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Species of Phoenix//

•Bennu (grey feathered heron with two crests) Egypt

•Phoenix (Eagle with red and gold plumage) Europe

•Feng Huang (body of pheasant, bright fiery tail feathers) China

•Simurgh (body of peacock, claws of lion) Middle east

•Zhar-ptitsa (firebird with orange, red and yellow glowing plumage) Russia


•Fire Agate

•Fire Opal



•Red Jasper











•Shiny things, such as coins or pieces of a mirror






•In many cultures, it is believed that only one Phoenix lives at a time, and lives for roughly 500 years before it dies and is reborn from the ashes.

•They are very rare. Seeing a Phoenix is something akin to seeing the pokemon Ho-oh (which I believe is actually based of the Chinese Feng Huang but I could be wrong haha), consider yourself extraordinarily lucky and blessed if you see one.



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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