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//Personal Experience with Demons//

My grandma and my mother both had/have the ability to see and fight demons, as do I. I have been able to do this since birth and I like to tell people I’m a third generation exorcist, even if we aren’t ordained by the church. These notes are based on my personal encounters and it should be noted that I was raised in a Christian household. I will later be making a post on demons from different cultures and how to deal with them. But here is the christian viewpoint that was passed down to me through my family. Please note that this is my opinions, classifications and observations about Christian-based demons. There are definitely other demons out there from different cultures that are every bit as valid and real as these ones. Also, please note that not all demons are ‘evil’. Abrahamic demons, in particular, are what I have dealt with, and in my experience they are usually very nasty. I have also met several Mvskoke spirits that could qualify as ‘demons’, and some can be hostile, while some are helpful.

//Types of Demons//

–lesser demons–

  • Scouts: These little rascals are something akin to poltergeists. The presence of a Scout is typically a sign that something bigger and nastier is on its way. They will usually seek out individuals who are weak emotionally and mentally for their superiors to prey on.
  • Tempters: These demons try to lure humans into going against their personal morals. They can often be the voices whispering cruel things in the back of the mind.
  • Watchers: These usually manifest in the form of a tall shadowy figure. These are the most common kind of demons. They will follow a human for a period of time until they can latch onto their soul and consume it slowly. They can prey off one source for decades. A sign of a watcher being at work is violent night terrors in adults and waking with mysterious bruises and cuts.

–higher demons–

  • Territorial: Like a game of capture the flag, the war between angels and demons that rages in the Otherworld has been going on since the dawn of time. Many angels and demons are assigned to a specific physical territory on earth that they guard. Here demons can lure unsuspecting souls to their territory and here they devour their souls and use the fear and pain their inflict to fuel their stronghold. These demons will not wander outside their territory.
  • Tormentors: These demons are the higher, more evolved version of Watchers. Like territorial demons, they are assigned to a specific individual or bloodline. They will torture members of the bloodline for decades, even centuries, until death, after which it devours what remains of the soul.
  • Princes/Royalty: These are the head honchos. Demons like Beelzebub or demons that rule entire countries fall under this category. They command armies and give orders to lesser and other higher demons.
  • Nephilim: the spawn of demons (or fallen angels) and humans. Here I should note that some humans believe themselves to be partial demon, sort of like a nephilim, but not necessarily the spawn of a demon, and they are called Demonkin.

//Personal Notes on Abrahamic Demons//

  • Demons always go for the weak of mind and heart
  • Exorcisms do not always work and can result in the death of the victim. Exorcism is very dangerous, more often then not a host will become physically injured and in some cases will die. And even then sometimes the demon will still win.
  • Demons can choose to be seen. All demons look differently, and many of them can choose how they are perceived. Not everyone can see demons. Some people have the ability to see and sense them from birth, and some people develop the skill.
  • Acknowledging or speaking to a demon gives it power. Even talking about them can feed them.
  • They enjoy mimicking poltergeists in the early stages, making noises, creating foul smells, leaving scratches. Anything to unnerve, frighten and make a believer out of their victim.
  • Not everyone can be an exorcist, it’s a very archaic ritual and ordained exorcists must go through years and years of training
  • I was trained by my mother, who was trained by her mother. We are not recognized or affiliated with the Catholic Church or the Vatican. The exorcisms my family has performed have been only in the most dire situations, I myself have only had to perform an exorcism on a human being ONCE. (On objects and places, that’s a whole different ball game…I can’t even begin to count)
  • My mother had to exorcise a demon that was looming over my crib once when I was a baby.
  • From ages 3-5 I saw ‘tall dark scary men’ roaming around my house and in the cemeteries and hospitals. I have vivid memories of being absolutely petrified with fear. At the age of six, I started to call this being a ‘watcher’.
  • In late elementary throughout middle school and most of high school I was attacked repeatedly by what I refer to as a ‘tormentor’.
  • While in college, from 2011-2013, I had encounters with 2 tormentors, 3 territorial, 5 watchers, 12 tempters, and 32 scouts.
  • Since moving back to my hometown, I’ve only had two encounters with demons, both Watchers, one while living with my ex boyfriend, and the other visiting my best friend in the town I went to college at.


//Demons in Christianity//

//How can I tell if I’m being haunted by a demonic/inhuman presence or a ghost?

