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Dancing with Dragons, Celtic Magic and Norse Magic by D.J. Conway

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So, it’s occurred to me that some of these posts don’t need to be about one specific book. And this article is going to be about three books by D.J. Conway. Get ready to cringe. The first book I read by her was called Dancing with Dragons, and I thought, ‘Oh cool! Finally a good book on dragon magic!’ I was such an innocent and naive little witch back then, hah.

Dancing with Dragons, for it’s subject matter, is actually very informative, and I enjoyed reading it for a while. There are chapters about how to find and communicate with dragons, how to work with dragons in your magic, and the kinds of dragons that are out there, in mythology and modern days.

However, Conway has a very clear set of binary-Wiccan-glasses that she sees the world through, and it really shows in all of her work. She automatically assumes that all her readers are Wiccan, believe in the God/Goddess, and that there is only one gender binary aka she talks about the Female/Male styles of magic a lot. So there’s that to consider when reading this book.

The next book is Celtic Magic, and for the most part I could find no fault in the book. The Celtic religion/magical tradition is open for anyone to use, as its considered a ‘dead’ culture. Again, she refers a lot to the God/Goddess, Male/Female dynamic and very narrow-mindedly, might I add. The only chapters worth reading in this book are the ones about Celtic history and deities. Other than that, the entire book feels like it was regurgitated from a Silver Ravenwolf book (I’ll get to that monster later.)

After Celtic Magic, I read Norse Magic, which explains my dislike for both books, really. Nordic Magic is basically the same exact book as Celtic Magic, word for word, except she switched out ‘Celts’ for ‘Norse’, and the chapters about Celtic History and Celtic mythology are replaced by information about Nordic History and Nordic Mythology. Again, she narrow-mindedly refers to no genders outside the cis-hetero idea of Male/Female and God/Goddess. For us gay folks, that get’s old really, really fast.

While Conway may have some good educational points, honestly, its nothing you can’t read about by using google. She’s an outdated author who is biased, white, cis and hetero. Nothing wrong with that in itself, I guess, but it definitely shows in her writing. As a witching community, we’ve outgrown her. Don’t even bother buying her books.



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