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POC and LGBT Representation in My Books

My goal as an author is to create meaningful and quality pieces of literature that can provide good representation and a safe place for POC and LGBT peoples. My books in the past have definitely not always done so (not to say that they negatively represented or anything like that, but representation was not my core focus back then, it was just to write and have fun) but now I want to make a very active effort in properly representing all kinds of POC and LGBT peoples in my work.

I wanted to give a list of my stories that are completed and in progress and the representation they provide.

For my currently in progress works, if you see something that represents a part of your identity and have any pointers at all for me on how to properly represent it in a character, please do no hesitate to leave a comment and I will incorporate your advice into the character. I will be going more into detail about the characters in this section.

Currently in Progress//

The Rope Woman

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, LGBT Romance

Summary: A group of girls are chosen by an ancient goddess to become reapers of souls, or valkyries, and must learn to hone their power in order to stop a corrupt government and super power from committing genocide.


  • Silence: Age 16, African American, Lesbian
  • Silvia: Age 19, Chicana, Lesbian
  • Wicahpi: Age 17, Lakota Native American, Two Spirit, Bisexual
  • Hotvle Rakko: Age 15, Seminole Native American, Two Spirit, Asexual
  • Zuri: Age 23, Rwandan, Pansexual
  • Sachiko: Age 21, Japanese, Bisexual
  • Ixtab: Eternal, Mayan, Asexual

The Hungry

Genre: Horror, Fiction, LGBT

Summary: Five college undergraduates studying abroad in Rome are forced to work together and come to terms with their true identities in order to close a Hell Gate before it releases a cataclysmic event that could plunge the world into the next Dark Age.


  • Avani: Age 19, Indian American, Muslim, Asexual
  • Dinah/Dan: Age 21, African American, Jewish, Transgender, Pansexual
  • Mahina: Age 19, Hawaiian, Maori, Bisexual
  • Noriko: Age 21, Japanese, Shinto, Lesbian
  • Haseya: Age 20, Navajo, Native American, Two Spirit, Nonbinary, Pansexual


My Heart was Made from Red Clay and Into the Void: Native American, Nuerodivergent, Bisexual

Children of the Creek, Little White Lies and Cultural Appropriation Isn’t Cute: Native American

Blood of the Bear: Native American, Bisexual





24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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