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As many of you may know, I’ve worked at a fabric company, in the warehouses and offices amongst thousands of bolts of fabric everyday. I LOVE it. As a cosplayer, I’ve also personally worked with almost all of these kinds of fabrics. So here’s how I associate them 💕

Broadcloth: general use
Burlap: curses
Canvas: creativity
Cashmere: divination
Cheesecloth: spellwork
Chiffon: self love
Cotton: green magick
Denim: endurance
Embroidery: hedge magick
Felt: poppet magick
Flannel: kitchen witchery
Fleece: peace
Gauze: healing
Jute: swamp magick
Lace: spirit work
Leather: vampiric magick
Linen: sun magick
Mesh: energy work
Muslin: desert magick
Netting: sea witchery
Nylon: storm magick
Polyester: pop culture magick
Satin: draconic magick
Sequined: Fae Magick
Silk: nymphatic Magick
Spandex: adaptability
Suede: urban magick
Twill: protection
Velvet: psychic powers
Wool: animal magick
Yarn: knot magick



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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