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A Brief Guide to Sigil Creation

Sigils have, for a long time, been a staple of witchcraft. They’re inexpensive (all you need is a paper and pencil), easy to make, can be placed anywhere, activated by anything, and charged with any intention or task you can think of. Now, every witch has a slightly different sigil creation process, but a good starting point is as follows.

  1. Write an affirmative present tense statement describing what you wish for the sigil to embody and accomplish.
    1. I am comfortable in my own skin. or I am strong.
  2. Remove or scribble out any reoccurring letters.
    1. ‘I am comfortable in my own skin’ now becomes ‘cfrtbleywsk’
  3. Now reduce the remaining letters further down to their basic shapes.
    1. A b because a single straight line and a half circle, and a k becomes three straight lines, etc.
  4. Combine these shapes in a way that you feel is aesthetically pleasing and best channels your intention and energy.
  5. Once the sigil feels right, charge it, place it and give it an activation trigger.
    1. If I were to draw my sigil on the bottom of a plant pot, the activation trigger I would choose would be that anytime I water the plant, IE water to touch the plant pot, the sigil would be activated.







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