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Lunar Magic//


  • New: new endeavors, new relationships, planting seeds, positive changes, hope
  • Waxing: growth, learning new things, creativity, healing, transformation
  • Full: wish magick, harvest, achieving dreams, protection, power, faith
  • Waning: letting go, cleansing, breaking habits, opening up, purification

What is The Dark of the Moon?

The Dark of the Moon is the three days before a new moon, and is a time of rest for witches everywhere. It is advised to not perform any huge rituals during this time unless it is an emergency, as they are unlikely to work.

Why is the New Moon useful to witches?

The New Moon is a time to bask in the darkness. It is good for new beginnings and rebirth. It is a good time to make new goals, plant seeds (for you green witches out there~), and cast beauty spells like glamours.

New Moon Water//

Uses: Purification, Glamours, Helps Newly Planted Seed Grow.

To Make: Fill a glass container with filtered/clean water, add sea salt, and set out in the dark for 6-8 hours. Make sure sunlight doesn’t touch it.

Full Moon Ritual//

In some practices it’s called ‘Drawing Down the Moon’. There are many ways to do this, but this is just my personal method.

First, go outside.

Cast your circle, cleanse your space, whatever your pre-ritual routine is.

Raise that energy up from the ground or from the air or wherever you can easily tap into a good energy reserve.

Then send that energy out, I like to visualize like a beam of light shooting from my body, to the moon! Tether your energy to hers.

Then, begin the conversation. It is a conversation. Ask her for a favor if that is the purpose of this ritual, or ask if there is anything you could do for her.

Share your energy with her, and politely request energy from her.

Talk more, if you like. When you are done, say goodbye and reel in your energy tether, bring it back inside of you and then ground the excess.

Cleanse again, if you want. And done!

Full Moon Water//

Uses: Purification, Strengthens Potions, Spells and Rituals, Glamours, Can be used to make Sea Water (for landlocked witches), Protection, Ritual Baths

To Make: You can make it by filling a glass pitcher or bottle with clean water (I use the filtered water from my fridge). Then, add some sea salt. Wait until it is completely dark outside and the moon is visible. Set the pitcher out in the moonlight for 4-5 hours to let it charge the water. Be sure to remove it before dawn, since sunlight can kind of ruin it. Keep it in a cool, relatively dark place and use as needed!

//Basic Moon Correspondences//

Intuition, Birth, Clairvoyance, Psychic ability, emotions, Astral travel, Imagination, Reincarnation.

Element: Water

Day of the Week: Monday

Numbers: 3 and 9

Metal: Silver

Crystals: Peach Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone , Selenite, Blue Calcite, Clear Calcite, Opal, Pearl, Petalite, Labradorite

Herbs:  Chamomile, Chickweed, Evening Primrose, Mugwort, Orris, Passionflower, Rose, Star Anise, Willow



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