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Okay so here’s a quick run down of Nymphs.

•They are Greek in origin, or at least the Greeks wrote most often of them, but like the Fae, they inhabit all regions of the planet.

•Unlike the Fae, Nymphs are known to be generally very pleasant, beautiful, kind creatures. (Whereas Fae are infamous for being tricksters and luring people to their deaths or kidnapping them)

•Also unlike the Fae, all sightings of Nymphs have been female, and Nymphs, while sometimes shy, will not run from humans and are very friendly.

 Species of Nymphs//

•Aurae (breezes)

•Nephele (clouds)

•Hyades (rain/storm bringers)

•Oreads (mountains)

•Napaeae (valleys)

•Alseides (groves)

•Aulonaids (pastures)

•Leimakides (meadows)

•Anthousai (flowers)

•Dryades (trees)

•Hyleoroi (watchers of the woods)

•Haliae (seas, beaches)

•Nerieds (Mediterranean sea)

•Naiads (fresh water in general)

•Oceanids (salt water in general)

•Crinaeae (fountains)

•Eleionomae (swamps)

•Limnades (lakes)

•Pegaeae (springs)

•Potameides (rivers)

•Asteriae (stars)


•Nymphs related to the earth like flower crowns, Water nymphs like seashell necklaces, and Air nymphs enjoy incense. Getting to know them personally will help you better understand what specific offerings they prefer. Every Nymph is different.

 Personal Notes//

•I’ve personally worked with three Hyleoroi, so my advice is to be kind, gentle, and polite. Nymphs love dancing and music, so dancing with them will really make them happy!



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