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Usagi’s Disguise Pen Glamour Charm

Usagi’s Disguise Pen Glamour Charm


  • Your Favorite Pen
  • Moon Water
  • Silver Glitter


  • In a bowl , combine your Moon Water and Glitter.
  • Stir it three times clockwise with your finger and say out loud three things you wish for the pen to accomplish. For example, ‘change my appearance’, ‘change my aura’ or ‘change my mood’ could all be good ones. As you are doing this, charge the mixture with your intentions and wishes.  Feel a gentle glowing energy steadily flow from the palm of your hands into the water.
  • Dip a finger into the mixture and smear it on your favorite pen. Do this until the whole pen is covered.
  • You can seal the pen if you want after the water has dried with some modge podge.
  • Your pen is all ready to go! Anytime you want to activate its power, simply say, ‘Moon Power!’ and then follow that up with what you want the pen to change about you. The effects, like most glamours, will only be temporary and may be subtle, so keep that in mind. Example, ‘Moon Power! Change my aura’s energy into a pleasant and calming presence!”




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