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Cleansing and Charging//


It’s always a good idea to cleanse an object before using it. Especially crystals, objects you intend to charm, etc. I would also advise cleansing frequently used objects such as cell phones, crystals, and charms. One should also cleanse their living space at least once a week.

Methods of Cleansing//

•Smoke cleansing with sage.
Sweet grass and lavender are acceptable substitutions.
•Holding an object in your hand and envisioning a cleansing white light surrounding and washing over it.
•Burning sage incense. Lavender, sweet grass and peppermint are acceptable substitutions.
•Burying a crystal or object in the earth for 24 hours.
•Burying a crystal or object in salt for 24 hours. (Some crystals cannot do this such as malachite. Do your research first)
•Submerging a crystal or object in salt water for 24 hours. (Once again, many crystals dissolve in water and this cannot be done to them safely. Do your research to see what is right for your crystal.)
•Bury in white sand for 24 hours.
•Smoke-less cleansing with lavender, peppermint, sage and sweet grass spritz/spray.
•Burning sage scented candles. Lavender is an acceptable substitute.


Charging is when you give a particular object energy to do a certain task.

Methods of Charging//

•set out in direct sunlight for 8 hours. (Some crystals will fade with this method. Do proper research first.)
•set out in direct moonlight for 8 hours.
•project a particular strong emotion/personal energy into the object.
•set out during a lightning storm.
•musical charging (example: play a track of ocean waves or birdsong to make an object stimulate a calming effect)
•tell the object what you want it to do while sharing energy with it



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