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Crystal Magic//

Okay. So. Rocks.

First of all, I really LOVE ROCKS. My collection is vast. So I’m always happy to blab about these beautiful ancient beings.

1) Crystals are alive. You need to acknowledge this before even thinking about working with them. Each individual one has a personality and a specific set of strengths and skills.

2) Sometimes the crystal will pick you. It’s a good idea to clear your mind and listen carefully when shopping for crystals. If one wants to come home with you and you can afford it, then go for it!

3) Cleanse your crystals! Some, like citrine and carnelian, are self cleaning. But for the most part, you will need to cleanse them regularly. I cleanse mine two to three times a week or as needed. Crystals and stones are very receptive and can absorb emotions and even memories. It’s important to keep them clean so they can perform their jobs properly. Make sure you do your research since some crystals dissolve in water and fade in the sunlight, etc.

4) Get to know your crystals. Spend time with them. Tuck a few in your pillowcase. Carry some in your pocket. Set some on your desk at work. Meditate with them. Talk to them. Play music for them. Touch them. Cleanse them. Charge them.

5) Some crystals are a gateway to another realm, or a bridge. Some crystals harbor a connection to a magical creature or being. These are rare and wonderful things and a joy to work with.

6) Learn about all your crystals. Read up on them. Get to know the science behind them. How old they are. Etc.

7) Program your crystals. Once you know the function your Crystal will serve, hold it in your palm and focus your energy and intention to that purpose into the rock. It will be happy to help.

8) Charge your crystals. This can be done by setting them out in the sun or under the full moon. It gives them a little extra oomph.

9) Display them proudly. They are beautiful and have waited millions of years to be with you. Don’t hide them.

10) Be nice to them! Love them. Enjoy them. And most importantly, have fun. 🙂


Beginner Crystals//

Here are what I consider to be the basic beginner crystals, ones you can easily find in a meta shop, and their basic functions. These stones, in my experience, are the easiest to work with and most affordable.

•Agate- protection, healing, gardening
•Amethyst- cleans aura, peace, healing
•Aventurine- confidence, vitality, peace
•Calcite- centering, protection, purifying
•Carnelian (self cleansing)- energy, courage, protection
•Citrine (self cleansing)- protection
•Fluorite- balancing, anti-depression
•Hematite- grounding, divination
•Howlite- calms emotions, aids insomnia
•Jade- wisdom, love, gardening
•Jasper- healing, protection, beauty
•Jet- anti-nightmare, protection, luck
•Labradorite- recall dreams, prophecy
•Lepidolite- peace, love, psychic powers
•Malachite- loyalty, protection, peace
•Moonstone- balancing, divination, love
•Obsidian- grounding, protection, peace
•Quartz- enhances and protects aura
•Rose Quartz- gentle love,heals emotion
•Selenite- energy, clarity, awareness
•Serpentine- resourcefulness, peace
•Sodalite- wisdom, healing, meditation
•Sunstone- protection, energy, blessing
•Tiger’s eye- grounding, willpower, luck
•Tourmaline- courage, inspiration, love
•Unakite- clarity, transformation


Gem Elixirs//

A Gem Elixir is a magickally charged liquid via a crystal, or crystals. You can either place the crystal, in tumbled form, in the water, or next to the jar of water (glass containers are a must.) and the crystal will charge it with its power.

Most crystals are not safe to do this with and will either dissolve in the water or are toxic. So here is a list of water safe, nontoxic crystals. Remember that tumbled stones work best for this.

•Agate: stability, cleanse
•Amethyst: balance, protection
•Aquamarine: calming, clarity
•Bloodstone: affection, earth energy
•Blue Lace Agate: inspiration
•Carnelian: repair, energy
•Chalcedony: balancing all energies
•Citrine: direction, stimulation
•Jade: realistic, centering, acceptance
•Quartz: protection, unity
•Rose Quartz: love, inner peace
•Smokey Quartz: grounding, calming
•Sugilite: female spirituality
•Tourmaline: confidence, balance fears



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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