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The Kemetic Pantheon

The Kemetic pantheon is another pantheon that is open in paganism. This is just a basic list of the main deities, I probably forgot some because Ancient Egyptians loved their gods.

Ammit: Eater of Souls. Consumed the souls of sinners in the Underworld.

Amun: God of the Wind, Patron God of Thebes.

Anubis: God of Mummification. Guards the Gates of the Underworld.

Anuket: Goddess of the Nile.

Apis: God of Bulls, Strength and Vigor.

Apophis/Apep: God of Chaos, War and Snakes

Aten: The Disk of the Sun

Atum: Creator God.

Babi: God of Baboons

Bast/Bastet: Goddess of Cats. Protector of women, children, mothers and Ra.

Bes: Protector of the Home, God of Parties.

Geb: God of Earth

Hapi/Hapy: God of the Nile, caused the Nile’s annual floods.

Hathor: Goddess of Love, Crops and Livestock

Heket: Goddess of Frogs

Horus: God of War, Sky and Falcons

Imhotep: A human that was deified. God of Priests, Medicine and Healers.

Isis: Goddess of Magic, Healing, Protection and Marriage

Kebechet: Goddess of Purification and Wandering.

Khepri: God of Scarab Beetles and the Rising Sun

Khnum: God of Pottery, Earth, Water and Craftsmanship.

Khonsu: God of Time, Prosperity, Measurement and the Moon.

Kuk: God of Darkness

Ma’at: Goddess of Justice, Truth and Order

Mafdet: God of Justice. Executioner of Criminals.

Min: God of Male Fertility.

Mut: Goddess of Royalty, Childbirth and Motherhood.

Nefertum: God of Perfumes and Beauty.

Neith: Creator Goddess of Weaving, Birth, Archery, Shields and Spiders.

Nekhbet: Goddess of Vultures and Protector of Upper Egypt.

Nephthys: Goddess of Funerals

Nun: First God, Parent of Ra.

Nut: Goddess of the Sky and Stars

Osiris: God of the Dead, Underworld and the Afterlife.

Ptah: God of Creation

Qadesh: Goddess of Sex and Flowers.

Ra: God of the Sun

Reshep: God of Plague and War.

Satet: One of the Gods responsible for the Nile’s annual flooding.

Sekhmet: Goddess of Lions, War, Blood, Fire and Vengeance.

Serqet.Serket: Goddess of Scorpions, Venomous Animals, Healing, Poison and Antidotes.

Seshet: Goddess of Writing and Measurements.

Set/Seth: God of Chaos, Desert, Sand, Storms and Change.

Shu: God of Wind and Air

Sobek: God of Crocodiles and Alligators

Tawaret: Goddess of Hippos, Childbirth and Fertility.

Tefnut: Goddess of Lions, Water and Fertility.

Thoth: God of the Moon, Scribes and Wisdom.

Wadjet: Goddess and Protector of Lower Egypt.



(Artwork by the amazing Korwin Briggs,

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