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Dance Magic//

Some of the different styles of dance and what I associate them with!

Ballet: Peace, Control, Astral Travel, Air

Ballroom: Love, Family, Relationships

Boogie: Friendship, Patience, Empathy

Breakdancing: Freedom, Creativity, Confidence

Cha Cha: Confidence, Courage, Fire

Disco: Energy, Light, Visualization

Jazz: Fun, Laughter, Self Esteem, Fire

Jive: Energy, Courage, Spirit

Mambo: Love, Passion, Happiness

Rumba: Control, Feelings, Manifestation

Salsa: Curses, Power, Energy, Emotions

Swing: Courage, Confidence, Independence, Water

Tap: Summoning, Curses, Power, Earth

Zumba: Fire, Energy, Passion, Fun



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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