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To White American/Canadian Witches/Pagans, from a Native Witch

Remember that you are on stolen indigenous land. Remember that when you practice magic and involve the earth, that you are an invader. That this is colonized land, and it, like those of us remaining indigenous peoples, suffer from the pain and wounds of colonization as it continues today.

Do something about it. If you want to work with the earth, if you want to respect this land, do something about it. Donate to conservation charities, make offerings, go to protests, use your magic to help. Stop appropriating traditional practices, terms and sacred items from indigenous cultures, stop using racial slurs, stop erasing our cultures, stop silencing our voices. Educate your friends, correct others when they say or do something racist and appropriative. Do something to help heal not just the earth, but the people who are struggling to protect it. Who have always protected it. These are our sacred lands that were stolen from us. But we were also stolen away from the land, and our ancestors blood soaks it. It cries out for us, and we cry out for it. Like family members ripped away from one another to be slaughtered and raped.

Don’t stand around bitching about how ‘well that was my ancestors and I shouldn’t have to apologize for what they did’ and ‘I feel so guilty for being white boohoo whoa is me’ literally shut the fuck up because y’all are continuing to colonize and erase indigenous cultures, and continuing to rape and destroy our land and hurt the earth that we work so hard to protect. Check your fucking privilege. White people need to use their voices and their ability as majorities to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don’t just sit around being all butthurt.

I don’t care if your precious feelings are hurt. My people are STILL being murdered on a daily basis. My sisters vanish and no one cares. I myself was raped and assaulted, falling into the 1 in 3 of all native women who will endure that horror. Our burial grounds are being desecrated. Our histories, our languages, many of our religions, traditions, even the way we love, was illegal and outlawed and we were slaughtered for them. They were beaten out of us, bred out of us. What few spiritual practices we have left, what few reclaimed words and terms we have, are being taken and perverted by new age hippie pagans. Pipelines are being built, oil is leaking into reservation water supplies, essentially sentencing thousands of natives to death and to sickness. Treaties are broken again and again and again and white folk cant even be bothered to show a little respect and not wear us as a Halloween costume. Don’t come whining to me about your fragile feelings cuz I don’t give a single shit. You want to treat me like a relic of the past, like I’m being a baby or like I’m being uncivil. We are still here. And we will not be silent any longer. You can no longer claim ignorance, that you had no idea, because we are telling you now.

You can’t change the past. There is no possible way you can apologize or make up for what your ancestors did. So stop saying you’re sorry. Sorry doesn’t do a goddamn thing. Take action. Be better than them. Change the future. Do something about it.



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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