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How to Create Emoji Spells//

Emoji Spells are the newest trend in Urban Witchcraft, and I for one have found them to work quite well.


Different symbols are important for the creation of Emoji Spells. Here is some of the basic ones and what they could refer to.

  • Emoticons: The mood of the energy you wish to be the result of the spell
  • Flags: The country in which the spell should affect, if applicable
  • Animals: Kind of self explanatory, if you want to cast a spell for a pet, put their corresponding animal emoji into the spell 🙂
  • Makeup Icons: For Glamours
  • Holiday Icons: For Sabbats/Holiday Rituals
  • Planets, Space: For Moon Rituals, Space Rituals, Earth Rituals
  • Weather Icons: For Summoning a Certain Weather Pattern
  • Food: Kitchen Witchery
  • Sports: For helping with motivation or games
  • Arts: For helping with artistic witchcraft
  • Nature (mountains, rivers, trees): To involve specific aspects of nature in the spell



Put your emojis in an order that would read like a written spell would. For example, if I wanted to say ‘please let it rain and storm today’, I would use this combination of emojis. The order isn’t really important, but it should be pretty clear what the intention is for the spell just by looking at it.

🙏🏽 🌧🌩⛈🙌 ⛈🌩🌧🙏🏽

Charging and Casting//

A combination of the emoji characters is charged with a ‘like’ and cast with a ‘reblog’, or if sent via a text it could be charged by typing it and cast by sending.



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