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Melodic Craft: Magic for Music Lovers

So I got an ask from flamesofeternity asking me for more information on Melodic Witchcraft, aka Music Magick. :3 So here’s what I have come up with!

Musical Genres Correspondence//

Click on the bold for examples! đŸ˜€

Alternative: Love, Spirit Work, Sea Magick

Blues: Curses, Shadow Work, Swamp Magick

Classical: Focus, Peace, Dream Work

Country: Memory Work, Green Magick, Love

Dubstep: Energy, Astral Travel, Courage

Electronic: Hope, Energy Work, Channeling

Folk:  Meditation, Uplifting, Swamp Magick

Hip-Hop: Pride, Courage, Protection

International: Spirit, Energy, Happiness

Jazz: Curses, Offensive Magick, Summoning Energy

New Age: General Magick, Meditation, Energy Work

Pop: Fun, Happiness, Space Magick

Rock: Curses, Storm Summoning, Offensive Magick

Screamo: Curses, Protection, Earth Magick

Techno:  Meditation, Spell Work, Hope


Musical Notes Correspondence//

(This is just how I hear them and my personal correspondence I thought I would share!)

A: Air, Defensive Magick/Protection

B: Spirit, Astral Travel

C: Energy, Meditation

D: Fire, Glamours

E: Weather Work, Space Magick

F: Water, Healing

G: Earth, Offensive Magick/Curses


Musical Instrument Correspondence//

If you click on the hyperlinks, they will take you to examples from some of my favorite movies!

String (Violin, Guitar, Cello, etc): Water, Healing, Meditation

Percussion (Drums, Bells, Xylophone): Earth, Summon Storms, Protection

Brass (Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, etc): Fire, Curses, Spell Work

Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, etc): Air, Summon Wind, Energy Work

Piano (Keyboard, Church Organ, etc): Spirit, Astral Travel, Celestial Magick


Violet’s Favorite Pop Culture Song Spells//


Other Tips//

-Charge certain songs or CDs with a certain energy or spell that activates when you play them.

-Draw sigils on CDs that activate when you play them

-Use songs as spells

-Have fun! Music is an awesome tool to use in magick đŸ™‚



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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