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Budget Witching Supplies//

All these items and more at Violet’s Shop of Curiosities! 

Everything under $10! (Most under $5!) 

Black Salt

Cascarilla Powder

Red Brick Dust

Graveyard Dirt

Vesta Powder

Sulfur Powder

Hot Foot Powder

Goofer Dust

Dead Sea Salt

War Water

Florida Water

Full Moon Water

Holy Water

Coffin Nail

Shed Snakeskin 

Crystals, Bones and Fossils


Smokeless Cleansing Spray

Ritual Bath Bombs

Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

Curse Supplies

Protection Spells Supplies

Spirit Work Supplies

Storm/Sea Supply Tin

Earth/Green Supply Tin

Spirit/Chaos Supply Tin

Fire/Sun Supply Tin

Hedge Supply Tin

Newbie Supply Tin

Herbalist Beauty Supplies

Tarot Cloths

Gris Gris

Spell in a Jar

Environment in a Jar

Goddess Glamours

Nebula Space Slime




24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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