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All About Grimoires!

I’ve decided to combine this post with a few other ideas to make one big Grimoire post!

//What is a Grimoire?//

A Grimoire, or more popularly known as a Book of Shadows, is a witch’s spell book and personal journal or diary that accounts for the vast majority of their witchy knowledge.

//Basic Grimoire Guidelines//

  • You do not have to keep one if you don’t want to. Its not like a requirement to have one.
  • You can keep as many as you want, if you want to. There’s not rule saying you have to have just one.
  • Personalization is definitely a big part of the fun of keeping one! But again, if you don’t want to personalize it, you don’t have to.

//Name Ideas//

So, ‘Book of Shadows’ is really cool and all, but its got a definite ‘wicca’ feel to it (not that there’s anything wrong with that…unless you’re like me and are not wiccan). I wanted to see if I could come up with some neat alternative names that witches of all sects could use for their special magickal journals. Not all of these will be great….but maybe some of them might be cool? I dunno. I am tired and this is just something I wanted to do for fun.

  • Book of Sails (For Sea Witches)
  • Garden Grimoire (For Green Witches)
  • Book of the Dead (For Spirit Workers)
  • Chaos Chronicle (For Chaos Witches)
  • Kitchen Annals (For Kitchen/Cottage Witches)
  • Stitchcraft Stories (For Stitch Witches)
  • Astral Logbook (For Hedge Witches)
  • Divination Diary (For Oracles)
  • Records of the Sun (For Sun Witches)
  • Interstellar Observations (For Space Witches)
  • Book of Seasons (For Winter/Season Based Witches)
  • Book of Storms/Weather Log (For Storm Witches)
  • Swamp Memoirs (For Swamp/Folk Witches)
  • Grimoire of the Wastes (For Desert/Waste Witches)
  • Urban Archives (For Urban Witches)
  • Book of Shadows (For Shadow Workers)
  • Spell Sketchbook (For Artistic Witches)
  • Magical Playbook (For Theatrical Witches)


//Cool Ideas for Stuff to Put in a Grimoire//

  • Pressed Local Leaves and Flowers
  • Favorite Recipes
  • Star Charts
  • Lunar, Stellar and Space Related Event Dates
  • Correspondence Charts (so..many..correspondence charts..)
  • Spells and Curses
  • Enchanted Stickers
  • Important Witchy Dates (Holidays, Etc)
  • Herbal Identification, Sketches and Remedies
  • Crystal Identification, Bios and Sketches
  • Potion Recipes
  • Short Haiku-esque Chants and Poetry Spells
  • Sigils
  • Ideas for Deity Offerings
  • Deity Information and Research
  • Magical Creature Information
  • Astral Experiences
  • Pop Culture Song Lyric Spells
  • Personal Ritual Ideas
  • Dream Journaling and Interpretations




24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

4 thoughts on “All About Grimoires!

  1. Thank you for this! I was looking for an alternate title for my grimoire because I am a closet witch and I didn’t want my family to see a title like “book of shadows” on a book under my bed. I combined a couple, since I am a (beginner) urban storm witch, and I ended up with the title “Urban Weather Log”. This was a very helpful list!!

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