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A Beginner’s Guide to Spell Writing

Writing spells can be pretty intimidating for some, while it seems to come naturally for others. Some people think they just aren’t cut out for it. But, like any kind of witchy skill, it can be learned, and through dedication and practice you can master the art of writing spells. When starting out, its best to start with short, simple spells that require little to no ingredients and have very few steps.

When you start out writing spells, it helps to follow the following very basic formula.


Spell Name:

Spell Type:

Spell Intention:

Spell Supplies/Ingredients:

Spell Instructions:


  1. First, name your spell. This can be literally whatever you want, but usually its good to include words that best describe the end result intended for the spell.

Examples: Validation Candle Spell, Carrot Curse, Poppet Glamour, etc.


2. Then, choose what kind of spell you want it to be.

Examples: Poppet, Candle, Sigil, Bath, Enchantment, Charm, Potion, Glamour, Ward, Energy, Spirit, etc.


3. After that, clarify your intentions. What do you want this spell to accomplish? What are your end goals?

Examples: Purification, Love, Protection, Curse, Strength, Reassurance, Peace, Self Acceptance, Self Confidence, etc.


4. Then, you get into the main parts of the spell. Listing the ingredients or supplies you want to include and use in the spell to help bring your intentions to life. Its important to list things that have associations that match up with your intentions.

Examples: For a love spell, use rose quartz and rose petals, for a purification spell use citrine and sage, etc, etc.


5. Finally, write out your instructions and method step by step.

Examples: First, draw a hot bath. Second, add your epsom salts. Third, stir it three times and say aloud something you want to attract to you, etc, etc.


Below are some useful resources to help you plan out good spells!



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