  • Ghosts require light energy to manifest, while demons appear mostly in the absence of natural light. Typically described as a formless mass that’s ‘darker than natural dark’, therefore they do most of their dirty work in the dark. Between 9pm and 6am are the psychic hours, with 1-5am being the peak time for activity.
  • Ghosts will vanish when fear is aroused, while demons will intensify in an atmosphere of fear
  • Arrival of a demon is accompanied by a sense of ‘utter terror and foreboding’ and a foul revolting stench, typically like sulfur, excrement, or rotting flesh, and it would leave behind residue of blood or other bloody fluids. Ghosts do none of these things.
  • Abrahamic Demons play dirty. They use foul language, cause injuries, have unnatural knowledge of the past and future, often speak many languages, leave deliberate clues that they are in fact demonic (They are vain. They WANT to be discovered. It gives them power.) such as upside down crosses, knocking or banging that comes in threes, piles of excrement, pools of urine, writing words backwards on mirrors, and terrible ungodly screams, laughter or moaning.

//What exactly IS a demon anyway?

  • Daemen means a ‘unclean or evil’ spirit. Not necessarily the horned stereotypes you usually hear about, since they actually rarely take on a physical form. However it’s usually typical to see dark figures out of the corners of your eyes, whether they be spirits or demons, as the physical eye is built to see natural images, and supernatural images are often detected through peripheral vision.
  • The demon will often identify itself as the devil himself. And then go about trying to prove itself by doing all sorts of awful things. Demons can also lie. Ooh, can they lie. They often will get ahold of someone via a pendulum, spirit board or other form of spirit communication device and trick the human into thinking its a human and trusting it. Oujia boards are harmless by themselves. They, like magic and witchcraft, are just a tool and are not inherently good nor bad. It’s the condition of the user that could make it potentially dangerous. It’s important to note here that seances should be held in daylight, as demons are weaker in natural light and your spiritual encounters are far more likely to be genuine human spirits rather than demons.
  • Demons aren’t dead. They are an ‘active, negative intelligence that predates man in cosmic evolution.’

//Okay, so how do possessions happen?

•Demonic activity comes in three stages

-Infestation: The demon creates fear to generate negative energy which feeds the demon, helps it grow in power and begins breaking down the human will. A door has to have been opened and the demon has to have been invited in one way or another for phenomenon to occur. The saying goes ‘if you can’t control yourself, something else will’. Demons are attracted to hate, rage, despair, misery, drunkenness, addiction, self loathing and suicidal thoughts.

-Oppression: The demon has a foothold. Now it begins a bombardment of attacks and phenomena in order to completely dominate the victim’s will. The end goal here is to either possess the victim’s body or drive the individual to commit murder, suicide or both.

-Possession: The demon has now gained control over the victim. Exorcism is usually the only remedy to this. Death may occur in lieu of possession.

//Demons in Every Culture//

Demons, contrary to the teachings of some, DO exist in every religion. Christianity seems to have the monopoly on demonology, but to be honest, that’s a load of flim flam. I spent the first 16 years of my life raised Christian. There is so much more to the world, and everyone can benefit from a little education. Before I begin, I would like to remind everyone that this information is purely educational, and that all of these religions are closed religions (meaning that you must be born into the culture, or initiated into the religion by an elder/priest) and are not open to just anybody. Demons are alive and well in every culture, and different people will encounter different demons depending on their particular belief system. It should also be noted that not all of the below are ‘demons’ but in fact are just negative entities or human spirits. Nonetheless, I consider them to be dangerous and feel them worth noting. Let’s get started!


Notable Demons in Buddhism and Shinto//

Oni are generally believed to be neither good nor evil, but there are some negative Oni. Oni have the ability to bring curses or blessings upon a household. Negative Oni could bring disaster, plagues and disease. Oni are/were worshiped just as much as they are feared, most likely in order to keep on their good side.

Here’s the one we all know and love. While technically not a ‘demon’, some Yurei rise to such fame that they are almost seen as Oni. If you have ever watched Ju-On (The Grudge), Ringu (The Ring), One Missed Call, or played Fatal Frame, you know what a Yurei is. My personal favorite is the movie Kairo, which explains in full detail exactly what and who the Yurei are. Yurei are more of a fact of life than a part of a religion, and are universally excepted as truth in Japan. They are believed to be a spirit that was not put to rest. A spirit that perhaps was murdered, betrayed, neglected, abused or otherwise died in a sudden and violent way with a strong emotion. That emotion held their spirit to earth and they became a Yurei. Yurei usually will attach themselves to either a loved one or their murderer, or will remain in the general vicinity of their death. According the various sources, the best way to placate a Yurei is to help them fulfill their purpose for remaining in the borderlands.

