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Species of Unicorns//

•European Unicorn (white coat, boar tail, white horn) British Isles

•Unus Cornus (white, red, back coat, 30 in. onyx colored horn) Greece, Italy

•Ch’i lin (multi-colored coat, 12 foot horn) China **

•Kirin (multi-colored, gentle, solitary) Japan **

•Sinyou (multi-colored, lion-like mane, fierce, moral) Japan **

**: (These are mentioned for educations sake. They are part of closed cultures and religions so working with them if you are not a part of those cultures is inappropriate and disrespectful.)





















•Unicorns, especially Sinyou, despise liars. In face, in the Japanese court, it is said that once the Emporer used to consult with the Sinyou, and if the accused was lying, the Sinyou would run him through with it’s horn.

•European Unicorns are fabled to ‘take naps on the laps of virgins’. I would think that Unicorns would be able to sense purity of the heart and soul (I doubt the social construct of ‘virginity’ as a physical state really ever meant a shit to them)

•Much like horses, they are very emotional and instinctual creatures. One must speak softly and be genuine to interact with them.



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