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Creature Magic: A Guide to Working with Magical Creatures

I figured it was about time to update this instead of it just being a jumbled mess of links. Hah.

So, let’s begin with the obvious. What exactly qualifies as a magical creature? Well, in my opinion, it is a creature that either exists on the astral plane or lives unnoticed among humans or are creatures that humans once believed in but have since written off as myth or legend.

But they beings are still very much alive and well, but to embrace that and actually communicate, form a bond and eventually involve them in our own personal magical practices and lives, we have to unlearn everything we were taught as kids and teens. They told us that our imaginations do not have power, that imaginary friends are not real, and that such things can. not. exist. These things are simply not true. Your imagination is extremely powerful, and its realizing that that will help you open the door to the astral realm, its what will give you more control and power to manipulate your own energy as well as the energy around you, and it will help you to manifest your intentions more clearly. Imaginary friends are simply a manifestation of your desires as a child to have companions. They are energy beings you created with your own energy, parts of you. And magical creatures do, in fact, exist.


Dragons are a creature held in high reverence in nearly every culture around the globe. Since their near extinction in some parts of the world in the middle ages, they’ve gone into hiding, many of them existing on the astral plane. Though, some of them do still call our realm of reality home, and if you can be incredibly respectful and polite, you may just have the honor of getting to know one. Involving a dragon in your magical practice can take months, sometimes years, to achieve as you have to form a very strong bond of trust for the dragon to share its energy with you. And dragons do not trust easily.


Nymphs are a myth that began in Greece, but they are actually a universal being. That is to say, every culture has the same kind of idea, but not many other names suit them as well as ‘nymph’. Less mischievous and devious as the Fae, nymphs are creatures that are assigned to specific physical landmarks and locations. They are the guardians of rivers, forests, mountains, meadows, stars, winds, volcanoes, etc. They are very whimsical and pleasant creatures, always appearing in the form of human women and in my experience, are very friendly. Their main concern is the protection and well being of their home.


Unicorns are very peaceful and generally docile creatures. When provoked, they can be deadly. They are relatively elusive and reclusive, but if you can manage to befriend one, it will be ever loyal to you.


The Fae//

The Fae are a group of magical creatures that are known for their devious, sometimes malevolent, behavior. Some are friendly and helpful, while some will happily trick you or even lure you to your death. I personally have seen many Fae, but rarely will consider involving them in my practice because it just, personally, seems like an unnecessary risk for me. Some people are far better adept at handling and seeing through their trickery.


Perhaps one of the most well known of the Fae. Mermaids are found in cultures worldwide and are known for being incredibly beautiful and incredibly deadly. The general consensus in the witching community is to steer clear of mermaids, as they will trick you and betray you the first chance they get, and are not to be trusted. Personally, I have only seen a mermaid once or twice, and I’ve never been brave enough to actually try to work with one.

-Lady of the Lake

This is the one Fae that I have actually worked with. She is known for being either very benevolent or very violent, depending on the particular body of water. Not to be confused with a water nymph, which is a guardian of a particular body of water, the Lady of the Lake is the physical embodiment of the soul or spirit of that particular body of water.


Selkies are seals that can shed their sealskin to walk on land as beautiful women or men. There are many sad stories about humans stealing their pelts so that they can not return to the sea, and are therefore trapped on land. I have seen renderings of some Selkies that can transform ‘half way’ and look very mermaid-esque, with the torso of a human and the bottom half of a seal.


The Phoenix is perhaps one the same level of rarity as the Unicorn. It’s rumored that one still roosts in Japan, as well as one in China and one in Europe somewhere. I’ve also heard that there is one living somewhere in South America. There are several different legends and myths surrounding the Phoenix but because it is such an elusive creature honestly not a lot is actually known about it.



I have a lot of feelings about sharing information with demons because as a demonologist/exorcist I have grown so much in the last year. I was raised very Christian and I am a third generation Christian exorcist, my mother and her mother both having clairvoyance and the ability to banish them, as do I. The first part of this masterpost deals with my personal experiences with Christian demons, the second part covers the some basic information about demons in Christianity, and the last part covers Demons and Demonology in cultures around the world. The most important thing I’ve learned as I’ve grown is that Christian demons are not the only kind of demon. Every culture and every religion has different demons, and different ways of coping and dealing with them. All of them are completely valid and not all of them are dangerous and considered evil.




24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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