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Aura Colors and Meanings//

•Bright Yellow: spiritually inspired. Playful. Going through a time of enlightenment.

•Dark Yellow: student with a loss of love for learning. Burnt out.

•Lemon Yellow: fear of loss and abandonment

•Pale Yellow: renewed sense of hope

•Bright Orange: health, vibrancy, life

•Orange-Red: great personal power, confidence

•Orange-Yellow: perfectionist, scientific mind

•Dark Red: centered, grounded, self sufficient

•Bright Red: passionate, energetic, sexual

•Cloudy Red: deep seated anger

•Pink: artist, loving, sensual, gifted

•Dark Pink: deceit, dishonesty

•Royal Blue: clairvoyant, generous, open minded

•Dark Blue: untrusting, can’t face the truth, denial

•Light Blue: truthful, serene

•Bright Green: natural healer

•Yellow-Green: communication

•Cloudy Green: jealousy, resentment

•Turquoise: healer, helper, truth giver

•Violet: visionary, daydreamer, spiritual love

•Indigo: glimpses into other worlds, wise

•Silver: abundance, wealth

•Gold: protected, guided

•Black: unwilling, unforgiving

•Gray: blocked energy, untrusting

•Brown: afraid to let go

•White: newness, purity



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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