Onryuu are the spirits of women who were powerless during life, abused, raped, murdered or cheated on by men. They are fueled by jealousy and the need to ‘get even’. In death, they are powerful and a force to be reckoned with. Often they will attach themselves to the person who wronged them and make them suffer, drive them inside, or commit suicide.  An example of this can be seen in the movie ‘Shutter’ or ‘The Grudge’.

Buddhism holds that the Tengu are disruptive demons and bringers of war. They are protectors of mountains and forests, and are often depicted as being a mix between a crow and a human. In Shinto belief, they are more of a Kami (god) of the forest and are not so much evil as they are mischievous and protective of their land.


Specifically a Japanese Buddhist demon that is apparently quite rare these days, these spirits are said to be souls that were selfish and greedy while alive and now, in their death, they have been cursed to eat the flesh of human corpses.


Notable Demons in Hinduism//

Originally this just means any type of spirit-good or bad. This changed after a time to mean any race of evil spiritual entity with human like features. According the this belief system, they are always at war with demi-gods and gods. Belief holds that Asuras are not the cause of evil, but in fact are the result of immoral wants of human subconscious. Asuras are mortal. If a human is extremely horrible in life, they will be reincarnated into an Asura.

Rakshasa (Hungry Spirits)//
This is more of a Taoist belief, but it actually is a being that is acknowledged in many different religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. A hungry spirit is believed to be the ghost of a human (not necessarily a demon) who did not receive everything necessary for them to cross over into the afterlife. Therefore, they feed off of the living in order to satisfy their hunger. Often they feed off of energy and fear, but on rare occasions have been known to feast on human flesh. This is one of the reasons why offerings of food are often given at temples and shrines.

Hinduism is a rich religion-but like Shinto, it is more of a way of life in a particular geographical location, in this instance, India. They have thousands of spirits and gods they observe, and each family or even individual person has a different one they favor. Vetalas are one of the many spirits, and are usually compared to vampyres. They are demonic spirits that possess human corpses and tend to haunt cemeteries. They cause miscarriages, drive people to insanity, and murder children. It is believed the only way to get rid of one is to give it proper burial rites and use holy mantras.

Flesh-eating entities that tend to hang around cremation grounds. No one is really sure of their origins. They are known to possess humans and drive them insane. They are given offerings at certain festivals to keep them at bay. Certain holy mantras can be used to cure a person of this spirit. I could go on and on about the negative spirits in Hinduism, but we could be here a while, so I will just leave it at these three.


Notable Demons in Islam//

The most note-worthy demon in the Islamic belief is definitely the Jinn-which could be compared to Christianity’s demon. The Jinn were created from ‘a smokeless fire’ by Allah before he created Adam. Much like Christianity’s demons, they are very powerful, can manifest themselves however they please, have the ability to create illusions, and cause calamity. Sandstorms are often thought to be the work of Jinn. They often inhabit abandoned buildings and ruins. Also like Christianity, it is believed that there are territorial Jinn who inhabit a specific plot of land. Not all Jinn are evil, however, like angels and demons, but it is best to leave them be since you won’t know which they are until it is too late. Jinn that follow Shaitan (aka Satan) are known to possess both living and dead human bodies, and have an extremely negative reaction when blessed water is cast upon them.


Known for the strength and cunning, these are winged, firey, enormous beings that are almost always seen as evil and malevolent. They are said to only be defeated by magic.


Notable Demons in Judaism//

Incubus prey on women, while Succubus prey upon men. Their names literally means ‘to lie upon’ and ‘to lie beneath’. They are said to take human form (sometimes even the form of their victims lover) and paralyze the person and feed off their sexual energy. They are also known to lull the entire household into a deep sleep while they are present.

Quite possibly my favorite story from Babylonian and Jewish mythology, Lilith was supposedly Adam’s first lover but refused to lie beneath him and serve him, wanting to be equal to him. For this she was banished and became known as the ‘Night Hag’. She became a demon and preyed upon men, mating with them to produce Lili, her spawn, who would also wander the earth and prey upon men. Lilith often visits the homes of new mothers and kills their babies out of spite. According to legend, she waits eight days for the boys and twenty one days for the girls.


A female demon that could cause miscarriages. Often depicted as a woman with a snake-like appearance. Legend has it that she is infertile and is jealous and hateful towards humans that can bear children.

