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The Celtic Pantheon

The Celtic Pantheon is one of the few open belief systems for pagans to adopt. This is a basic list of those deities and is in no way all inclusive or complete. These are just from what I could find from multiple sources on the internet and a few books that I own. Their associations are very basic, and if you see a deity you are interested in, you should definitely do your own further research. Also, please be aware that Celtic is a blanket term and that some of these deities DO translate across the different sects of Celtic cultures, but some of them are specific to a distinct region. For example, Irish Celtic, Scottish Celtic, etc. Again, its very important to do your own research. This is just meant to be a very basic starting point.

Abellio: God of the Apple Tree

Aine: The Fairy Queen. Goddess of Summer, Love and Fertility.

Airmid: Goddess of Medicinal Herbs and Spring.

Amaethon: God of Agriculture and Luck

Andraste: Goddess of the Moon, Rabbits and Magic

Angus Og: God of Youth and Beauty

Anu: Goddess of Plenty

Arawn: God of the Underworld, Terror, Revenge and War

Artio: Goddess of Wildlife

Babd Catha: Goddess of War

Bel: God of Purification, Fire and the Sun

Bran: God of Health

Branwen: Goddess of Love and Beauty

Brighid: Goddess of Fire, Water, Hearth, Protector of Women

Bris: God of Fertility and Agriculture

Caer Ibormeith: Goddess of Sleep and Dreams

Cailleach: Goddess of Plague and Disease

Camalus: God of War and the Sky

Cernunnos: The Green Man. God of Life, Fertility, Animals and the Underworld

Cerridwen: Goddess of the Moon, Grains and Nature

Creidhne: God of Metalworking

Creiddylad: Goddess of Flowers and Love

Cyhiraeth: Goddess of Streams. Her scream foretells death.

Dagda: The Great King. Father of All. God of the Earth.

Danu: Mother of the Dagda. Goddess of Creation and Water.

Diancecht: God of Healing and Medicine

Druantia: Goddess of Trees, Creativity and Passion

Epona: Goddess of Horses, Prosperity, Springs and Mountains

Eostre: Goddess of Springtime

Flidais: Goddess of Forests, Woodlands and Wild Things

Goibhniu: God of Blacksmiths, Weapons and Brewers

Gwydion: God of Magic, Illusion and Enchantment

Latis: Goddess of Lakes, Love and Alcohol

Lir: God of Waters and the Sea

Macha: Goddess of War, Life and Death

Maeve: Goddess of Earth, Fertility and War

Morrigan: The Great Queen. Goddess of War, Death and Fertility.

Neit: God of War, Blood, and Sacrifice in Battle

Nuada: God of Musicians and Artists

Olwen: Goddess of Rebirth, Springtime and Flowers

Rhiannon: Queen of the Sirens. Goddess of Horses, Birds and the Moon.

Rosmerta: Goddess of Wealth

Tahesin: God of Song

Taranis: God of Thunder



(A Family Tree for the Celtic Pantheon, Credit to Akherontis of GaiaOnline)



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