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The Fae//

Common Species of Fae//

 Earth Fae: 

•Flo (flower fae)

•Pixie (mischievous/“tooth” fairy)

•Arbor (tree fae)

 Water Fae: 

•Mermaid (half human/half fish)

•Selkie (seal/human)

•Undine (sea horse/human)

Air Fae:

•Avis (bird fae)

•Butterflies and Moths (considered fae)

•Griffin (lion/bird)

 Fire Fae:






• Wraith


 Offerings to the Fae// (May vary depending on Fae)

•honey cakes •sweet milk •cookies •birdseed •sugar water •glitter •coins •jewelry •buttons •crystals •sea shells

 Fae Jar (to attract Fae)//

•glitter •glow sticks •lavender •pressed local flowers and leaves •amethyst


•blue bells •poppy •foxglove •peony •lily of the valley


•lavender •elderberry •heather •lilac •thyme


•hawthorn •apple •oak


•pyrite •gold


•quartz •amethyst

Other Notes//

Fae will very often take items that belong to you, but they always leave things in return. These faerie gifts are a blessing. Also, the same could be reversed, sometimes they we leave feathers or flowers or special items for you to find, it is important to remember to leave something in return, such as a coin or crystal, a button or lock of hair. It’s very rude to refuse a faerie gift.



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