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Psychic Poetry Readings//

Violet’s Poetry Readings//

//What is a Poetry Reading?
•It is a personal form of divination I invented to help me practice my clairvoyance and my poetry at the same time. I often write poetry about the prophetic dreams and psychic visions I have, so a poetry reading is an attempt to promote a vision about a particular topic and then writing a poem about that vision.

//How can I get one?
•You must message me a ‘prompt word’, like ‘water’ or ‘school’ or something relating to what you want me to read. No names please. After I get the prompt word, I will go into a light trance and try to focus on the word when I get my vision. After I come out of my trance I write a poem about the vision I had.

//What happens to the poems?
•Some of them go into the rough draft for my poetry book, while the ones I don’t feel a strong connection to will be deleted to prevent clutter on my blog. If you want to save your poem, screenshot it or reblog it. ^^

//So what does my poem mean???
•That is for you to discover. I will describe in detail the vision I had, and then write it on pretty stationary. I will then mail the letter to you, along with a gift. If you wish to have an interpretation and advice about the poem and vision, please purchase the Detailed reading.

You can get a basic poetry reading here. 

And you can get a detailed poetry reading here. 



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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