she has the most peculiar dreams. She knows that something is wrong. She feels it in her bones, and the voices in her head are becoming difficult to drown out. One night, they lead her down into her parents' library, and she makes a startling discovery. Swept away on the back of a dragon into the depths of outer space, Myra and her friends find themselves drowning in a sea of blood and war. They must summon the courage to fight, or an entire world will die. Sacrifice is a silver key in the door of battle.

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24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.