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Dragonology 101//

//Species of Dragons, Their Appearance and Locations:

•European (4 legs, wings, breathes fire) British Isles

•Frost (4 legs, wings, breathes ice) Arctic/Antarctica

•Gargoyle (4 legs, wings, stands upright) France, Italy

•Draco (no legs, bat-like wings, breathes fire) Italy, Greece

•Lindworm (2 legs, no wings) Russia

•Knucker (4 legs, tiny flightless wings) Germany

•Persian (4 legs, no wings, breathes fire) Iran

•Laculi (No legs, wings, feathered) Egypt **

•Wyvern (2 legs, bat-like wings) Africa

•Lung (4 legs, no wings, flies via magic, 4-5 claws) China **

•Ryu (4 legs, no wings, flies via magic, 3 claws) Japan **

•Yong (4 legs, no wings, flies via magic) Korea **

•Rong (4 legs, no wings, flies via magic) Vietnam **

•Ngaylod (No legs, no wings, barbed tail) Australia **

•Taniwha (No legs, no wings) New Zealand **

•Winged Serpent (no legs, wings, feathered, average) Americas **

•Horned Serpent (no legs, stag horns, water dwelling) Americas **

•Xiuhcoatl (no legs, no wings, feathered, breathes fire) Americas **

•Elementals (dragons who are attuned to a specific element) Worldwide

•Sea Serpent (no legs, no wings, gills) Oceans of the World

(Mentioned for educations sake, these creatures will not work with outsiders to their indigenous cultures. To try to work with them is cultural appropriation and extremely disrespectful. Many spirits will react violently.)



cinnabar, septarian, bloodstone, fire opal, and sunstone


gold and silver


dragons blood, cinnamon, hibiscus, poppy


meat, coins, candles, crystals, jewelry, books, poetry, art, riddles, energy



•Having swords or weapons or jewelry handy when trying to befriend a dragon may come in handy. They love shiny things and adore human weaponry. I think it fascinates them.

•Dragons are extraordinarily old and wise and powerful. Befriending one opens you to a world of possibilities. Never try to trick a dragon. Never lie to a dragon. Be kind. It is a companionship. They will only work with you and respect you if they get something in return. Even if it’s just an offering of energy.

(Species of dragons inspired by the Dragonology Handbook which I’ve actually found to be a great source for working with dragons despite it being a ‘children’s book’, and by the ‘Mythical creatures bible’ by Brenda Rosen. Some of these species such as the indigenous ones, are of closed cultures and are off limits to non-natives)



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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