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Which Crystal Should I Use?

So, my little craft quiz went over so well that I thought I would make two more! For witchlings, this one, which is designed to help you figure out a beginner level crystal to work with for different purposes. All crystals listed are pretty easy to find and easy to work with!


  • Which element are you most comfortable with?
    1. Earth
    2. Air
    3. Fire
    4. Water
    5. Spirit
  • What purposes would you like the crystal to serve or help you with?
    1. Love and Self-Love
    2. Purification and Cleansing
    3. Good Luck and Prosperity
    4. Healing and Peace
    5. Amplify, Protect and Cleanse Your Aura
  • Which color do you prefer?
    1. Pastel Pink
    2. Amber
    3. Toffee
    4. Lavender
    5. Clear



Mostly #1: Rose Quartz  Rose Quartz Healing Properties - Rose Quartz Meaning

Mostly #2: Citrine   Unpolished Citrine Crystal Point

Mostly #3: Tiger’s Eye  ... Crystals for Reiki Crystal Healing *Wholesale Lot* - Tiger S Eye

Mostly #4: Amethyst  Amethyst Gemstone Facts,Semi Precious Stones,Diamond Gallery,4 C's

Mostly #5: Quartz Crystal  Bird Blogs About Gems: Riff on Quartz Crystal



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