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Swampcraft: Magic for Swamp Dwellers

I’ve noticed a depressing lack of posts on swamp magic. I dabble in Swampcraft myself (there’s a swamp-like creek area in the forest where I live and I spend as much time as I can at the lake…not the same as a bayou or an actual wetlands but hey, I make do.) so I thought I would share what I consider to be the bare bones of Swamp Witchery.

Tools of the Trade//

  • Swamp Mud: life, growth, healing
  • River Mud: healing, transformation, inspiration
  • Swamp Water: stagnation, patience, cursing
  • River Water: creativity, movement, stress relief
  • Red Brick Dust: strong protection

Common Supplies and Recipes//

  • Be Gone! Powder
    • Made from Cayenne Pepper, Sulfur Powder, Chili Powder and Black Pepper.
      • Used for warding away unwanted attention or visitors, and banishing negative energy or entities.
  • Dream Salt
    • Made from Sea Salt, Charcoal, Crushed Black Pepper and Ashes
      • Used for cleansing negativity and strong protection
  • Nightmare Dust
    • Made from Graveyard Dirt, Sulfur Powder, Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Crushed Black Pepper, Shed Snake Skin and a few optional ingredients that vary depending on the caster.
      • Used mainly for curses, causing trouble, harm, pain and illness.
  • Poppets
    • Made from straw or cloth and filled with ingredients specific to the poppet’s purpose. An eo friendly option can include making a poppet from a potato.
      • Used to represent a specific person in glamours and curses.
  • Bones
    • Used for divination, cursing and spirit communication.
    • Common Bones and their meanings:
      • Snake: Healing, Rebirth
      • Fish: Love, Persistence
      • Sea Shells: Beauty, Gentle Power
      • Shark: Curses, Glamours, Relentlessness
      • Deer: Adventure, Innocence
      • Bear: Consciousness, Love
      • Bobcat: Secrets, Independence
      • Cougar: Growth, Adaptability
      • Porcupine: Wonder, Protection
      • Coyote: Loyalty, Resourcefulness
      • Fox: Change, Cunning
      • Bison: Abundance, Honor
      • Wolf: Guidance, Courage
      • Bird: Visions, Transcendence




24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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