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Ritual Bath Bombs//

Ritual Bath Bombs!

All of them are on sale for only $3.00!

Click the names to take you to the store! 😀

Bath Bombs, respectively by photo order:

‘Breaking the Hex’ : For Purification, Uncrossing, Protection

‘Space Magick’ : For Astral Travel, Interstellar Witchcraft, Crystal Work

‘Ocean Soak’ : For Sea Witchery, Weather Work, Summoning Storms

‘Sunlight Glamour’ : For Suncraft, Making a Sparkling Impression, Glamours

‘Earth Witch’ :  For Green Magick, Herbal Work, Grounding

‘The Curse’ : For Purification, Cleansing, After-Curse Care or Pre-Curse Prep



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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