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Urban Witchcraft: Magic for City Dwellers

Urban Witchcraft is a sect of the craft that revolves around city living, technology, and the modern witch with all their gadgets. Here is some basic tips and posts that may be useful for those of you city dwellers <3


Urban Witch Tips//

  • Carry old circuit boards in your pocket to help with absorbing information
  • Scry using creamer in your coffee
  • Use bottle caps as tiny candle holders
  • Charge crystals by setting them on a phone or laptop that is also charging
  • Cleanse things by playing white noise or an ocean wave audio track
  • Grow potted herbs and set them on your windowsill
  • Practice Shufflemancy: divination via putting your phone or ipod on Shuffle
  • Use your cell phone screen for scrying
  • Use sage or lavender spray for smokeless cleansing of a space
  • Ward your jewelry to make a portable safe space
  • Use your tablet or note stylus as a wand
  • Enchant pencils and pens
  • Write sigils on sticky notes or old receipts or in the margins of papers
  • Use spare change or wine as offerings to deities or spirits
  • Old board games and an upside down wine glass can be used as a spirit board
  • Enchant or Glamour your clothing, accessories and makeup
  • Draw sigils on your fingernails

Useful Information and Tools:



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

2 thoughts on “Urban Witchcraft: Magic for City Dwellers

  1. Used to live in the city so the Urban Witchcraft article was interesting. Now that live in a dryer climate, the desert witchcraft might work. Could actually combine the two who knows. Great stuff

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