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Cursing 101

What is Cursing?

Cursing is the act of casting misfortune on a victim. This is done by hurtling energy and emotion at the target with unstoppable speed and force. Cursing has existed for as long as humans have existed. Witches who specialize in cursing are known as Wicked Witches. Of course, these witches aren’t ACTUALLY ‘wicked’, I just think its a cool name for a cool group of people who believe in offense over defense, action over reaction.

Isn’t Cursing Evil?

In short, no. Cursing is not evil and does not make you evil. In every religion, there is evidence of cursing. In Christian religions, even Jesus cursed the Fig tree. Cursing, like magic, is not inherently good or bad. A curse can be used for good purposes (ie, keeping bad people away, getting an abuser caught by authorities, etc) and a love spell could be used for bad purposes (ie, forcing someone to have emotions or do something against their will). If you choose to curse, that doesn’t make you a bad person. Cursing is simply an offensive style of magic, just as Protection/Warding spells are a defensive style of magic. Personally, I see Curses as being like a Witch’s Sword and Warding as being like a Witch’s Shield. Neither are good nor bad, but merely tools that are at the witch’s disposal.

Basic Curses//

Violet’s Favorite Curses//

Post-Curse Care//



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