An Ongoing List of Native American Racial Slurs

This is just going to be something I will be adding on to as I collect things that are slurs towards indigenous and ndn peoples. It’s going to pain me to even write these words down, but this is for the education of non-native people so that they can cease using these racist terms. They are extremely hurtful, insulting and racist towards native people. These are just the ones I heard in high school and college…

Racial Slurs//

  • Squaw
  • Redskin
  • Chief
  • Feather
  • Injun
  • Indian (unless used by a native american for reclaimation purposes)
  • Red
  • Savage
  • Scalper
  • Seal Clubber
  • Squanto
  • Big Red
  • Squaw Hopper
  • Indian Giver
  • Honky
  • Pocahontas
  • Indian Brave
  • Indian Princess
  • Red man/woman


Phrases to Avoid//

  • “Don’t be an Indian Giver!”
  • “Let’s Have a Pow-wow!”
  • “Low on the Totem Pole..”
  • “That’s my stomping ground!”
  • “Hey, Chief!”
  • “We’re even! They have Casinos now!”
  • “How Indian are you?”
  • “You don’t look Indian to me!”
  • “Hold down the fort.”
  • “Maybe I should do a rain dance, this drought is awful!”
  • “Do you live in a teepee?”
  • “I’m going to scalp him!”
  • “That was savage!”
  • “My great great grandma was an Indian Princess!”
  • “Go Big Red! Go Redskins!”
  • “Get over it, already.”
  • “What makes the red man red?”
  • Pretty much the entire Peter Pan movie
  • Anything to do with the Washington Redskins
  • Anything at all to do with Columbus or the Vikings ‘discovering’ the Americas


2 thoughts on “An Ongoing List of Native American Racial Slurs”

  1. Oh – I did not know the origin of “hold down the fort” until this post prompted me to Google it. Thank you – I will try to train myself to avoid it now.

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