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Astral Projection Tips

Astral travel can be fun but I wouldn’t recommend it for people who haven’t had a lot of out of body practice first. I’ve been having OOB experiences since i was a kid and began astral projecting around eight years old.

Here are some basic guidelines~

  • PROTECT YOURSELF! Certain stones and herbs are good for protection during astral travel. Most of my adventures happen while I’m sleeping so I keep pouches in my pillow to protect me on my journey. You can also use Warding on your aura to help protect you as you wander around Elsewhere.
  • Go places you’ve been before. New places can result in getting lost. While its good to wander out of your ‘safety zone’ every once and a while, its safer to visit places you know how to get to.
  • Be polite to anyone or thing you meet. The astral plane is pretty, and you’ll meet all sorts of creatures. Be polite. Do not be afraid, and remember that all creatures in the Astral Realm deserve respect.

Hope this helps!



24 year old Mvskoke Creek Two Spirit Artist and Author.

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