Ever seen the movie ‘The Unborn’? If not, you should. It’s a good movie and Gary Oldman and Idris Elba are in it. It is about this particular breed of demon. A Dybbuk is considered to be a lost soul that attaches itself to a human with the intent to complete a task that it was not able to finish in life. Dybbuk literally means “clinging”. Not all Dybbuks come with the intent to hurt or cause trouble, much like a Yurei, they simply wish to fulfill their purpose in life before moving on. Sometimes they have even been known to help a person to overcome a similar situation that they might have failed in during their own life.


This one is usually noted as a positive experience if it is encountered. It is a departed soul that may visit a person’s sleep with prophecies or warnings.


Notable Demons in Indigenous Cultures of Africa//


A dune-dwelling demon that eats men, originating from the Khoikhoi culture of South Africa.


An Egyptian demon that caused natural disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, storms, etc.


Notable Demons in Indigenous Cultures of the Americas//

More commonly known as Sk*nwalkers, these are a Navajo demon that can take the form of any animal they choose. Sometimes known as demons, sometimes as witches or medicine people who use magic for evil, they often appear wearing a mask and feed off of close relatives and livestock. They are very much feared and considered taboo to even speak about.

Aztec demons that are said to be the stars that battle the sun at each dusk and dawn. They are celestial beings that continuously threaten to destroy the world


A cannibalistic demon from Shoshonean culture known for kidnapping children and is often associated with volcanoes.

To the tribes of the Innuit, Eskimo, and the people of Labrador and the Arctic, the Tornarsuk or Tornatik is thought to be a sea monster. Some consider him invisible and one step up from the Tornaq, which are the familiars of the healers in a community.


Also known as the ‘Tie Snake’ in Mvskoke stories. They are giant iridescent-scaled water snakes that kidnap children and grown men alike and take them to their dens in deep ponds.

Este Capcvke//

Another creature from Mvskoke lore, also called the ‘Tall Man’. I’ve heard them described as either men that are just extremely tall or as unnatural beings with pale skin and no eyes or nose but with an eerie twisted smile full of razor sharp teeth. Their limbs are long and lanky and end in points, almost spider like.

Este Loputke//

Also known as ‘The Little People’, these are the Mvskoke culture’s equivilent of Fae or Faeries. They are tricky, mischevious little humanoid creatures that are known for stealing objects from people’s homes.

Este Papa//
Known as the ‘Man-eater’ in Mvskoke beliefs, is often shown as a cat-human type creature that devours men. It is described as being bipedal creatures with blazing red eyes and the head of a cougar.


A spirit or ghost of Mvskoke origin. Not much is known about these, but from the Elders I’ve spoken with, they are frightening creatures that are to be respected and avoided.


An evil spirit or entity in Mvskoke lore. A bringer of bad medicine.

Similair  to the Este Papa, the Wendigo is an Algonquin and Chippewa creature that is half-beast and consumes man flesh. In some legends, it is said that Chippewa men who are especially selfish or horrible are turned into Wendigo as punishment. In other legends, they are said to be the result of cannibalism.

Zuni creatures equivalent to the Wendigo and Isti Papa. Known as man eaters and cannibals.

Zuni monsters said to live in caves and carry children off in their baskets.


To the Mapuche natives of Chile and Argentina, the Wekufe are deceitful, soulless beings that exist for the purpose of harming people and disrupting the natural order of things.


Notable Demons from Indigenous Cultures in Australia, New Zealand, and the Polynesian Islands//

Gabba Gabba//
To Kalbarri aboriginals, the gabba gabba is an evil entity that causes disaster in the area known as the Red Cliffs, where it lives.

A man-eater known to travel the deserts of Australia, it is a shapeshifter that can take any form.

Dog of Moko//

A man eating dog-monster from the Maori culture.


A Maori demon that causes drought. It is considered to be a cannibal and an ogress.


A Maori cannibalistic female demon that is often blind.


In the Maori culture, it is a ghost that only has power in darkness.


This is not a complete list. These are only the demons I personally have seen in my readings and research. I am positive that there are thousands more out there, but these are what I consider to be the most well known ones. Understand that I come from a Christian family, but I am an enrolled member of the Mvskoke and follow those cultural beliefs and traditions, so my view on things will be different from your own. My mother and her mother before her were exorcists and had the ability to see demons, and passed their knowledge on to me. I consider myself to be a demonologist, so this is why I choose to post these things to inform others.  !!Remember that this list is merely for education purposes. Lets not appropriate anyone’s culture!! Thank you so much for reading!



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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